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Tales of Gotham

Win a round of each map with each faction in multiplayer

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How to unlock the Tales of Gotham achievement

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    EDIT (October 28, 2016):
    WB.Games has announced that as of December 4, 2016 "the online services portion of Batman: Arkham Origins will be retired." Whether or not multiplayer play will still be possible after that date is currently unknown, but your best bet is to get this and all other multiplayer achievements for this game wrapped up before then!

    "Win a round of each map with each faction in multiplayer"


    The first thing you need to know is that wins in Hunter, Hunted don't count. Only wins in Invisible Predator Online count toward this achievement.

    There are four maps:
    1) Wayne Chemical Plant
    2) Blackgate Prison
    3) Joker's Funhouse
    4) Wonder City Robot Factory

    There are three factions:
    1) Joker's gang
    2) Bane's gang
    3) Heroes - aka Batman and Robin

    This means you need 12 different match wins in Invisible Predator Online to unlock the achievement.


    There are 8 players in a public Invisible Predator Online match: Batman, Robin, 3 Joker elites, and 3 Bane elites. In a private match, there can be anywhere from 3 to 8 players. The minimum game is Batman, one Joker elite, and one Bane elite.

    The map is chosen by voting. Tab to the voting screen with LB or RB and vote for the map you want.

    Choosing your faction is a little more complicated. In the Main Menu, you can go to Options and set your faction preference. You can choose either Joker, Bane, or none (no preference). This doesn't guarantee you'll get the faction you want, but it increases your odds.

    When you first join a lobby, you won't know what faction you're in until the match starts. On your second and subsequent matches, you'll see an icon next to your name, either a blue person for Bane, a purple person for Joker, or a Batman symbol for Hero.

    After each match, there's a process to see who will be the Hero or Heroes in the next game. In general, the members of whichever team won the previous match have what I'll call "dibs" on Hero, but anyone who has dibs can opt out. If everyone who has dibs opts out, or if there are more players opted in than there are Heroes, then the Heroes are chosen by lottery. It's complicated and works differently depending on how many people are in the lobby, but the bottom line is, if you want to be Hero, it helps to have just won the last match.

    If you're in the Joker or Bane gangs and you opt out or lose the lottery, you will remain in the same gang you were in.


    Now we finally get to the reason why you're probably reading this solution. You see, at the time this solution was written, it was very difficult to play public matches in Arkham Origins Online because of extremely lengthy matchmaking waits and frequent server disconnects when the match was starting. I'm talking maybe one completed match in two hours of time invested. If this situation no longer exists at the time that you're reading this solution, then the future truly must be a wonderful time to be alive. Back in my day, though, if you wanted to unlock this achievement, you had to do it in private matches. And so here are my tips on how to get this achievement most efficiently in private matches.

    You'll need a minimum of 3 people. (From here on, I'm going to assume you have exactly three.) You'll have to play a minimum of 36 matches of Invisible Predator Online for everyone to unlock the achievement. Since changing the map is simple, but changing the factions isn't, you should let the first person being boosted get a win on each map. If he's an elite, he should opt out, and if he's Batman, everyone else should opt out. After that player has boosted the four maps with one faction, let player #2 get boosted on all four maps, then let player #3. Then you change up the factions and repeat the process. Do this one more time, and everyone has the achievement. You might have to either play an extra couple of games and/or back out to the main menu and let people reset their faction preference in order to get the factions set the way you need them.

    Everyone will need a headset to communicate which map to vote on, whether to opt in or out, and a lot more. There's no way you can get the desired outcome of 36 separate matches without good communication.

    Once the match starts, if the Joker or Bane player is being boosted, he should capture all three control points as soon as possible. Each gang periodically loses reinforcements according to the number of control points owned by the enemy gang, so the match will go a lot quicker if all three control points are captured early. Meanwhile, the player from the enemy gang should run up to the player being boosted and let him kill him. The enemy also needs to avoid the captured control points, because if he goes into one for even a second, it becomes neutral again.

    Once all three control points are taken, it's useful to agree on one control point where the boosting player will stay, and the enemy should run up to. This is simply because the control points are always marked on the screen, and are therefore easy to find. I recommend the following ones:

    Wayne Chemicals - the crosshairs, or whatever that is
    Blackgate Prison - the watch tower
    Joker's Funhouse - the sun
    Wonder City - the lightning bolt

    After about 7 or 8 kills, the match should end.

    What does Batman do during all of this? Well, he doesn't have to do anything, but he might as well go to the control point where the boosting player is and let him kill him, too, because the boosting player gets more XP that way. In fact, players boosting as Bane can get over 10,000 XP per match just by marking both the enemy and Batman with a tactical dart and then killing them. Players boosting as Joker don't have the tactical dart, but they can still get over 7,000 XP per match by killing the Bane elite and Batman 8 times each. Just remember, killing Batman is only for XP and doesn't have anything to do with winning or completing the match, so if Batman is slow in getting to the designated kill spot, just ignore him and keep the match going.

    When it's time to boost Batman, you just have all three players go to the same control point and let Batman do a variety of takedowns on them. You can do silent takedowns, inverted takedowns, ledge takedowns, corner takedowns, grate takedowns, explosive gel takedowns, floor takedowns (after a drop or glide kick), and double takedowns, plus probably some others, but these are enough. The more variety you use, the quicker Batman's intimidation meter fills up. In most cases, after 7 different takedowns, Batman wins.

    I did this with two other people. We didn't waste much time, and it took about 4 hours.

    If you play a boosting session the way described above, everyone will earn
    Batman: Arkham OriginsArsenal, AwesomeThe Arsenal, Awesome achievement in Batman: Arkham Origins worth 79 pointsFully upgrade a weapon in multiplayer
    simply by equipping the same weapon for every match. You will also earn
    Batman: Arkham OriginsNot An Ordinary CriminalThe Not An Ordinary Criminal achievement in Batman: Arkham Origins worth 42 pointsAs an Elite, earn 4000 XP in a single multiplayer match

    You will also gain a lot of XP to work toward the four XP-based achivements, so if you haven't earned them yet, work on Tales of Gotham first. Our player who started out at levels 1 1 1 was at 15 14 16 by the time we wrapped things up.

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    EarthboundXSo stupid that wins in Hunter, Hunted don't count, was just in a 2 and half hour session, doing wins in Hunter, Hunted.

    Waste of time. Damn stupid misleading achs.

    It says Win a round of each map with each faction in multiplayer, win a round, not win a round in Invisible predator.

    Posted by EarthboundX on 25 May 14 at 02:34
    napoearthIs there any reason why this can not be boosted with four people in the same amount of time as with three people so long as two are always on the same team especially for the wins.
    Posted by napoearth on 02 Jun 15 at 12:48
    Lt Davo@napoearth: Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think you can have two heroes in a 4-person match, so you'd have to play a minimum of 48 matches for everyone to have a turn at hero.
    Posted by Lt Davo on 02 Jun 15 at 15:11
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  • WhySoSeri0usBroWhySoSeri0usBro402,347
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    There are a total of 4 maps and 3 factions meaning that you have to win in 12 different situations:
    - Joker's Fun house
    - Wayne Chemical plant
    - Wonder city robot factory
    - Blackgate prison

    - Heroes
    - Joker's Elite
    - Bane's Elite

    This is what I did for this achievement. First of all keep track of which maps you have won on and as which faction you were playing in case you don't get this achievement on your way to the max level.
    Secondly most people don't seem to know or care about voting for maps ( use RB in the lobby to get to voting screen) and vote for the maps you are missing based on what faction you are playing.
    When you first join a match you can't find out which faction you are so you may have to vote randomly ( vote on the map you are missing most, for example if you are missing the funhouse for heroes and Joker vote for that instead of voting for some other map that you're missing for only one faction)

    Small tips:
    - play carefully when you are the heroes because that's the most random faction and it may be a while before you get another shot at them on the right map.
    - If the opposing team brings out their boss ( better to prevent it than to deal with it) find the grenade resupply box and spam grenades towards them ( Joker takes most damage in my experience, kinda obvious)
    - DON'T forget to use Explosive gel when playing as Heroes, it really helps a lot. Spray some on the middle objective as soon as possible.
    Have fun!
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    EarthboundXHmm, been informed that Hunter & Hunted Mode was not in the game at launch, so it makes sense the guide doesn't mention it, since it was before it was in the game.

    So I'm removing my negative vote, I still think you should add it though.
    Posted by EarthboundX on 25 May 14 at 08:09
    Solario32Can be done with 3 people in private matches.
    Posted by Solario32 on 27 Oct 14 at 22:20
    DudeWithTheFaceWith 3 people, we had batmanless rounds which helped. See solution below for details.
    Posted by DudeWithTheFace on 01 Dec 16 at 20:32
  • BulgyDragonZordBulgyDragonZord587,508
    12 Nov 2016 16 Nov 2016 02 Apr 2019
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    All of the online achievements in this game can be done in Private Matches. The multiplayer side of the game is on Disc 2 of the Retail copy of the game. No downloading or installation is required.

    This achievement has to be done in the Invisible Predator Online game mode. You will not get this achievement in the Hunter, Hunted game mode. I learned this consequence with the group I was boosting with.

    Lobby Setup

    For this achievement you will need a minimum of 3 players including yourself. The magic number of people you need to easily boost this is 4. Having a larger group will take more time and will present confusion and stress (advise you split into groups if this is the case). If you have dummy accounts, that might be a recommendation to ease the congestion.

    Note: I strongly suggest you grab a pen and paper and write down who is in your group, the teams you will be placed on and what map you have taken a win on within the team your based in. The game does not track what maps you have won on and manually noting it is the only way to keep track.

    Whoever is the host needs to go into "Create Private Game" from the Main Menu and make sure Mode is Inv Pred Online (Invisible Predator Online) and choose one of the 4 maps you need to work on. Keep "Map Rotation" Off and then click "Start Game".

    Here you need to use your cn_guide and invite your group into the game until it is full with the people. Once you have the people you can start the match. If anyone get's disconnected during the match, the match will continue but they cannot return to the game as invites will be disabled.


    In Invisible Predator Online the whole team has 30 lives with the exception of the Heroes. Everyone will be placed in 3 different teams. The Joker Team. The Bane Team and the Heroes Team (Batman & Robin).

    For this achievement you will need to get a win on each of the maps as each of the teams. This means you need to get a win on these maps with these teams...

    Chemical Plant: Joker Team
    Chemical Plant: Bane Team
    Chemical Plant: Heroes Team

    Blackgate Prison: Joker Team
    Blackgate Prison: Bane Team
    Blackgate Prison: Heroes Team

    Joker's Funhouse: Joker Team
    Joker's Funhouse: Bane Team
    Joker's Funhouse: Heroes Team

    Robot Factory: Joker Team
    Robot Factory: Bane Team
    Robot Factory: Heroes Team

    Once you have achieved a win on every map as each of the teams at least once, you will get the achievement at the results screen. But keeping note of what maps and teams you will be on will not be easy since the game doesn't record your wins.

    Boosting Method

    Whilst the boosting method is pretty easy, getting people on the teams can be a nightmare which is why I suggest you work in smaller groups. With a group of 4 people it can still take around 4 - 6 hours for a chance in seeing the achievement for all of you.

    Assuming you are working in a group of 4, chances are that one of the teams will have more people than the others. I suggest you get that team to win first as that's 2 people done whilst playing as either the Jokers/Bane's.

    Now the rules in which the game mode applies is at the end of the match, everyone can put their name forward to become Batman or Robin for the next round. However you can Opt Out if you don't want to play as Batman for the next round. Your intention here is to leave 1 person not Opting Out and they will be in the wheel alongside the other player who was Batman in the previous round. Chances are the newly person in the wheel will become Batman, allowing a rotation of the teams. For instance if one of you was on the Bane team. Match is done and everyone Opts Out except for you. The wheel turns and you become Batman and in the next round you will switch over with the person who was Batman and they will go on the Bane team. Your objective is if you don't need to win as Batman and you need to win as Joker or Bane, get someone to become Batman so that they can be replaced by yourself.
    There will be occasions however that you will not be able to form up the team like you wanted to, so if this is the case, simply get the host to leave the lobby and re-host it in an attempt to change everyone within the teams.

    When everyone has won on one of the maps, the host can change it in the lobby menu by scrolling to the right side of the screen and then choosing a different map.

    When playing the match if your on the winning team as the Joker or Bane Teams, you just need to capture all of the Control Points and kill the opponents until their lives have been reduced to 0. Killing them again after that will eliminate the team.

    If your on the Batman team you need to kill any of the other 2 team opponents with unique kills to rise the meter. If you get killed, the meter will slightly drop. It takes approximately 8 - 12 kills to get a win so Batman is the shortest among the characters for a win.

    You can also work on XP within this boosting and you can also obtain other related achievements along the way, so prepare some boredom, but some gain within the outcome.

    Credit towards my friend tornprince2012, there is a method that can be applied of you want to have certain people on certain teams before your match loads up. This applies throughout the multiplayer of the game.

    From the main menu, if you go to "Options" and then select "Game Options" you should be given the option to choose your "Faction Preference". Originally it says None, but you can change this to either "Joker" or "Bane" so that you have a high chance in joining either of the two teams you wish to be on. If you are wanting to be "Batman/Robin", simply keep this as None and choose "Hero Opt-Out" as "No". Get everyone else to choose "Yes" and this will give you a high chance in becoming "Batman/Robin" for the round you are playing on. However even though you have chosen these team members doesn't 100% guarantee you will be on that team. In addition at the end of the round, people can still "Opt Out" & "Opt In" if they want to become "Batman/Robin".

    Good Luck!
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