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    First piece of advice is pretty obvious. Practise.
    Duh, right? Practise on the easy mode for a while.
    Also an obvious suggestion is to get 100% in every campaign first and hit max level giving you max items, magic, health and every move in the game.
    Given time you'll learn to beat many of the bosses without taking a single hit. I will give some advice for each boss, describing how I beat them using a combination of my own strategies and some excellent advice from some really helpful GameFAQs users whom I shall credit. The original thread can be located here:

    General advice:
    Do not use items as Simon. At all. You do not need them against the bosses once you get good enough and you'll kick yourself for not saving them up for Alucard's hour glass.
    Do not use Simon's offensive magic. You'll want to stay primarily defensive for Simon and Schneider isn't particularly helpful.
    Alucard's mist ability allows him to heal. The game does a poor job of explaining the mist form, only that it "allows Alucard to steal an enemies life force". How it works is that you regain a little health every time you dodge through an enemy in mist form. Thanks to cowboybbp1 for explaining that one to me.
    Trevor's bosses are the easiest of the lot, but don't get complacent. Use light magic as much as you can to keep yourself topped up, because the final fight gives you infinite magic to use. So go nuts. Again, I'd advise against shadow magic for damage *just incase* you get hit.
    Also remember to press Start twice to skip most cinematice =)

    [Addition: ExoSin informs me that exact timing for counter blocks isn't required. Later I sugest being careful with some bosses when trying to counter block as the timing seems quite precise. However, mashing the block button repeatedly apparently works very effectively. You still need to know that the attack's coming, but most bosses have two blockable attacks in a combo so avoiding the first should set you up to ge hit by the second. Lady of the Crypt still doesn't require any timing, you can just hold block.]

    Simon's Bosses:

    Night Watchman:
    Right off the bat, press LB to turn on your defensive magic, hold LT and press and hold Y to do the charged area of effect damage to finish off the furballs. Only hit them twice so you can dodge the Watchman's grab attack. The one on the right might jump away, so just finish him off and be ready.

    The Watchman himself will then jump into the fight. If he manages to grab you, just mash the A button. I've never been hurt by it, so it can't be difficult to evade. He will either do one of two attacks. A single unblockable fast spin attack, or a three hit combo. If he does the three hit combo, you'll want to deflect it by pressing LT (block) a little before he hits you. You don't need to be precise, there's a reasonable window of opportunity. This will get you some magic back and time to knock him down. When he's down, hold Y to hit him while he gets up. If he uses the unblockable attack, dodge back at least once, twice if you're really close. You should have enough time. You can even get a few hits in while he's attacking.

    Regardless of which move he does, he'll alternate between the two predictably until you do enough damage and he calls for help again. Repeat the same process - summon Belnades (blue magic), hold LT and Y and clear them out. If you're close to a side, I suggest letting the Watchman grab you. When you fend him off you'll open up some space. Otherwise you might be in a corner with his unblockable attack and you need a fairly well timed jump to avoid it. Jumping over him gets you hit with the back swing which seems to have more range.

    After another one-on-one followed by more furballs, he'll change tactics. The lights will go down and he'll chase you with his lantern. For safety's sake I put blue magic on and ran to the left, to the right and back again. It's fairly easy to avoid if you get the timing right, wait until he's low and lifting it up at you, then roll under it and head in the opposite direction. After 11 sweeps, he'll return and try to grab again. Let him if you're stuck in a corner. Follow the same process of countering his three hit combo and dodging the unblockable attack. Remember, every counter block will get you a little magic back to replenish any reserves you might have lost during the lights-out phase.
    With enough health gone, he'll turn the lights out again and speed up the sweep. 14 time time. Fight him one-on-one again then dodge the final, fastest lights-out phase with 18 sweeps and you're pretty much home free. You can try to get some magic back now if you wish if your reserves are particularly low. Finish him off and move on.

    This guy still kind of gives me issues. Here's the advice cowboybbp1 offered.
    "The Necromancer uses his moves in a certain order EVERY time you fight him. If you know what they are, you can make it through without getting hit once. Once the fight starts up, he will do one of 2 moves (summon the dead or the slash upward then downward scythe attack).

    At the start of the fight, back away from him just a bit so you are out of range of his scythe attack (this has gotten him to use the summon move every time I have fought him). Now, jump into the air, hold the Left Trigger button and press and hold the X button (make sure you are facing him). This will lock you in the air so the guys on the ground can't get you, and he will be busy summoning and won't attack you. This ONE attack will take away 1/3rd of his HP. Now, he should use the move where he throws the scythe and it goes forwards away from him, then boomerangs back under his feet, then comes back behind him for him to grab it again. All you can do is just time it right and jump to avoid this attack.

    Now you have 2 choices, gamble and try the Left Trigger X move again (literally 2 seconds of that attack will stun him the first time), OR rapid kill his 2 ground enemies while dodging his attacks (which will force him to summon 2 more) then use the Left Trigger X move while he can't fight back. Once you stun him, the enemies he summons will vanish.

    Finally, on the second phase without your guardian, the FIRST attack he ALWAYS does is the slash downward then upward scythe attack. So be ready to back up. Next he will use these two moves, summon the dead and green crap rain (it doesn't matter what order he does them in, as he will be out of this stage in 2 seconds). After you dodge his first attack, move about 1 character model distance away from him, jump into the air and use the Left Trigger X attack. You will avoid the ground enemies AND the rain, and when you finish he will be in the final stage (which you shouldn't need a strategy for)."

    Personally on the second stage when Belnades was taken away, he always started with the green rain attack. I always jumped straight up and did the LT + X attack then.

    In the final stage, you should be fine. Roll under the high projectiles and jump over the low projetiles. A simple 5 hit X combo is enough to take him out in just two runs.
    I''ll add that I've never been damaged by his rotating shield move *so neither should you!* ;)

    She has the most moves of a boss so far, but they're all very well telegraphed and easilly dodged.
    There are two moves that are most effective against her. To begin with I'd recommend the basic air 5 hit X combo. It's pretty quick, does a good amount of damage, can stun lock her and is very easy to dodge out of if you see something coming. But if you're more used to her, the ground hold-Y combo is best. It does the most damage and stun locks her just as easilly as the previous combo.
    Her first moves tends to be something unblockble, I don't know which because I'm busy doing my preferred combo at this point. However after that she throws her three fireballs and is invulnerable whilst doing so. She throws fireballs like Vegetta - she keeps throwing them at where you are instead of where you're going to be. So bare that in mind when you dodge them. I think if you're going to get hit by anything, it'll be those.

    She has an unblockable spin attack, but again there's plenty of time to dodge it as she aims for where you were as she began doing it, so as soon as you see it starting, dodge away from her and it should miss.

    Next is an unblockable grab, but it's even easier to get away from than the Watchman's if you mash A for a second or two. It's also fairly easy to dodge all together.

    Keep this up for a while and she'll show you her...talent with the ladies, shall we say? Her first move upon getting a shield is *always* the ground shockwave, so a quick jump up and X combo will get some free hits in. Maybe not enough for 5. She'll alternate between ground shockwave and three single fireballs. Once her shield glows white, RT to smash it and carry on.

    Now, whenever she feels the need for the company of women you'll have the opportunity to stop her. Get close and when the pair glow white hit RT and mash X until you pull her lady friend away. Continue the fight as you have been.

    Eventually she'll decide she's tired of her concubines and turns them into copies of her. This, if anywhere, was where I'd get hit by accident. Two of her copies are "fake", so hitting them will do nothing. However, the real one is *always* at the top to begin with. When they swap, the next real one will be on the right. Lastly she'll be on the left, going clockwise. I only had her reach the left once, most times I was able to break her shield when she was on the right. Keep an eye out on the three copies, when one of them moves, they're going to throw a fireball at where you are, so either dodge or press LT and down on the analogue stick to stomp downwards out of harm's way. Eventually her shield will glow and you can smash it and carry on the fight as before. It won't take you much longer to finish her off. she attacks a little more frequently now, but it's nothing you haven't seen before.

    Alucard's Bosses:

    Okay, this guy will annoy you for a while, I imagine. I'm going to partially quote from JosephDMcDaniel because the second part of his advice...I have a slightly better strategy for.

    "The Reaver... man oh man, the Reaver... I had so much trouble with him. He loves to stay just out of range, and when he is in range, he is usually about to bite (possible up to 3 times), dodge backwards (during which he is completely invulnerable), or do the 360 tail spin which you have to dodge by jumping. If you try to escape that attack horizontally, 9 times out of 10 you'll get hit and that attack hurts a LOT. Using Mist on the Reaver is inadvisable, as just misting him once can use well over half of your magic for a pittance of health, but it's inconsistent. I think you're better off using Alucard's wolf form to speed up the fight. Never use Alucard's bats, and learn to love the stopwatch (hourglass). This is your best friend against the Reaver. Someone mentioned a strategy where you throw one and then charge up a second one. That's a fairly effective strategy, as sometimes when you use a charged one the Reaver will do his backwards dodge and then you're stuck waiting for his invincibility to end. Alternatively, you can jump up in the air and charge the stopwatch, as this keeps you stuck mid-air whilst charging."

    He suggested for the later parts where the Reaver runs to one side, hisses and charges at you to meet him half way and get swallowed, followed by mashing A to escape This avoids you being stuck in a corner with him.
    However...I found being in the corner advantagious. If you're all the way to one side, now's a good time to do the Hold LT and press and hold X attack. He won't reach you and he'll get hit multiple times, each time pushes him back and away from you whilst doing a fair amount of damage to him.

    Using hour glasses is very recommended. I'd suggest using a maximum of ten though. Always charge them up in the air, he has no air attacks so you're safe. The bats just get eaten, then he spits the bones out which hurt you.

    Daemon Lord Resurrected:
    He'll seem difficult at first, but you'll soon learn he has very obvious tells and long telegraphed attacks. Important to note - DO NOT MIST PHASE THROUGH HIM. He's completely resistent to it during the main body of the fight and it will actually *hurt you* to try it, both your life bar and your feelings when he laughs at you.

    His three hit combo is entirely unblockable, but there's enough of a wind up that you can dodge back once, maybe twice if you were kinda close, and then run the rest of the way. If you keep dodging you likely won't be fast enough. Once he's finished, a hold-X combo does some nice damage and knocks him over for some more free hits.

    Next is his unblockable jump attack. He'll tilt his head up and his head will glint. Get close and when he's in the air, dodge under him and hit him while he's recovering. This will usually lead into...

    Unblockable butt-claw attack. Easy. dodge backwards once and hit him while he's missed you.

    Finally there's his laser. You'll see him curl his abdomen under him, opening it up before firing. Jump up and press RT to cling on to the magnetic rail above and swing over him. Do not do it too early though, or he'll aim straight up and possibly catch you off guard. Once behind him, his him a few more times and be aware of his butt-claw attack.

    After a while you'll trigger a (unfortunately unskippable) cutscene. This might be a good time to drop a charged hourglass while the lasers are moving, doing a hold-X combo on a device and getting out the way onto a magnetic rail to dodge the laser. Drop down and a few more whacks should break the device, no need for another hour glass.

    Hold LT to block his shockwave then fight him as before.
    Another laser field follows, repeat the same process.

    If anything's going to stuff you up it'll be the final part on the small-ass platform. Thing to note is he is no longer immune to your mist form. Use charged hourglasses, especially during his butt stomping shockwave attack, and go to town on that bad boy. Just remember to block his shockwaves. If you see him doing his now two hit combo, this might be a good time to smash an hourglass and phase through him to attack him from behind. You'll get a bit of extra health before Dracula should you need it.

    Idealy you should have at least half health by this point. If you have more, that's good. Less? Don't give up, but play it careful. I tended to use any magic I had on phasing through Dracula to give myself whatever little health boost I could get. He's immune to items, sadly, so no more hourglass fun to be had.

    His attacks are many and I'd honestly not recommend trying to counter his three hit whip combo unless you know you're good at it. Too many times I got hit thinking I had the timing down.

    Try to keep Simon between you and Dracula to serve as a distraction and someone to take the hits for you.

    If Dracula jumps in the air and charges a move, he'll do a ground shockwave. While he's up there, jump up and hold X to slam the whip on the ground (and on Dracula) after he's landed. Keep holding X and you'll knock him over, giving you some free shots.
    If Dracula's on the ground and flashes for an unblockable attack in a kind of crouched position, he's going to superman across the room so remember to jump over him.

    His fireballs can be a pain, but if you're far enough away there should be a large enough gap to avoid them.

    When "fighting" Simon, he'll always just whip at you first, so make sure to counter block it. He'll then throw an axe at where you were, so roll back once or twice then counter block his whip. Lastly he'll throw some holy water which hurts a *lot* so a dodge away and a jump for good measure is helpful. he'll sometimes throw an axe and sometimes whip, so keep an eye on whether he has an axe in his hand before trying to counter block.

    Now you're on the final stage and the tactics stay the same. Keep Simon in front of you as much as possible, phase through Dracula if you need a quick health boost or save it for Trevor next. Dracula does now have one annoying uppercut move with seems to hit you pretty much as soon as he telegraphs it. Keep your distance and do chip damage to him. don't try anything flashy, just hit-and-run. Keep doing the air slam by holding X in the air and continuing to hold it when you're on the ground. Once you've finished him off, you can relax a little bit because Trevor has the easiest bosses going.


    Executionor Round 1:
    Chip damage works well on this guy too. I'd usually hit him a couple of times and roll back, rince and repeat. If he makes a pained noise, that's a cue to finish your combo because you've stunlocked him.
    Depending on your health you might fight him more cautiously. He has three main moves to begin with.
    Axe stomp shockwave. A jump in the air at a distance will avoid this. Too close and the axe will hurt you. But with the right timing you can do the aerial Hold X attack for some nice damage.
    Axe swipe. Seems surprisingly easy to dodge, I've been quite close to it, convinced I wasn't going to roll back far enough and still end up being missed entirely.
    Grab attack. Not an issue. Wait for the prompt and press Y to escape it instantly.

    Before long he'll roar at you and gain a new attack. The old video game trope of the blind charge. Double jump over him so he runs into a wall, giving you some time to unleash your fave hold button combo on him.

    After some more of this he'll gain his final move, a jump attack much like the Daemon Lord's. And much like the Daemon Lord's, you can just roll under it and get some free hits. Thank God the Executioner doesn't have a butt-claw attack.

    Before long you should have him beat, a final QTE and he's down.

    Lady of the Crypt:
    This boss is, without any hyperbole, the easiest boss in the entire game.
    She starts off using just one attack, a flailing arm swipe as she gets closer to you. The window of opportunity to counter block thisis so huge I wonder if it's possible to block her normally at all. Counter block it and give her the three hit counter combo. Repeat this until she yells at you and uses her second attack.

    She'll pop up from the ground a distance from you, charge an unblockable attack and charge at you. Simply jump in the air and she'll stop near by, dazed for some reason. Hold the X button to fast combo her health down. Repeat.

    Finally she'll get dangerous by using both attacks...and a third one!
    She'll sometimes pop up from the ground right next to you and grab you. If she begins this attack, just jump straight up to avoid it. Phew, eh?
    Keep jumping over her or counter blocking her until she's dead. You *really* don't need help with this one, do you? Only annoying thing about her in the game was the QTE cutscene afterwards, and you don't have to complete that here.

    Executioner Round 2:
    See above, it's the same fight. You must be aware of the damn imp men in the background throwing exploding landerns at you whenever they say "Die!"
    Take your time, there's no real hurry here. If it doesn't look like you can comfortably make the attack without getting hit by a lantern, back away and wait it out. There's no point dying here due to impatience when you're so close.

    Dracula Part 2:
    And now comes potentially the easiest part. You have infinite magic now, and you know what that means! Infinite healing spell!
    I got hit by a fire attack on the Executioner in my successful run and had very little health left, so I focussed on trying to hit Dracula with light magic to get my health back up before fighting him proper. This is a *very* good time to do so. He will not swap weapons until he's suffered a certain amount of damage, so for the first part of the fight he will always be using light magic.
    Why is this a benefit, you ask? Well while you do next to no damage to him...the same is also true for Dracula. Light vs Light. His attacks make you feel like you're playing easy mode, even his most powerful unblockable attacks do very little damage when you're using the same element. So you can spend the first part of this fight getting your health back to maximum without worrying too much about being hit.

    Once your health is back up, switch to shadow magic with RB and start kicking his butt. He only has a few Void Sword moves.

    Four hit combo. First two hits are counter blockable and easier to block than his blood whip in the first encounter. Hit three is unblockable, so dodge backwards. Hit four is a long ground attack, despite itnot appearing to be, so jump to avoid it.

    Three shockwaves. These come in ground and air varieties, just like the Necromancer's. Only blue. Jump over the low, roll under the high as before. Get a little distance away to see them coming.

    Spinning vertical slice. Simply dodge away from it when you see him winding it up.

    When he changes to Chaos Claws he gains a different move set. But since you're using light magic now, you're healing whenever you hit him.

    Three hit combo. Again, first two hits are counter blockable and the final unblockable hit you need to jump over.

    Eruption. Dracula will slam his fists into the ground which shoots fire up from under you. He's vulnerable here. When he punches the ground, roll once and it should miss you. Roll back and forth between hits, try to ignore the little lick of fire when an eruption has finished, I've been caught out by that thinking it's where the next eruption is going to occur before. If you get hit, press A to get up quicker. It's quite possible to get stun locked to death from this attack.

    Unblockable air combo. Dracula jumps in the air and slams into the ground causing a shockwave. A good time, like before, to jump up with him and use the aerial Hold-X combo to knock him over.

    After the next cutscene showing off how to block the larger shockwave attack, Dracula will begin shifting between Void Sword and Chaos Claws at will. A tactic you might want to use if you want to play it safe at this point is to just keep light magic turned on, that way if you're caught by an attack, you can just heal up regardless of which magic he's using. Every hit will heal. If you're doing well though, swap magic to counter his current weapon. Remember to change to whichever magic he's using if you see him float, build up and then release the large shockwave. It's completely undodgable, you will not outrun it, jump over it, phase through it, block it or counter it in any way. The only way to avoid it is to be the same element as that magic.

    Before long you'll enter the final cutscene, falling towards the ground dodging Dracula's one-hit-kill fireballs. I'm sure many of you are wondering something here.
    "If I get hit by these fireballs...does that just end the whole thing? Do I lose?"
    I can report to you that I got hit by the last fireball before being able to finish the fight. And after gripping the controller tight just waiting for the game to dump me back on the title screen so I could hurl it through the nearest window, I can happily report that the developers were not that unforgiving. You can fail that sequence and try again immediately.

    I don't know if there's a limit, I didn't dare try it out, once was enough.

    And that should be it! If you guys have any questions, feel I didn't explain anything clearly enough, want to leave a better strategy for any aspect of a boss or just want to leave a comment, feel free.
    as always, if you leave a negative vote, please at least leave a comment explaining why. I'm not against critisism, I'm willing to learn to make guides better if I can.

    Thanks in no particular order go to: green_abobo, WiiareVenom, Mayday, JosephDMcDaniel, You_Need_A_Life, rayjay2 and cowboybbp1 on GameFAQs for replying to the thread I created on GameFAQs and giving such helpful advice while I worked on this achievement.
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    I hope this video would help. It cost me a little bit, but I finally got the cheevos.
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