EPISODE FOUR achievement in DOOM (Arcade)


Complete Episode 4 on 'Hurt Me Plenty' or higher

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How to unlock the EPISODE FOUR achievement

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    As the description says, just complete episode 4 on "Hurt Me Plenty" difficulty or higher. While "Hurt Me Plenty" may be the easier option, completing it on "UltraViolent" will help towards the Rampage achievement, and will save you having to play through the episode twice. Please note this achievement cannot be obtained in co-op, it has to be done in single player.

    If you do decide to play through it on "UltraViolent", remember that saving the game often can help, especially if you don't know what you're doing. This is by far the hardest episode in the game, so remember to save every so often. There are a lot powerful enemies in this episode, including several Cyberdemons, and a huge amount of Barons. Finding all the secrets in levels can really help you out too, as they often contain extra ammo and health/armour boosts to put you above 100%.

    The first 2 levels are easily the hardest, as E4M1 has no medikits whatsoever in "UltraViolent", and E4M2 has huge waves of enemies attacking you in close quarters, with little ammo and not very powerful weapons at first.

    Thanks to DaveOwl, I can confirm that you don't have to complete the secret level (Fear) to get this achievement. And thanks to deutschZuid, I can also confirm that you don't need to complete this level to unlock the Rampage achievement. However, it is very easy compared to the first two levels, and the amount of ammo, health and armour it sets you up with can greatly help you out in later levels, so I'd advise doing it anyway. You can get to it from E4M2, Perfect Hatred. Watch the YouTube video to see how to get to the secret exit, as it is kinda hard to explain it accurately.

    The secret level is pretty easy, and is a nice break in difficulty after the previous 2 maps. Save the blue armour and the soul sphere till you've killed everything, as it'll give you a great advantage in the next level. You should also make sure to grab the backpack, which is hidden in the wall directly opposite the exit teleporter. This'll double your ammo carrying capacity, and will give you yet another advantage in the following levels.

    In the final level in the episode, Unto The Cruel, you have to explore a bit before you get to the Spider Mastermind. There is an area of the level where a lot of items are sitting on top of pillars, so don't be afraid to take these as it's the last level anyway. When you get to the Spider Mastermind, remember that killing it doesn't end the level instantly, as you have to walk into the big hole in the floor that it was standing near to finish.

    If you're still having any trouble, feel free to leave a comment below or send me a message and I'll be happy to help you out as best I can.

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    DaveOwlYou do NOT need to do the secret level I can confirm. Also E4M2 is Perfect Hatred incase anyone was confused :)
    Posted by DaveOwl on 30 Aug 09 at 12:55
    ReevysOops, sorry about that. I kinda used the same base when I wrote all the episode achievement guides, so I must just have forgotten to change that part.

    Also, thanks for the confirmation, I'll add that in. :D
    Posted by Reevys on 30 Aug 09 at 15:54
    deutschZuidI can confirm that you DON'T need the secret level to get RAMPAGE. Thanks.
    Posted by deutschZuid on 22 Apr 10 at 15:41
    ReevysThanks for the confirmation you two, I've edited the solution and given you both credit. :D
    Posted by Reevys on 02 Jun 10 at 18:04
    Tgood84I can not figure out E4M2 mission. It erks me so bad. They say drop off in the lava pit and activate the button, but I can not find it anywhere... I have done it over and over and again. If anyone could be of assistance it would be awesome.
    Posted by Tgood84 on 13 Aug 10 at 21:56
    I8ITackyticsI8II keep dying on E4M1. Right near the start too. Very irritating, especially after going through the rest of it without too much of a problem..
    Posted by I8ITackyticsI8I on 05 Mar 12 at 02:17
    ReevysE4M1 is very annoying on UV, as there are absolutely no medikits at all. The best advice I can offer is to hide around corners at the beginning, and just pick off shotgunners as they come around the corner. If you're really stuck, I'm sure you can find some sort of YouTube video to show you the general idea, though obviously due to Doom's random nature it can't be followed as any sort of exact guide.

    When you get past E4M1, E4M2 can appear just as bullshit. Persevere though, as the episode is infinitely easier after these two levels. Quite why they decided to make the opening two levels as hard as they did is utterly beyond me in all honesty, but once you're by that I'm sure you can breeze past.

    If after this you are still super stuck, send me a message and I'll see if I can arrange some sort of co-op session. It won't net you the achievement, but hopefully I could help by showing you the best way to conquer the level or whatever.
    Posted by Reevys on 05 Mar 12 at 02:46
    TheBoxyBearE4M6: Hit the blue switch and killed the Baron, but the platform with the yellow skull doesn't lower. I tried reloading a previous save and reoding it countless times but it just doesn't work.
    Posted by TheBoxyBear on 04 Jan 18 at 20:45
    ReevysApologies for the late reply! Unfortunately that sounds like a bug that I'm not sure how to fix beyond restarting the episode. I would try running around the nearby area just in case that triggers it but otherwise you may just have been unlucky in this instance. Hope you managed to get it sorted somehow without having to redo the episode.
    Posted by Reevys on 23 Feb 18 at 09:51
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