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Pharaoh of the Two Lands

Earn the play rank of Pharaoh of the Two Lands.

Pharaoh of the Two Lands0
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How to unlock the Pharaoh of the Two Lands achievement

  • invuln3r4bl3invuln3r4bl3226,960
    24 May 2010 18 May 2010 03 Mar 2017
    61 1 14
    "x8Xero1sFinestx" has covered the most important things. i'd like to add the following method:

    - you need a total of 280 million points
    - use a wired (!) TURBOCONTROLLER
    - gamemode: pharao's challenge
    - stage: balance of maat (available after you have beaten stage 23 in adventure mode!)
    - rubberband the "A" button and enjoy!

    the points are accumulative. it's no problem if you miss some spheres and mess up. the TURBO function starts a new game and the whole procedure repeats over and over again on its own. this way i got 4 million points in 40 minutes until my TURBO missed some spheres.
    HINT: leave your xbox overnight! you can check your progress on the main menu. use "x8Xero1sFinestx" list to keep track of it.

    280 million are nearly 50 hours of boosting points this way so be prepared for a very long ride!

    EDIT: i worked out the method on "balance of maat" on my own! here some visual help:

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    NBA KirklandIs there really no way to turn of vibration?
    Posted by NBA Kirkland on 05 Jun 16 at 20:31
    You can turn off the vibration in your profile settings globally
    Posted on 17 Jun 16 at 00:38
    NBA KirklandNow you tell me. Lol. Good to know.
    Posted by NBA Kirkland on 17 Jun 16 at 01:15
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  • x8Xero1sFinestxx8Xero1sFinestx54,995 54,995 GamerScore
    02 May 2009
    52 10 15
    Earn 280,000,000 points across all games and game types played on your Gamer Tag.
    Here is a list of them all.
    Good luck.

    Farm Hand 0
    Plower of Fields 250,000
    Keeper of Beasts 500,000
    Chief Farm Hand 1,000,000
    Appointer of Plowers 1,500,000
    Supervisor of Seed 2,000,000
    Master of Farm Hands 2,500,000
    Inspector of Crops 3,000,000
    Overseer of the Fields 3,500,000
    Owner of Land 4,000,000
    Donkey Washer 5,000,000
    Bearer of Goods 6,000,000
    Goods Counter 7,000,000
    Keeper of Goods 8,000,000
    Chief Bearer 9,000,000
    Buyer of Goods 10,000,000
    Supervisor of Bearers 11,000,000
    Inspector of Goods 12,000,000
    Overseer of Trade 13,000,000
    Trade Merchant 14,000,000
    Potshard Cleaner 15,500,000
    Mixer of Inks 17,000,000
    Cutter of Reeds 18,500,000
    Papyrus Maker 20,000,000
    Chief of Materials 21,500,000
    Fledgling Scribe 23,000,000
    Supervisor of Fledglings 24,500,000
    Inspector of Writings 26,000,000
    Overseer of Scribes 27,500,000
    Master of Hieroglyphs 29,000,000
    Initiate of the Temple 31,000,000
    Sacred Pool Cleaner 33,000,000
    Sweeper of the Granaries 35,000,000
    Temple Musician 37,000,000
    Chief of Initiates 39,000,000
    Keeper of Sacred Hymns 41,000,000
    Appointer of Holy Scribes 43,000,000
    Inspector of Offerings 45,000,000
    Overseer of Priests 47,000,000
    High Priest 49,000,000
    Chisel Sharpener 51,500,000
    Block Cutter 54,000,000
    Apprentice Stone Carver 56,500,000
    Sculptor of Images 59,000,000
    Chief Stonemason 61,500,000
    Erector of Obelisks 64,000,000
    Carver of Hieroglyphs 66,500,000
    Inspector of Monuments 69,000,000
    Overseer of Constructions 71,500,000
    Master of Works 74,000,000
    Coin Washer 77,000,000
    Money Stacker 80,000,000
    Silver Polisher 83,000,000
    Collector of Taxes 86,000,000
    Chief of the Vault 89,000,000
    Appointer of Counters 92,000,000
    Keeper of the Deben Rings 95,000,000
    Inspector of Gems 98,000,000
    Overseer of Tribute 101,000,000
    Treasurer of the Silver House 104,000,000
    Papyrus Pusher 107,000,000
    Brewer of Black Gold 110,000,000
    Filer of Scrolls 113,000,000
    Manager of Servants 116,000,000
    Chief Papyrus Pusher 119,000,000
    Keeper of Seals 122,000,000
    Administrator of the Nome 125,000,000
    Appointer of Judges 128,000,000
    Overseer of the Lands 131,000,000
    Lord of Nomarchs 134,000,000
    Axe Sharpener 138,000,000
    Cleaner of Chariots 142,000,000
    Soldier Recruit 146,000,000
    Lieutenant of Swords 150,000,000
    Standard Bearer of the Royal Bark 154,000,000
    Chief of Recruits 158,000,000
    Scribe of the Army 162,000,000
    Captain of Chariots 166,000,000
    General of Troops 170,000,000
    Commander of Soldiers 174,000,000
    Minor Advisor 178,000,000
    Giver of Advice 182,000,000
    Librarian of Knowledge 186,000,000
    Greeter of Foreigners 192,000,000
    Chief Advisor 196,000,000
    Administrator of the King 200,000,000
    Inspector of Dignitaries 205,000,000
    Appointer of Administrators 210,000,000
    Overseer of the King's House 215,000,000
    Grand Vizier 220,000,000
    Royal Acquaintance 225,000,000
    Seal-Bearer of the King 230,000,000
    Eyes and Ears of the Sovereign 235,000,000
    Royal Prophet 240,000,000
    Inspector of Royal Monuments 245,000,000
    Overseer of the House of Gold 250,000,000
    Ornament of the King 255,000,000
    Commander of the King's Army 260,000,000
    Second to the King 270,000,000
    Pharaoh of the Two Lands 280,000,000
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    GarfiunLooks like I got my work cut out with this game then.
    Posted by Garfiun on 26 Aug 11 at 07:46
    The BiodreamerLibrarian of Knowledge 186,000,000
    Greeter of Foreigners 192,000,000
    Is defently wrong it was only 4,000,000 points between those ranks
    Posted by The Biodreamer on 16 Aug 12 at 17:51
    The BiodreamerIt doesn't seem to be fixed score the last ranks before the end is 10 million, 8million and 12 million and whatever the last will end up as still have the final rank left to reach. with current pattern a freaking 16 million. which mean the game is over 300 million points total.
    Posted by The Biodreamer on 18 Sep 12 at 20:20
  • The lMlanThe lMlan1,034,392
    05 Aug 2009 30 Jul 2009 01 Aug 2009
    25 3 11
    most people (if not all) should know that playing the pharaoh's challenge is the best way to get points and if not, well now you know. instead of shooting out coloured balls you get to shoot out the golden daggers that can take out any ball with one hit. i suggest picking a map with a long straight of way such as village of the nile, carving the obelisk, and valley of the queens that way if caught in a problem spot you can just spray down the straight of way to save time. make sure to use the needle slowly for the first so many levels and try to get combos with 3 of the same color instead of just shooting them all out so that you get more points... yes it is only like 100 or so more points but do ten combos and there is an extra 1000 points for taking some time to connect 3 of the same color. try to aim instead of constantly spraying because if you get 100% accuracy you get 100,000 points for bonus compared to 19,000+ points for upwards of 90% accuracy. much faster than just doing the adventure mode over and over, but it will still take forever to do... good luck to everyone.
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    It doesn't matter what you play, just play..... and play and play and play and play and play. And a few months later you will get this achievement. Easy
    Posted on 12 Jan 12 at 15:04
    The BiodreamerFirst of all you underestimate the time consumtion to do a level, 10 min works on easy more like 15 on Normal and 20 on expert and 30-45 min on challenge of horus, because it takes alot of time reloading. of course it differ between the first levels and the last. and if you don't own a turbo controller i would recommend the levels: Carving the Obelisk and scarabic Dawn these I have record over 6 million on. if you rather play many short games go for the 2 track levels which grant you alot of points in yewels on the early levels.
    Posted by The Biodreamer on 28 Jul 12 at 09:11
    The Biodreameroh and i had 47 million points after finish the four difficulties so you need to grind most of points.
    Posted by The Biodreamer on 28 Jul 12 at 09:12
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