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Tournament Expert

Finish in 1st Place in all Single Player Tournaments.

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How to unlock the Tournament Expert achievement

  • DiscGolferProDiscGolferPro138,216
    15 Dec 2009 23 Dec 2009
    65 4 2
    Beating Tournament Expert tips

    Here's a few tips for the the final tournament achievement. These are not poker strategies but rather ways to mitigate the AI cheating.

    * When you're at the Free level, slam the pot with all-ins until you knock out 3 players, or lose and restart for free (it'll get you to the $4000 table faster)
    * Always leave yourself enough bankroll to enter AT LEAST 2 more lower ranked tournaments (you do not want to restart from scratch every time)
    * Always play VERY tight until you are in the final 3 payout positions (let the AIs knock themselves out)
    * When you get to $4000 start letting the timer expire a few times until you get to Round 4 or so (the higher the blinds, the more money you can bully out of the players. Let the game idle and press 'A' every 10 minutes while you watch TV, make sandwiches...)
    * Rule 1: Never Call a bet unless you're holding Group 1 or Group 2 hands. When in doubt Raise (and certainly never Call anything that puts you All-In; it's almost always a trap)
    * Rule 2: Mostly Raise to make them fold and take the blinds (remember this isn't poker it's Texas Bully'Em)
    * Your bread and butter is pushing the AI off their hands with any Group 1 through Group 5 hands (do not "play" poker with them because you don't know when the game decides to cheat)
    * If you're in early position Raise to push everyone out (if anyone stays, bet the minimum on the flop and if they continue to Call or Raise 4th or 5th street, Fold)
    * If you're in the blinds then Call (if an AI re-Raised pre-flop, Call then bet half the pot on the flop; if that specific AI player puts more money in on 4th or 5th, Fold and lick your wounds)
    * If you're in late position or the Dealer, Raise pre-flop (if multiple AIs stay in and bet the flop, Call then re-Raise both times on 4th and 5th street. If a particular AI Calls or Raises ONCE, then re-Raise it ONE TIME ONLY to bully and win, or else if a specific AI Calls twice, Fold. Your goose is cooked and you need to let it go)
    * Once you're down to 4 players and/or your stack is double the money of the remaining players, always open with a bet of double the big blind regardless of position. Fold if you're challenged or re-Raise if you have premium cards (remember you're trying to steal blinds not play poker)
    * With 3 players left you're in the money. Be VERY aggressive now. Re-Raise EVERYTHING unless you're taken to the river. You want ALL the blinds to come to you from this point on. The ideal endgame is for you to bet every time and everybody folding every hand. This should be the case 90% of the time but remember RULE 1 !!!)
    * Do not go All-In against more than one player unless, you move in pre-flop AND you have Group 1 or Group 2 hole cards AND you could knock one of them out (do this at your own risk)
    * When you're heads-up always Raise when you have the Dealer button and Fold if the AI raises pre-flop (do not Call all the way to the river or the AI will cheat)

    These are only guidelines. If anything feels "weird" about a hand just Fold. More often than not the AI will take a pile of your chips and make you kick the dog. Just Fold and bully them on the next hand. The AI won't care.

    Hope this helps.

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    AL1Great strategy...this is basically how I this one, although I would eliminate your Rule 1. Even if you get dealt pocket Aces, DO NOT immediately shove all your chips in the middle, or call any ridiculous raises. The computer WILL call with some medium pair and hit trips (a lesson I learned that hard way...many many times). If the AI won't fold, get out of the hand. With 6-8 players left, I tried to steal 1-2 hands per round. With 4-5 players left, I tried to steal 2-3. Once you're down to 3 players, raise everything, and get out of the way of any re-raises. The only time you actually want to have to win a hand of poker is when it's heads-up and you have a 10-to-1 chip lead or better.
    Posted by AL1 on 17 Aug 10 at 07:53
    ChooseMyFateHow do you "let the time expire"? There is no running timer. Just the one that changes gradually after the hand is over.
    Posted by ChooseMyFate on 28 May 16 at 08:22
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  • wheatrichwheatrich101,385
    27 Apr 2010 27 Apr 2010
    53 2 6
    This is very easy and you don't even have to know the ranks, suits, cards or anything.

    min raise (just click raise) every single hand if they minreraise you min raise them again, if they call check the flop and see what they do (if they minbet you minraise, if they check you minbet the turn) anything else they do you fold. Doing this for each tournament basically guarantees you a victory especially since they play way too tight shorthanded. (folding early on isn't a big deal if you'd rather not play like a robot for 3 hours or so) [if they limp also min raise etc etc]

    if you've got a strong hand and they do that stuff slowplay (just call) and shove rivers as some of them will call weak making this go a fair bit faster.

    Yeah, this is boring but I've never lost unless I just shoved something out of boredom even knowing I wasn't 100% to win that hand.
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    ReliantGung hoWheatrich, your plan was right on the money. I salute you.
    Posted by ReliantGung ho on 05 Sep 14 at 20:38
    JevanssssThis method works a treat.

    I let the clock run down for a couple of rounds first to let the blinds get bigger so you can do this slightly quicker
    Posted by Jevanssss on 06 Nov 16 at 20:28
    TonyTwoSteaksSolution worked perfect, after 10+ years I finally came back and finished this game off. Regarding the previous comment, I don't believe you can let the timer just run down to get to bigger blinds. As far as I could tell it was based on a set number of hands until the blinds go up.
    Posted by TonyTwoSteaks on 05 Feb 19 at 07:12
  • ZalexzyZalexzy1,999,407
    09 Sep 2012 09 Sep 2012 14 Apr 2013
    48 1 31
    To fix money "problem", with this you only need to win every tournament once, not multiple times to increase your bank roll to get in All World tournament. (Warning: if you care for time stamps and don't yet have 100k and 1 million achievements, those will pop up offline)

    You need:
    *USB stick (or memory card).

    *Disc version of game, found on Xbox Arcade Unplugged, Volume 1 disc (This does not work with XBLA download version???)
    UPDATE: Czaleo tells this one worked with DOWNLOADED VERSION, so follow instructions to letter and see if it works for you. Quote from his comment: "cleared my cache, deleted the game from the HD, cleared my cache again, shut my xbox off, and when I turned it back on, downloaded the game again, then I got the update notification and everything worked great."

    1. Clear system cache (to remove update, as this is patched. Go system settings, storage, hard drive device options)
    2. Transfer your profile on USB stick.
    3. Start game, decline update.
    4. Select Single player, tournament.
    5. Select highest tournament you funds allow. If you have less than 4k you have to select Invitational. Press A button.
    6. Now you see pay-out table on screen. Press A button.
    7. During bank roll summary screen, remove USB stick from xbox. After that, proceed and press A button.
    8. Confirmation screen pops up. Select "no" by pressing B button.
    9. Game goes back to main menu. When you go to tournament screen, you can see your bank roll increased.
    10. You can repeat steps 4-9 as many times as you want, you don't need to insert and remove USB stick between tournaments.
    11. When you are finished making money, insert USB stick.You have to start new game - single play or tournament - you can immediately leave table or finish game, to save game and money you made.

    Then you can go back to dashboard and update, you still have all money you made with this glitch.

    Money you get from doing this each time:
    Inventional - 1k
    Regional - 12k
    National - 48k
    All World - 375k

    I tested this also with new gamertag, if you have any problems or questions, leave comment.
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    MrZombieChickenThanks smile
    Posted by MrZombieChicken on 04 Feb 17 at 03:26
    InsaneFlameLate to the party here but thanks for sharing this! Worked well for me on the downloaded version.

    Can work on the final tables with the confidence to buy back in as many times as i need.

    Posted by InsaneFlame on 09 Feb 18 at 11:21
    Posted by MattiasAnderson on 28 Jul 18 at 19:25
  • LiveSurgeLiveSurge86,742
    04 May 2010 06 May 2010
    45 2 2
    I used wheatrich's solution, which worked perfectly, but I thought I could clarify the explanation a bit.

    The goal is to win each tournament without _ever_ needing a better hand than any AI player, until they have too little money for it to matter. Because of how simple the AI is, that is completely achievable.

    To accomplish this, you need to consistently get them to fold and fold your hand any time they might call you all the way down to the river.

    The first step is to min raise every hand until you know they'll call you. You'll be able to steal the blinds often enough to tread water until players start getting eliminated. It may be faster to consistently fold [a la DiscGolferPro's strategy] until a few players get eliminated, since with 8 players there are a lot more chances of them having a hand, but this strategy worked for me start to finish.

    If any player makes more than a minimum raise, fold, since they will generally call you all the way down. [They always did against me, but there might be a way to take their money in this case as well...I haven't yet fully tested it.] If they make a min reraise pre-flop, reraise them once. They will sometimes fold, but if they call, they will probably call you all the way to the river.

    In the times you get called to the flop, you will usually have to fold, but you have one more chance to min raise and get them to fold. If they bid before you and check or min raise, a min raise may work. As always, if they bet more than the minimum, they are calling you all the way down, so fold unless you're holding the nuts.

    Once a player is almost blinded out, someone will have to actually have a better hand. If you can get one of the other players to take the risk instead of you, do so (nothing is better for you than having 4 opponents all in on a single hand, though that tends not to happen in the final tournament).

    For the last player, nobody else can take the bullet for you. If you lose the one time you actually have to show your hand, go back to the strategy until they're blinded down to the felt again and eventually random chance will bring you home.

    Risk is more fun, but this is guaranteed success.
    09 Oct 2011 13 Oct 2011 13 Oct 2011
    34 2 11
    Lets simplify this achievement for you. Always raise minimum bet unless AI raises if so fold. Never check and never call. Stick to these rules and you will eventually win every tournament. It is a slow process as you need to wait for the blinds to increase before you start winning any big sums of money but as long as your strict on yourself and dont allow yourself to be tempted into playing your cards this method will work.
  • The T113The T113102,747
    05 May 2010 28 Apr 2010 18 Apr 2011
    33 1 6
    You will need extra money in order to enter the tournament, especially if you lose once.

    One easy (but slightly time consuming) way to earn back money is to enter the $400 single player play (not the tournament). Go all in every round, and then when someone calls it, if you win, cash out and repeat. If you lose, "buy-in" a new $400. Since it's "sponsored" it won't cost you anything. This way every time you win, you take out $400. Can get really time consuming when trying to earn your way back up to the last tournament, but still seems like the best option I've found so far.
  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
    35 3 2
    On the $16.000 buy-in table, there's a strategy that works very well; check-raise your opponent, but try not to push them all-in as they tend to go all-in quicker than bet 95% of their stack. This way you can push them off their hands, and build an advantage fairly quickly.

    The $64.000 buy-in table is a lot more agressive. If you try the above strategy you'll find yourself called more often and lose large chuncks of your stack. I'd suggest to keep it cool and wait for the right time. Place bets only with premium hands (AA, AK, AQ or suited connectors) in off positions, and only try to steal pots when you're in a good position. This way you're bound to find yourself all-in in a hand that you can't lose, after which you'll have some money to play around with. Then you can go see more flops and decide after the flop if you have a hand that can win or not.
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