Boom! Level 100! achievement in UNO & Friends (Windows)

Boom! Level 100!

Boom! Level 100!

Boom! Level 100!0
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How to unlock the Boom! Level 100! achievement

  • MaseJMaseJ1,047,477
    10 Dec 2013 10 Dec 2013 19 Aug 2019
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    UPDATE August 2019 - Servers are now closed & this achievement is now Discontinued cry

    UPDATE4 Nov 2018 (revised server closure date): Servers are due for closure on 28 February 2019. Thanks to Curtieson for adding the details below regarding unlocking this on both platforms...
    Curtieson said:
    Since they have added to the server closure timeline, please add to your solution at the top that under the current version if you unlock this on Win8/10 PC that it will unlock as soon as you open the app on your phone. Just play a couple hands on each when you are in your high 90s to make sure both versions are all up to date.
    UPDATE: Since the 13/01/15 update, the glitch detailed below no longer works. But thanks to comments from the awesome TA community, seems the achievement might pop if you have played the game previously. Comments state it has popped when gamers are as low as level 51, and also never having played the WP version. Be sure to boot up the game before this glitch is also patched.

    If you are just starting out, also refer to Musquito's walkthrough & NevrSurrender's solution as well for hints, tips & general info regarding this achievement.


    For hints, tips & general info regarding this achievement, please check out Musquito's walkthrough & NevrSurrender's solution above. The only thing I would add to their solutions is add everyone you play against as a friend. The reason for this is everyone can send 5 random gifts every day. The more friends you have, the more likely you are to receive gifts. By the time I got to level 100, I had 400 unclaimed gifts & 97 unused tokens.

    You need a minimum 101,837 XP to reach level 100 (Thanks CrippleThreat8)


    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    **Credit Aj6627** Those who have already reached level 100 on the Windows Phone version will have to reach level 101 while playing the Windows 8 version for this achievement to unlock.

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    redjarmansame here, just played for the first time in almost 3 years and popped multiple achievements immediately including this
    Posted by redjarman On 01 Jul 17 at 23:46
    DuncosI unfortunately, am not as fortunate as everyone else who had their cheevos pop. Is there something that I can do?
    Posted by Duncos On 17 May 18 at 16:22
    CurtiesonSince they have added to the server closure timeline, please add to your solution at the top that under the current version if you unlock this on Win8/10 PC that it will unlock as soon as you open the app on your phone. Just play a couple hands on each when you are in your high 90s to make sure both versions are all up to date.

    There is a couple posts of misinformation floating around about that and having to play extra levels.
    Posted by Curtieson On 04 Jul 18 at 02:33
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  • PDwizzlePDwizzle355,637
    31 Mar 2016 30 Mar 2016 02 Apr 2016
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    Experience points required for level 100 is in-between 101,865 - 101,935 points.

    I earned this with only having 87 wins and less than 200 games played. I played legit for a while before I discovered a trick.

    External image

    Reaching level 100 legit will be a long grind. Fortunately, win streaks are easy to achieve using my method. After every 2 or 3 wins IN A ROW, your experience points earned during the game is multiplied, up to x10. Adding the 50% points boost for each win, if you can get to the x10 multiplier, without completing the bonus objective, you will earn around 2160 experience points per win. With purchasing the permanent coin-doubling boost for $4.99, coins earned are also doubled. You no longer earn tokens for a win, but are awarded 1 token with each rank earned.

    When I started writing this, I was on an 18 game win streak. Now that I am done, I am on a 29 game win streak, going from level 66 to level 81 in just 3 hours.

    Reshuffle - allows you to get a different hand before you play your first card.
    50% Points - 50% points boost increases both points and coins, making level up quicker.
    Dampen - cuts the number of cards in half that you have to draw when hit with a Draw 2 or Draw 4.
    Spy - allows you to see other players’ hands. Downside is that when someone has alot of cards in their hand, you really can't see them anymore. Just the top card.
    Mirror - if a Draw 2 or Draw 4 is played on you, whoever played it will draw cards cards too. 1 time use per boost.
    Overdraw - Overdraw forces players to draw two cards instead of one when they are unable to play with their given hand. This boost is only good for 3 times per boost.

    I always use Reshuffle and 50% bonus. I used Spy to get my win streak started. You are going to have to build up some coins before you do so. After I had a decent streak going and a few extra spy boosts, I started buying Dampen. After I had a good/great streak going and plenty of all the boosts mentioned already, I started getting some mirror boosts. These boosts are 1 time use, making it pretty expensive to keep a stockpile of them.

    The way I leveled up was using a wi-if trick.

    Start a game up as normal. Select any boosts you may want to use and begin the game. As the game is going along, if you feel, or know, that you are not going to win, go to your network settings and disable wi-if BEFORE the last card is played.

    If you do this correctly, you will receive a communication error and eventually be returned back to the main menu. While you are waiting to go back to the main menu, you can enable wi-fi.

    When you are returned to the main menu, you will receive a notification that basically says sorry for losing connection. Your tokens are then returned as well as any boosts you may have used during the game. It's as if the game you just played never happened.

    The only thing that I would consider a downfall is that every so often, I received the pop-up stating that my win streak timer ran down to 0:00. To keep your streak alive when that happens, you either have to use tokens or coins and the amount depends on how long your streak is. Annoying, but it comes with the territory.

    I do apologize for the quality of the videos. I recorded them with my phone. My daughter was getting excited watching. LOL

    This first video is just normal gameplay showing my starting token and boost numbers. You can skip from 0:05-2:12 and 2:33-4:56. During those times, it's just boring gameplay:

    This second video is showing the wi-fi trick and verifying afterwards that my win streak has not been reset.
    At 1:25 is when I know that I will not win this game.

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    Wise CognizantSpot On! Got it using this guide
    Posted by Wise Cognizant On 22 Aug 18 at 23:12
    VictimOfDesireAnyone know if this method would work on a phone that doesn't have a data plan attached to it?
    Posted by VictimOfDesire On 01 Dec 18 at 23:23
    SmokenRocketAwesome find! This is hands down the best method. No way I would have reached 100 in a month. It took me almost a week to go from 26 to 54. I tried this and I went from level 54 to 92 in about 4 hours. Unfortunately game crashed and ended my streak :(
    I plan on continuing with this method to finish it off tonight.
    Posted by SmokenRocket On 01 Feb 19 at 17:26
  • NevrSurrenderNevrSurrender187,875
    04 May 2014 16 Nov 2013 19 Jan 2014
    16 9 31
    This achievement will take nearly forever to complete, but as I work through the ranks, here's some pointers to try getting you there faster. And, many have pointed out, it will take a while once you get to 80. This is a grind.

    Note for those voting negatively: It's better than the solution you didn't post. Don't take it out on me because this is a grind and will cost you a chunk of your life.

    1. Use +50% points every chance you can, points will up your level. It will cost you 75 coins every time, but if you win (especially at higher levels), you will actually profit coins. Be prepared to lose more often than not. You can get coins by the weekly tournaments. And sorry in advance, but you will lose your progress in the tournaments. I filed a support incident on this and the reply was "We're working on this, and let me tell you how we're awesome"

    2. If you don't wish to pay to play, keep your tokens below 10 and visit the free scratch area. I usually just log into Uno just to get free tokens and leave, and then come back and play all of them later.

    **EDIT** 1/19/2014: It appears you can now store more tokens than 10, one user reported as many as 25. I generally get tokens when I can't take the time to play, then play them all later.

    3. Completing challenges will net you additional points, 10 per game. Add that to the 50% bonus, well, every little bit counts.

    Hopefully I will see level 100, if I don't get frustrated and leave this game before then. It will take a while. If you like the game, and it can be tolerable, you may find this a labor of love. If you enjoyed getting to level 100, please defriend me. :)
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    NevrSurrenderFinally got this today, worst grind ever. But, it appears that 101,900 points in the magic number. Before my last game, I was 25 points short.
    Posted by NevrSurrender On 04 May 14 at 20:44
    iyamwattiyam101899 for me smile
    Posted by iyamwattiyam On 16 May 14 at 00:05
    Gunstar RedMy final stats were 297 won of 675 played for a 44% win percentage. I went over the 102,000 points mark when it popped.
    Posted by Gunstar Red On 20 Dec 14 at 22:34
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