RAMPAGE achievement in DOOM (Arcade)


Complete all levels on UltraViolent mode

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How to unlock the RAMPAGE achievement

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    To make this game and the level based achievements a breeze simple glitch the enemies away. Here is how.

    1. Load up a game in the level you want to glitch and then save.
    2. Join a Ranked Deathmatch game. Quit after the match starts.
    3. Load up the saved game from before and let yourself be killed.
    4. Respawn. You will be in a random location with all keys obtained and no enemies in the level.
    5. Locate the exit to the next level and then save your game nearby.
    6. EXIT OUT TO THE DASHBOARD. Reload Doom and your save then activate the exit to move on.
    7. Rinse Repeat.

    NOTE: This glitch isn't to be used on the last level(boss) of each episode as well as the sixth level of the last episode because they require you to kill a certain enemy to reach\open the exit.

    Took about a two hours front to back and all 5 achievements were mine.

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    Bk LuCKY ChaRMSRanked matches are down right now game just crashes anytime you try and play them im assuming its due to the 360 online issues that happened after halo infinite released hopefully it gets fixed
    Posted by Bk LuCKY ChaRMS on 20 Dec 21 at 00:50
    GSR CAORBk, it’s an issue with backwards compatibility. It’s been doing that for years for me but works when I’m on an actual 360
    Posted by GSR CAOR on 24 Dec 21 at 23:45
    Bk LuCKY ChaRMSNah it wasn't a bc thing it was something with the trueskill leaderboards they went back right before christmas and doom ranked matches started working again as soon as that happened
    Posted by Bk LuCKY ChaRMS on 02 Jan at 21:35
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  • One Eyed TighOne Eyed Tigh469,438
    14 Aug 2007 23 Mar 2009
    80 2 11
    Save save save save save...if you think you came out of a fight--even a lightweight one--in reasonably good shape in both health and armor, SAVE IMMEDIATELY. Since the game has no specified save points, you can save anytime, anywhere. If (WHEN) you die, you'll just reload the last save.

    Also conserve ammo...never underestimate the power of the chainsaw (no ammo requirement) on low-level demons. Also use the pistol at medium to long range on low-level enemies, and save more powerful weapons (BFG, Plasma gun, rockets, even the chaingun) for the harder ones. The shotgun's your best friend against most lower-to-medium level enemies. Keep it as your default weapon.

    The floating demons can be dispatched with a shotgun if you're good at dodging his fireballs. Same with some of the tougher non-boss creatures...if you've got cover and good dodging skills, use the shotgun (medium range).

    Cyberdemons are best dispatched from as far away as possible. Use rockets, and be aware that his rockets have SIGNIFICANT splash damage. A near-miss is almost as lethal as a direct hit.

    Lastly, find a good walkthru...even the older ones for the PC will do, since it's the same game with shiny new graphics.

    Good luck. I personally enjoyed the challenge.
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    GW2I did this all very easily until the 4th chapter. I just can't go fast enough to deal with re-spawning enemies. Very annoying. Going to try it again the legit way. There is supposed to be a multiplayer glitch but I love playing DOOM so I may as well get it properly.
    Posted by GW2 on 02 Jan 13 at 01:07
    B8TINGUIf your not going to use the glut h method as described elsewhere...then this guide is pretty sound. Just take it slow... You don't need to be Rambo, but accuracy helps.
    Posted by B8TINGU on 27 Jan 13 at 21:51
    Tit0 HermesTo summarize: no secret levels needed, play the level before so you know the exits and key locations, and always be aware of monster closets. If you see a key/gun/ammo stash in the middle of a room be prepared for the room to be flooded with monsters
    Posted by Tit0 Hermes on 26 Mar 20 at 02:13
  • BogusWienersBogusWieners222,021
    13 Dec 2009 13 Dec 2009 13 Dec 2009
    35 1 1
    Just a note: I missed the first two secret levels, so you can skip the secret levels and still get this achievement.

    Like One Eyed Tigh said, save often. Remember to use the chainsaw on Demons and Spectres because they don't shoot any projectiles. Stick with the shotgun most of the time but use bigger weapons on the bigger enemies.

    If you get stuck check the Doom wiki for maps and secret room locations.
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