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WrestleMania! in WWE 2K14

WrestleMania!44 (30)

Complete all historical objectives in 30 Years of WrestleMania.

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Achievement Guide for WrestleMania!

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Posted on 02 January 14 at 10:21
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Please bare with me this is my first guide i take no credit for this solution i found it credit goes to LondonCalling on xbox 360 achievements dot org if you give negative vote please state why so i can fix it

Chapter One:
Hulkamania Runs Wild
Wrestlemania I-IX

Wrestlemania I
Andre the Giant vs Big John Studd
1. win match in under 6 mins
you have to body slam him in order to win match its not traditional match so dont bother going for pins or submissions

Wrestlemania II
Hulk Hogan vs. King Kong Bundy
1.body slam bundy (critical) get him to critical press a then press a again

2.escape over cage wall press LB next to wall then do the a button minigame to escape

Wrestlemania III
Ricky Steamboat vs. Randy Savage
1.complete wrestlemania moment this is random or might have been after first pin attempt it will most likely be the x button

2.get randy savage to critical damage easy way is to grab weapon when ref is down

3.win with leverage pin to do this you will have to stun him with toe kick diagonal down plus x then press upor down on right stick

Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant
1.grapple andre (light) by ring steps the steps over by the announcer tables

2.irish whip andre (critical) in ring

3.complete wrestlemania moment triggers off irish whip

4.hit a leg drop on andre it is hulks finisher just use when andre is on ground

Wrestlemania IV
Randy Savage vs. Ted Diibiase
1.grapple ted (moderate) standing in ring

2.hit ted with top rope elbowin the ring its randys finisher just go on top rope and use

3.win by pinfall

Wrestlemania V
Hulk Hogan vs. Randy Savage
1.get randy to critical damage

2.kick out after taking a top rope elbow it will come naturally he will counter moves and eventually do the elbow drop

3.hit randy with leg drop

4.win by pinfall

Wrestlemania VI
Ultimate Warrior vs Hulk Hogan
1.irish whip hogan (light) in the ring

2.complete 1st wrestlemania moment it will probably be a button

3.hit gorilla press and pin hogan in 10 seconds this is warriors signature

4.complete the 2nd wrestlemania moment triggers after gorilla press in #3

5.hit ultimate splash and pin hogan in 10 seconds use splash and hit b to pin right away

Wrestlemania VII
Hulk Hogan vs Sgt. Slaughter
1.hit big boot
2.hit leg drop
3.win by pinfall

Wrestlemania VIII
Randy Savage vs. Ric Flair
1.hit savages elbow drop finisher and pin flair in 10 seconds

2.escape the figure four leg lock automatically put in it after the scene

3.win with leverage pin just like WM III

Wrestlemania IX
Yokozuna vs. Bret Hit Man Hart
1.hit super kick hold x to do this

2.irish whip bret hart (moderate) in the ring

3.win by pinfall

Hulk Hogan vs. Yokozuna
1.hit leg drop on yokozuna finisher

2.defeat yokozuna via pinfall

Chapter 2
The New Generation

Wrestlemania X
Razor Ramon vs. Shawn Michaels
1.get hbk to moderate damage in the ring

2.get hbk to critical damage in the ring

3.attack hbk with the ladder

4.irish whip hbk into a ladder propped in the ring corner set in corner then hit b to irish whip him into it

Bret Hart vs. Yokozuna
1.get yokozuna to critical damage

2.perform a top rope move on a standing yokozuna in the ring

3.pin yokozuna in 10 seconds

Wrestlemania XI
The Undertaker vs. King Kong Bundy
1.hit old school signature move on bundy

2.bodyslam bundy hit a then a again wear him down first

3.win by pinfall

Diesel vs. Shawn Michaels
1.hit hbk with big boot its the signature move

2.get hbk to critical damage

3. hit hbk with jackknife powerbomb finisher

4.pin hbk in 10 seconds and win after #3

Wrestlemania XII
The Undertaker vs. Diesel
1.hit chokeslam on Diesel signature
2.hit tombstone on Diesel finisher
3.win by pinfall

Shawn Micheals vs. Bret Hart
1.complete wrestlemania moment its usually x

2.irish whip bret hart (moderate) into the ropes

3.irish whip bret hart (critical ) into a turnbuckle

4.go into sudden death with score tied 0-0

5.hit 2 finishers 0n bret hart in OT

Wrestlemania XIII
Bret Hary vs. Steve Austin
1.get austin to light damage outside the ring within 2 minutes

2.irish whip austin (moderate) into a turnbuckle

3.use ring bell on austin easy way to damage him for #1

4.get austins legs to critical use RB to target legs with the a button

5.win with the sharpshooter its his finisher

Chapter 3
The Attitude Era
Wrestlemania XIV-X7

Wrestlemania XIV
The Undertaker vs. Kane
1.perform a chokeslam signature
2.perform 3 tombstone piledrivers finishers
3.win by pinfall

Wrestlemania XV
Steve Austin vs. The Rock
1.get rock to moderate damage and them lure him to the entranceway to trigger scene

2.lean rock against announce table and grapple him just irish whip him into it then grapple

3.perform finisher on the rock and pin him in under 10 seconds

4.complete the wrestlemania moment happens after you do the stunner

Wrestlemania 2000
HHH vs. The Rock vs. The Big Show vs. Mick Foley
1.Eliminate Big Show

2.Grapple the rock near the announce table

3.eliminate mick foley

4.grapple the rock (moderate) near the ring steps

5.grapple the rock (critical) near the announce table

Wrestlemania X-7
Steve Austin vs. The Rock
1.attack rock with the ringbell at ringside

2.irish whip the rock (moderate) in the ring

3.rock bottom the rock hold RB when he is down then press up on the d-pad then press y when he stands up

4.knock down the rock then pick up a chair in the ring vince will be outside throwing them in to you

5.win by pinfall

Chapter 4
Ruthless Agression
Wrestlemania X-8-XXIV

Wrestlemania X-8
The Rock vs. Hulk Hogan
1.put hogan in sharpshooter signature

2.succeed at wrestlemania moment its random

3.win by pinfall

HHH vs. Chris Jericho
1.apply figure 4 to jericho (light) in the ring hold a at his legs

2.lean jericho (moderate) on announce table

3.perform pedigree finisher and win by pinfall in 10 seconds

Wrestlemania XIX
Shawn Michaels vs. Chris jericho
1.get y2j to critical damage

2.irish whip y2j in the ring

3.hit sweet chin music this is corner finisher the other is just superkick

4.win by pinfall

The Rock vs. Steve Austin
1.complete wrestlemania moment triggered with rock bottom attempt

2.hit austin with peoples elbow finisher

3.complete 2nd wrestlemania moment happens randomly

4.hit rock bottom and win within 10 seconds

Wrestlemania XX
John Cena vs The Big Show
1.get big show to critical damage and aa hm and pin him

2.aa big show and win within 10 seconds

Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar
1.hit spear on lesnar
2.hit jackhammer on lesnar
3.win by pinfall
4.at end of match you will become Austin just use stunner on goldberg and lesnar

Wrestlemania 21
John Cena vs JBL
1.hit aa on jbl
2.win by pinfall

Wrestlemania 22
Edge vs Mick Foley
1.irish whip foley(light) into ropes

2.get foley to critical damage in the ring

3.spear foley in ring

4.pin foley outside ring and win do after #3

Wrestlemania 23
The Undertaker vs Batista
1.perform last ride signature

2.perform chokeslam signature

3.hit batista with undertakers omg dive when finisher is stored drag opponent with LT+RT and press y when prompted

4.hit tombstone on batista and win by pinfall in 10 seconds

John Cena vs Shawn Micheals
1.irish whip hbk(light) into announce table

2.complete wrestlemania moment triggered by aa attempt

3.win by stf finisher

Wrestlemania XXIV
Shawn Micheals vs. Ric Flair
1.lean flair (light) against announce table

2. use figure 4 leg lock on flair just hold a on his feet

3.superkick flair twice in the ring its not the corner finisher

4.hit sweet chin music its the corner one

5.win by pinfall

Randy Orton vs. John Cena vs. HHH
1.hit hhh with wwe title

2.perform ortons stomp on cena and hhh its his signature move

3.succeed at wrestlemania moment have both of them outside ring to trigger it

4.perform punt kick and win by pinfall in 10 seconds

Chapter 5
Universe Era

Wrestlemania 25
John Cena vs. Edge vs. The Big Show
1.double team big show just grapple him when edge does

2.perform 5 knuckle shuffle on edge

3.hit 3 standing grapple moves to big show in ring

4.attempt to aa big show (critical) in the ring

5.defeat big show via pinfall

HHH vs. Randy Orton
1.perform spinebuster signature
2.perform 2 pedigrees
3.perform a pedigree and win within 10 seconds

Wrestlemania XXVI
Chris Jericho vs Edge
1.taunt edge when he is outside ring

2.perform a liontamer its signature i think

3.perform codebreaker and win by pinfall in 10 seconds

John Cena vs. Batista
1.hit a diving 5 knuckle shuffle signature move when he is down climb rope and use it

2.submit batista with stf

The Undertaker vs. Shawn Micheals
1.perform tombstone piledriver outside ring

2.grapple hbk (moderate) at announce table

3.use tombstone/pin combo on hbk (critical) in ring

4.win by tombstone/pin combo in the ring

Wrestlemania XXVII
Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio
1.hit del rio with dive move hold x by ropes when he is outside

2.perform wake up taunt in the ring up on d-pad

3.hit spear on del rio this one is annoying he reverses alot

4.win by pinfall

The Miz vs John Cena
1.succeed at wrestlemania moment

2.grapple cena (critical) at announce table

3.pin cena in the ring and win

4.you then play as the rock just give miz peoples elbow

Wrestlemania XXVIII
The Undertaker vs. HHH
1.get hhh to moderate damage

2.chokeslam hhh

3.tombstone hhh (critical) in the ring

4.use tombstone/pin combo and win

CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho
1.hit top rope elbow to y2j when he is outside ring on ground

2.hit gts on y2j (critical)

3.escape the walls of jericho he automatically puts it on you

4.defeat jericho with anaconda vise

The Rock vs John Cena
1.hit signature spinebuster on cena

2.hit sharpshooter on cena signature

3.hit peoples elbow on cena

4.hit rock bottom and win by pinfall in 10 seconds

Wrestlemania XXIX
The Undertaker vs. CM Punk
1.hit apron leg drop throw him in ring from outside and grab him

2.use hells gate on punk

3.get punk to moderate damage

4.hit 2 tombstones on punk i would do these before hells gate as he kept reversing hells gate

5.hit a tombstone/pin combo and win

HHH vs Brock Lesnar
1.get lesnar to critical damage

2.hit lesnar with chair

3.steal kimura lock with RB and wake up taunt this one was a pain its kinda tricky but not to hard

4.win by pinfall

John Cena vs The Rock
1.escape the sharpshooter occurs naturally

2.hit 5 knuckle shuffle

3.hit 2 aa's

4.steal rock bottom with RB and wake up taunt method again

5.hit an aa and win by pinfall

Okay Guys I Hope I Got Everything If Not Let Me Know In The Comments If I Did I Apologize I Did This Guide Real Late And Im Tired Thanks Let Me Know If There Is Anyway To Improve This Guide
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