I Like Those Odds achievement in Batman: Arkham Origins

I Like Those Odds

As a Hero, defeat 4 Elites within 40 seconds without using melee in multiplayer

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How to unlock the I Like Those Odds achievement

  • WhySoSeri0usBroWhySoSeri0usBro432,973
    25 Oct 2013 25 Oct 2013
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    This one is a little tricky as it is both luck and skill based. I personally think it is harder to silently take down 4 other players without dying.
    I used an explosive gel on the central objective and waited for someone to perform an invert take down on and right after I did one of the thugs got taken out by my gel so I jumped down and took out two recently spawned thugs from behind.
    Dont forget to scramble their goggles with your scrambler before you attempt silent take downs. You could also use your sonic batarangs to help you take them out quicker. Good luck and have fun!

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    LavindatharJust got mine now, was surprised.

    At start, I scrambled and explosives the middle point. Got a silent takedown on one, then the explosion got two. Then I got an inverted takedown on the fourth.
    Posted by Lavindathar on 05 Nov 13 at 22:21
    WhySoSeri0usBroYeah explosive gel on the central objective really speeds it up, hope this helped you a little
    Posted by WhySoSeri0usBro on 05 Nov 13 at 22:49
    Solario32Explosive gel definitely makes this easier.
    Posted by Solario32 on 27 Oct 14 at 21:52
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  • heres wolfieheres wolfie440,794
    16 Aug 2014 17 Aug 2014
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    Easy. Only needs 3 people . Go to Chemical . Meet at middle secure point . Batman place ice gel down. Joker and bane meet up together. Stand on ice . Once they are knocked out. Batman resprays same location. When joker and bane meet up at same location . Pop
  • BulgyDragonZordBulgyDragonZord604,985
    05 Nov 2016 16 Nov 2016 02 Apr 2019
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    All of the online achievements in this game can be done in Private Matches. The multiplayer side of the game is on Disc 2 of the Retail copy of the game. No downloading or installation is required.

    This achievement can be done either in the Invisible Predator Online game mode or the Hunter, Hunted game mode.

    Lobby Setup

    For this achievement you will need at least 5+ players including yourself. If you have dummy accounts, that might be a recommendation to ease the congestion.

    Whoever is the host needs to go into "Create Private Game" from the Main Menu and make sure Mode is Inv Pred Online (Invisible Predator Online) or Hunter, Hunted and the recommended map is Chemical Plant. Keep "Map Rotation" Off and then click "Start Game".

    Here you need to use your cn_guide and invite your group into the game until it is full with the people. Once you have enough people you can start the match. If anyone get's disconnected during the match, the match will continue but they cannot return to the game as invites will be disabled.

    Boosting Method

    You can easily work on this achievement the same time as...

    Batman: Arkham OriginsPredator ParagonThe Predator Paragon achievement in Batman: Arkham Origins worth 137 pointsTake down 6 different Elites in a match, using 6 different methods as Batman or Robin in multiplayer

    You will have to either be Batman or Robin. If you have less players within the group only one of you will spawn as Batman whilst the rest will either be on the Joker Team or the Bane Team. If you have 6+ people then one of you will spawn as Robin as well as Batman, giving 2 people the opportunity to go for the achievement.

    For this achievement you will need to all meet up somewhere on the map and get at least 4 people within the Joker/Bane Teams to squeeze within each other like a sponge. The Hero will then go nearby and then equip the Explosive Gel by pressing cn_left. They then need to hold down the cn_LT button and then press cn_RB to place the Gel on the ground.
    When everyone is nearby and in position, the Hero needs to step back and then hold down the cn_LT button again. When ready press the cn_RB button to detontate. The Gel will explode and if done correctly the explosion should kill at least 4 opponents, giving you the achievement. If you didn't get it, you've got less than 40 seconds to take down some opponents in getting credit towards the achievement before the counter resets.

    There are other attacks Batman & Robin can do in the game without meleeing but this is known to be the easiest.

    Credit towards my friend tornprince2012, there is a method that can be applied of you want to have certain people on certain teams before your match loads up. This applies throughout the multiplayer of the game.

    From the main menu, if you go to "Options" and then select "Game Options" you should be given the option to choose your "Faction Preference". Originally it says None, but you can change this to either "Joker" or "Bane" so that you have a high chance in joining either of the two teams you wish to be on. If you are wanting to be "Batman/Robin", simply keep this as None and choose "Hero Opt-Out" as "No". Get everyone else to choose "Yes" and this will give you a high chance in becoming "Batman/Robin" for the round you are playing on. However even though you have chosen these team members doesn't 100% guarantee you will be on that team. In addition at the end of the round, people can still "Opt Out" & "Opt In" if they want to become "Batman/Robin".

    Good Luck!
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