Infection achievement in Jetpac Refuelled


Play with another infected player on Xbox LIVE

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How to unlock the Infection achievement

  • MelthrisMelthris306,917
    02 Apr 2008 13 Aug 2010 22 Jan 2018
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    I can help out with this anytime. I know how hard these viral achievements can be to get. Just message me on here or on Live and if I have a second to spare, I'll hook you up

    EDIT 22/01/2018: I don't get much time on the Xbox these days so if you send a request through I'll attend to it when I'm able. Thanks to those who are patient. I personally only get to jump on once a month roughly so it will sometimes take me a while to attend to everyone's requests. Cheers

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    JF117If anyone wants this I'll do it for the next 10 people or so and then those people can keep it going, just send me a chat through my gamertag and I'll get back to you guys.
    Posted by JF117 on 04 Sep 21 at 18:08
    InsidiousMrMooOffering to pay this forward. JF117 was nice enough to help me out with this, so I am willing to lend a hand to anyone who needs this. Just shoot me a message on xbox live.
    Posted by InsidiousMrMoo on 23 Sep 21 at 23:33
    ZealousTester24Adding another person willing to pay this forward. Insidiousmrmoo helped me out and I wanna help people out as well. Send us a message on XBL and I'm happy to help out.
    Posted by ZealousTester24 on 02 Oct 21 at 15:42
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  • lightsup55lightsup55490,649
    21 Aug 2017 10 Sep 2017 12 Jun 2022
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    Some players I've helped in the past had problems unlocking this achievement if both players aren't running the same copy (XBLA on Xbox 360 vs. the one included with Rare Replay on Xbox One). If this is the case, both players might need to run the same version of the game.

    I have this achievement and would be glad to help out at any time. Just send a message to Lightsup55 on Xbox Live saying:
    I'd like the "Infection" viral achievement in Jetpac Refuelled. Thanks.
    Despite how old this solution is, please keep in mind that I'm still helping gamers with it. If I don't respond right away, I'm probably at work or sleeping. I have the most availability to play on weekends and when schools are closed during the daytime hours (6 AM to about 9 PM) in Baltimore, Maryland, United States (U.S. Eastern Time / UTC -5).

    Other viral achievements that I can help with (Xbox 360 console required; Not backward compatible):
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    Other viral achievements that I can help with (Xbox One / Windows PC):
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    Find someone who already has this achievement and invite them to an Xbox LIVE multiplayer game. You do not need to beat the level or get any points, just have both players "SET READY" by pressing the A button cn_A and be in the game for a few seconds with the other player. The achievement unlocks once the game starts.

    Start a multiplayer lobby:
    Click on "MULTIPLAYER"
    Click on "PLAYER MATCH"
    Click on "CREATE MATCH"
    PUBLIC SLOTS: 1 (recommended; for an invite-only game, set to 0)
    DURATION: 20
    Click "START" to host the lobby

    Once you are in the lobby, invite the other player (from the Xbox Guide cn_guide). You and the other player must SET READY by pressing the A button cn_A for the game to start.

    It is also possible to obtain the Half Mill Man achievement in the same match, but only your score counts towards it. The duration of the match must be set to the highest (20) as you will need more time to get enough points. The other player just needs to remain in the game while connected to Xbox Live.
    Jetpac RefuelledHalf Mill ManThe Half Mill Man achievement in Jetpac Refuelled worth 90 pointsScore 500,000 points playing multi player Refuelled over Xbox Live

    Note: If you are playing Jetpac Refuelled (included with Rare Replay) on your Xbox One console, open the Xbox Guide by pressing the View cn_back and Menu cn_start buttons at the same time. You need to do this to accept and/or send game invites when playing an Xbox 360 game on Xbox One.
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    slickochetHelped me get this in February 2022! Great guy!
    If anyone need help to get it, I can pay it forward now that I have it. Just send me a message.
    Posted by slickochet on 08 Feb at 11:38
    Thijminecraft02Thank for helping me with Halo Wars 2!
    Posted by Thijminecraft02 on 26 Feb at 20:28
    RyanMushr00msThank you Lights! Awesome dude. +1
    Posted by RyanMushr00ms on 15 Jun at 18:58
  • Removed Gamer
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    Just to add, you don't even have to play a complete game to this achievement, it will unlock as soon as you start a game with a player with the achievement.

    And FYI, I do have it now. I'll help you out if you need it.

    5 year update - Yes, I'm still doing this with the recent release of Rare Replay. Be sure to vote me to the top, since my e-peen is clearly the biggest.

    ANOTHER UPDATE - Man, I've been getting a lot of requests for this. Please message me on XBL, NOT HERE, if you want my help. I barely check messages here as it is.
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    WiredWormThanks for the help with this. Just the last couple to grab now and then i'm done. :-)
    Posted by WiredWorm on 27 Feb 18 at 21:05
    Friggin GreaseI've got a public match going now if anyone has a second...
    Posted by Friggin Grease on 23 May 18 at 22:49
    Friggin GreaseThank you doominstorx6. I can now share this if anyone needs it. Pop me a msg and I'll hop on if I can
    Posted by Friggin Grease on 23 May 18 at 23:00
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