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Hardcore in Alien Rage

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Complete single player campaign on Brutal difficulty

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Brutal Difficulty can be played from the start, but it's up to you whether you you start from here or not as you unlock perks which make this slightly easier. Although so far Brutal is quite a challenge! Makes a change from all the easy shooters nowadays!

Things to be aware of is that if this is your first playthrough on this difficulty you will have a much harder time then if it was your second playthrough with these perks available from the start. It generally only takes 3-5 bullets to kill you without the health perks. The bosses also like to insta kill you on occassion so beware of this.

1. Use cover alot!
2. Back track where you can and let the enemies come to you. Makes them easier targets and you can shoot them down while they are running and not returning fire.
3. The starting assault rifle is a beast, so far the best weapon. Search around to make sure you got plenty of ammo.
4. This games' auto aim feature will help a lot. Like CoD keep snapping targets to take them out quickly.
5. Take your time and focus on enemy locations.
6. When you have unlocked the last row of perks be sure to use the overcharged pistol, it's a one hit kill even on heavies! (Thanks Korrilad)
7. Be sure to use the perks 50% extra starting health & 50% faster health recovery.

From the starting point move down the first flight of steps and shoot the explosive canister on the right hand side. That is the wall you will be keeping between you and the big ass gun he wields. Make sure your back is up against the wall! Do not worry about looking around for ammo, you will die. Your pistol has infinite ammo, put it to use!

1. From here you should see his left arm (your right) poking out, Keep firing at his arm and don't let up.

2. When he nears 3/4 health a reinforcement will arrive of just 1 enemy. Take him down and repeat step 1.

3. Again after a while he will spawn another guy who will be on the same walkway to your right. Now you will notice he is shooting these rockets at you. To avoid this move to the next pillar (towards where the second reinforcement arrived) and put a few bullets in him.

4. Repeat the above process going between the 2 pillars and taking a few shots at him when he stops firing at you. By thhis time you should have him beat.
Alien RageGiant KillerThe Giant Killer achievement in Alien Rage worth 26 pointsDefeat Vorus Centurion

OBJECTIVE - Sabotage main drill power plant
Upon getting this objective you will get to a room where you have to access a computer and then you will be attacked by turrets then soldiers. I found it easier to use the secondary fire of the assault rifle or SMG. So facing the computer the order is:

1. Turret in front towards the right
2. Turret in front towards the left
3. Turn around with a rocket turret to your right
4. Then turret to your left
5. Almost immediatly from in between the last 2 turrets you will be attacked by a group of enemies. Immediatly fire down that corridor
6. After destroying the 2 generators. Be warned enemies spawn as you destroy the first generator. 4 more turrets drop down. So stay in the area where you just were and if you only just poke out you can get them with normal fire without taking too much damage from the turrets.
Alien RageSecuredThe Secured achievement in Alien Rage worth 29 pointsDefeat Security Turrets

OBJECTIVE - Find alternate exfil point
Don't do what I did. In the room before the tank encounter, there will be a rocket launcher (took me 3 attempts to notice it was there!) Now move forward to spawn in the tank and ground troops, when you see them move back into the room and kill all enemies who enter the door, you will not get hit by the tank in here. Now use the RPG, fire move back, heal, fire again. 3 hits should take it down.
This guy is frustrating! Took me a while to figure out how to take him down. For the first section I concentrated on survival as it doesn't take much to kill you. I stuck to one side of the map rather going around all 4 orange canisters. The orange canisters are what you use to damage him. So here was my strategy, (there is probably a much better strategy!)

1. Upon starting shoot the closest canister and use this area to take cover for the first section.

2. You will here a charging noise to let you know he is about to shoot you full auto, crouch behind the wall, otherwise you're a gonner! Also make sure the orange canister is not in between you both!

3. After a while he will go to the middle and destroy all 4 canisters, be away from them when he does! Now he will be stunned in the middle, take your shots at him.

4. Now he will be charging you, I moved around the 2 canisters on one side in an 8 shape. When he is near the canister shoot it to damage him making sure you are not too close!

5. If you hear the noise of his gun charging up then shoot a canister ahead of you so you can safely take cover behind the wall. Repeat the 8 loop until he is dead.
Alien RageShowdownThe Showdown achievement in Alien Rage worth 32 pointsDefeat Vorus Gladiator

Trust me this was a frustrating section!
This guy is a bitch! 1 shot and you're dead. I heavily relied on using the assault rifles' secondary fire. Scattered around the room are pickups to replenish it. So...

1. Run to cover and always make sure that section of wall is between you and his gun. When he takes a break from firing at you then shot just 1 grenade at him then go back to cover.

2. After 5 shots or so he will shoot a barrage of missiles everywhere. For this part just RUN around until it stops.

3. He will then go to the center and recharge. Quickly shoot the points you are prompted at. At this point you should have between 6-10 troops spawn in. They are your priority!

4. After they are dead keep moving and use the first step to finish him off. Beware though as he fires like crazy at you so only pop out for one shot then if you are hurt just run around the room until you have healed!
Alien RageOverdriveThe Overdrive achievement in Alien Rage worth 34 pointsDefeat Mk XII Heavy Mech

So far this is the most straight forward boss fight. Just unload on it while strafing. When he recharches destroy the hand as quickly as possible and the continue unloading on him. If you take him down before the second time he recharges you will completely avoid the flying sentry drones!
Alien RageGangbusterThe Gangbuster achievement in Alien Rage worth 35 pointsDefeat AA-19 Combat Mech

Your first job will be to take down the yellow panels on his shoulders while strafing. Then shoot the yellow panel at his chest and keep shooting until he is down. Rather straightforward.
Alien RageBehemothThe Behemoth achievement in Alien Rage worth 36 pointsDefeat GX-7 Destroyer Prototype

Now we come to the Vorus Primus! He is not as bad as some of the previous bosses. Essentially you will need to shoot at him like crazy while moving around alot. The grenade launcher as your secondary fire here will be key. It hurts him alot! Keep repeating this process to defeat him. Just remember to keep moving. The barrels should not hurt you too much.
Alien RagePitching MachineThe Pitching Machine achievement in Alien Rage worth 36 pointsDefeat Vorus Primus

The first stage of this boss is simple. Shoot him from cover behind the pillars. Aiming for the back pack. Save your secondary fire for the next section.

For the second stage run circles firing your grenades at him and firing onto the yellow panel until you get to the next stage.

For the last stage keep running the circle, if you take alot of damage you should be able to heal while running. When you see the red laser beams then fire at his weak spots. They are obvious and you can't miss them! Be warned this battle is irritating at first and can take a little while to get it down.
Alien RageGuardianThe Guardian achievement in Alien Rage worth 37 pointsDefeat DF9 Sentry Mech

For the first part of this fight go back to where you entered and the should be a small structure for you to hide behind with ammo to your left. Also make sure to have the 10% extra damage perk for energy based weapons. You should be able to see its legs giving you some safety while shooting him. He will spit out little spiders but use your secondary fire to wipe most of them out. Keep doing this until he moves and you move forward to get a checkpoint! (First one during a boss battle!)

The next section is harder but I found a trick & tactic that may help considerably. Have the perk Overcharged Pistol equipped, this pretty much insta kills most enemies and conserves ammo. Now where you enter you will see a computer terminal to your left try and crouch behind it as much as you can. Although your body pokes out quite a bit, the mech struggles to deal significant damage. The troops who spawn in this area shouldn't charge you and can pick them off after dealing with the mech. The smaller spiderbots won't even get spawned.

Next section. I found a trick to easily take him down. (Confirmation if this works would be appreciated) From the next area where you battle the mech run down the stairs and go into the far left corner. Now here I just defended myself which is pretty simple with the overcharged pistol. After a little while of dealing damage to the mech, the mech seems to either damage himself or something and your achievements below should unlock.
Alien RageArachnophobeThe Arachnophobe achievement in Alien Rage worth 38 pointsDefeat Vorus God Mech

Alien RageWhen Titans FallThe When Titans Fall achievement in Alien Rage worth 38 pointsDefeat all Bosses

I really hope this guide has helped somewhat, if you would like to add any extra parts then I will gladly give you credit!
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