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Horns of Hathor

Complete Adventure Mode on the Normal difficulty.

Horns of Hathor0
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How to unlock the Horns of Hathor achievement

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    08 Mar 2015 29 Mar 2009 05 Feb 2011
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    Here's the thing. These achievements don't stack. You honestly just have to play through the game on each difficulty. Try and make combos so you get the little "bonus" items. This game is HARD in the later levels, even if it appears easy at the beginning.

    When you start out on the first couple of levels you will probably be able to beat them without using this save system. However, you'll want to save your progress inbetween sub-levels by pressing "b". This will mark down how many lives you have as well. When the levels start to get tough later in the game, you can hit start in the middle of a level, quit out of it, save in the process, and then return to that point in the level. If you die in a level, simply hit your xbox controller guide button, quit to dash/the arcade compilation disc if you have it on that, start up the game again, and resume from your last save point. If it wasn't for this feature, I never would have been able to beat the later levels - you can do this multiple times per level keep in mind.

    If you lose all of your lives, you will be forced to restart the level and will lose your sub-level progress.
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    Flopsy86 I've been hacking away at this game slowly and I find that it is ok to shoot normally as the line of balls is starting out or at the middle of the route.
    But as soon as it gets close to the end, you must focus on the first balls in the line only as shooting in the middle of the line of balls will push the front balls closer and closer to doom.

    Remember you can press the B button to switch to another color which is your back up ball to shoot. I made it a habit to press B on every shot pretty much when I have to make quick shots.
    If there is a ball stuck in the hole and you can't get it out or hit it with another ball, as long as you know what color it is, you can stick this color to the next ball in the line and it will attract the like colored ball out of the hole.

    The game will help you and will tend to give you the colors which are the closest to the hole so use this to your advantage.

    Whenever I got a scorpion, backwards or lightning storm, I would immediately do the method described in this solution to save progress as this is usually a good state to save in and resume at whenever the game decides to screw you over.

    Personally, having played both this and Zuma which are both very similar, this game is EASIER than Zuma because of the saving method in this game. Zuma does not tend to help you with giving you the right colors either.
    Posted by Flopsy86 on 30 Jan 14 at 20:16
    Flopsy86 With the above being said however, I am yet to play this game on expert difficulty so maybe I'm in way over my head!
    Posted by Flopsy86 on 30 Jan 14 at 20:18
    KinectKid333 I agree with Sgt Malarkey Br. At 12-1 now and so far not too many levels have given me trouble... with the exception of 10-4... which was complete hell and took almost half an hour to complete.
    Posted by KinectKid333 on 01 Nov 18 at 04:01
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