Killing Joke achievement in Batman: Arkham Origins

Killing Joke

Reach max level with the Joker faction in multiplayer

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How to unlock the Killing Joke achievement

  • AlmightySparrowAlmightySparrow944,594
    28 Oct 2013 28 Oct 2013 21 Jan 2014
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    20,000-40,000 with jokers faction, capture a control point and then the other faction player steps in it for half a second then out and you re take it you can get 125xp every 1-2 seconds if you get into a rhythm. Also you could kill Batman but this would slow things down.

    We used Wonder city map the lightning bolt control point there is a flat side and a side with stairs use the flat side.
    With three people

    With three people (For more Jokers faction xp only):
    step 1 Jokers faction take control point
    step 2 leave control point
    step 3 Banes faction enter control point for 1/2 second and leave for 25xp
    step 4 Jokers faction step back into in control point to retake it for 125xp
    step 5 repeat step 2-4

    The last time I did it I got 42,000 we had a good rhythm and few mistakes
    note: If it helps look at the top of the screen you should see a icon for the control point it will light up and go out if you are in control of that point
    This can work with any number of people just pair up.

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    Solario32Excellent guide for a crappy multiplayer experience.
    Posted by Solario32 on 10 Nov 14 at 13:59
    rafa1000houseI liked how they put comic books references in achievements. This picture is from Alan Moore's "Killing Joke" clap
    Posted by rafa1000house on 17 Mar 15 at 18:07
    SashaDoggGAdd me to boost
    Posted by SashaDoggG on 09 Oct 18 at 15:57
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  • IDarK VorteXXIDarK VorteXX1,079,963
    28 Oct 2013 27 Oct 2013 28 Oct 2013
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    There are two methods to boosting this. Both will be explained and separated by a line.

    This is ideal for 6-8 players.

    The Highest Faction Level is 30.


    Killing Joke (Level 30 with Joker Faction)
    Fallen Knight (Level 30 with Bane Faction)
    Gotham All-Star ( Reach Overall Level 30)
    Legend ( Prestige once Overall Level is 30)

    Choose whatever map you would like to play on as it doesnt matter. However, i prefer Joker's Funhouse as it is small.

    Since there are 6-8 players there will be two players on the Hero Team which is why its better as you dont have to kill the Hero's which will increase the spawn time. Anyway here is the method:

    The Joker team will go to the Sun Capture Point.
    The Bane team will go to the City Capture Point.
    The Hero team will take one Location each. Batman = Sun, Robin = City.

    The Joker and Bane team will stay in their Capture Points. The Heroes will scramble the Capture Point by placing a scrambler on the Capture Point.

    The Joker and Bane team will destroy the scrambler and get points for it and then capture the Capture Point again.

    Repeat over and over again.

    NOTE: Bane team has a Tactical Dart which will get you 300xp for tagging the Hero. Its recharge time is 10-15 seconds so make use of the Tactical dart. It will get you to the 15,000-20,000xp mark.

    NOTE 2: There are 5 levels to the Tactical Dart.
    Tactical Dart v1 takes 10 seconds to cooldown and gives 300xp.
    Tactical Dart v3 takes 17 seconds to cooldown and shoots two darts but still gives 300xp.
    You will get 1500-1800xp per minute with Tactical Dart v1.
    You will get 900-1200xp per minute with Tactical Dart v3.

    Bane team without Tactical Dart = 5k-10k exp per player
    Bane team with Tactical Dart = 15-20k exp per player
    Joker Team averages = 2-15k exp.
    Heroes average = 5-10k exp.
    It can also be done with 6-8 players like above or 3-8 players down below.

    With this method there is a chance that only one person will be on the Hero team. If this happens then follow the following steps:

    Joker Team goes to Sunb Location
    Bane team goes to Sun location but camps outside.
    The Hero goes to the sun location.

    The Joker team will get the Sun capture point. The Hero will scramble it and then th Joker Team will destroy the scrambler. Just like before.

    However, Bane team will keep shooting Tactical Darts from outside the Sun capture point. They will hit the Hero and both the Joker team. This will allow you to get 300xp from the Hero plus 200xp from each Joker player. So, 300=200=200=700xp a Tactical Dart shot if with 5 players, 1200xp with 8 players

    3-5 players:
    Bane Team will hit 40k xp
    Joker team can hit 7-10k xp
    Hero team can hit 12k+xp

    6-8 players:
    Bane Team will hit 80-100k xp
    Joker team can hit 5-10k xp
    Hero team can hit 8-12k+xp

    The Aud Doc comments:
    There are Cobblepot satchels that can be bought that sometimes offer an xp boost. The Cobblepot Satchels give random consumables ( Xp boosts), gear, weapon skins etc. Those xp boosts can speed up xp earned quite a bit.
    Showing both comments.
    The AuD DocYou may want to remind people of the Cobblepot satchels that can be bought (or granted if you have the mobile app) that sometimes offer an xp boost. Those xp boosts can speed up xp earned quite a bit.

    Also may just add that Max level is 30, not sure of the total xp needed. Great method and easy boosting, thanks!
    Posted by The AuD Doc on 27 Oct 13 at 14:26
    varkylfusHow does this help the Joker Faction? This is better as a Bane boost.

    I'll go with AlmightySparrow on this one.
    Posted by varkylfus on 26 Nov 16 at 17:55
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