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Solve the Theatre puzzle without clues

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Achievement Guide for Puppeteer

  • StyxBoatmanStyxBoatman168,505
    07 Nov 2013 11 Nov 2013
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    This achievement unlocks after completing the "Theater Puzzle" during Alucard's play-through without using a clue.

    To do so:
    1) Push the "fire block" on the left until it's under the switch platform.
    2) Go to the "weight block" and pull it towards the brown floor marker immediately to the right of the "fire block."
    3) Go to the switch and activate it until the arms move the "weight block" to any of the above platforms.
    4) Return to the "fire block" and push it 'til it's underneath the hand holding the rightmost platform. This will cause the platform to disappear and drop the "air block".
    5) Return to the switch and bring the "weight block" back to the lower platform.
    6) Push/Pull the "weight block" towards and PAST the left brown floor marker of the platform. (Towards the "fire block"'s original location.) **Do not place it on the marker yet**
    7) Push/Pull the "fire block" to the right brown floor marker, where you originally placed the "weight block". I did not attempt jumping over the "fire block" figuring it would cause damage, so I pulled it to under the switch platform and then pulled in back to the right brown marker.
    8) Jump off the right side of the platform, so you are on the right of the "air block" in the lower platform and push the block all the way to the left.
    9) Jump on the "air block" while pushing towards the left wall, you should catch a ledge on the left wall.
    10) Go to the upper platform, where the "magnetic block" is and pull it towards the brown floor marker.
    11) Head back to the switch and activate it until the "mag block" is on the lower platform (next to the "weight block").
    12) Pull the "mag block" out of the way, pull the "weight block" onto the brown floor marker.
    13) Return to the switch and activate it until the "weight block" is on the center platform with the pressure switch.
    14) Return to the "mag block" and pull it 'til it "hooks" the "weight block" and continue pulling until the block activates the pressure plate.
    15) If necessary, return to the switch and activate it until the "fire block" is on the uppermost ledge (where the "mag block" was originally located at).
    16) Finally, pull the "air block" under the middle of the lower platform which has now opened to reveal a vent. This will push the "fire block" under the hand that is holding the weight and release it triggering a cut scene.

    I attempted to find a good YT link, but couldn't find one... Sorry.

    Feel free to let me know if you have any comments/questions/suggestions, especially before voting down the post. Thanks!
  • DeejaycDeejayc637,820
    05 Nov 2013 11 Jan 2014
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    Here is my video on how to get the Puppeteer achievement. The video also contains the light guide achievement in case you need that one also. Hope this helps!
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