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Quick as lightning

Finish the game under 3 h. 30 min.

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    05 Jan 2014 01 Jan 2014
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    This is in addition to SHiN's guide which is absolutely correct. The clock starts the moment the Prologue video starts and the clock stops when you either defeat Dracula the 2nd time OR you quit out to main menu.

    It seems to me that if you hit the start button and sit in the game's menu, the clock STILL ticks!!

    I had to go AFK for a bit so I hit the start button and parked on the in game menu, figuring that the clock would stop since I was not "playing" the game. Needless to say that this is NOT the case. I went AFK for about an hour and then finished up the game. To my surprise I didn't get the cheevo at the end of the credits. I looked at my final time and saw that it was 3:36:47. I knew for a fact that I finished the game around 2.5 hours.

    IF you need to go AFK for any amount of time, just quit out to the main menu. The game saves an incredible amount of times (not on Hardcore) so you won't miss much, if anything by going to the main menu.

    Please learn from my mistakes and current understanding of this finicky cheevo.
  • SHiN SHiG3KiSHiN SHiG3Ki547,175
    29 Oct 2013 29 Oct 2013
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    This is easily done on easy. But also possible on extreme difficulty (second playthrought because you need to unlock it first). So you know the levels, enemys und those quick time events. And you are much stronger (health, magic) at this time. Just AVOID all possible enemys and run throught to the next area. The only fights you needs to do are the enemy when barriers appear and the bosses.
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