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Piece of cake

Storm the common room and kill everyone without taking damage on Veteran.

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  • iNTiMiDaTe xXiNTiMiDaTe xX410,758
    02 Nov 2013 05 Nov 2013
    114 2 14
    Around half way through the Atlas Falls mission you will need to breach a room. When you place the explosives on the door you will be pushed out of the way. When the door blows open throw a flashbang and a frag to the back of the room. Keep using as many flashbangs as you have and then using a frag or shoot the blinded enemies. If you kill everyone in the room without being shot you will unlock the achievement. You can restart checkpoint if you get shot.
  • SSCPSSCP796,606
    05 Nov 2013 05 Nov 2013
    34 1 0
    Mission 11 - Atlas Falls

    Make sure you are on VETERAN difficulty

    During the mission you will encounter a door that you need to place an explosive charge on to proceed.

    You will be pushed away by your team-mate. We now need to clear the enemies in this room without getting hit. The stategy is Flash and Frag, then after you have run out use your contextual lean, whilst in cover the reticle will have an arrow on one side when you are able to use it. Press LT and you will lean out. Pick off the remaining enemies in the room. When they are all dead and you have took no damage the 100G! achievement will unlock.

    You can reload the checkpoint if you take damage
  • Maka91Maka91988,429
    04 Nov 2013 05 Nov 2013
    25 2 1
    Mission 11: Atlas Falls (Veteran Difficulty)

    During the mission, you will come to a room that you must breach, and your ally will push you away from the explosion. This is the room where the achievement takes place. Make sure that you keep all your grenades and flash bangs for this section, and I recommend using any weapon with a red dot sight. Once you get up from the explosion, cook a flash bang and throw it into the middle of the room. When it goes off sprint behind the counter directly in front of you. If you're fast enough, you can get away with firing some bullets and killing 1-2 enemies before going prone behind the counter. Once prone, throw another flashbang into the middle of the room. You should be able to go crouch and see where the enemies are. Throw a grenade into each corner of the room and that should take out most of the enemies. Now you can try and wait until you allies take out a few more enemies before slowing poking your head out an trying to kill any remaining enemies in the back. If you "push up" but stay behind cover, your allies will also move up and hopefully clear out the enemies. If at any point you get hit, which is indicated by a red blink on your screen, press pause and restart the checkpoint.

    The achievement will unlock when the final enemy is killed and the ally says "All Clear!"

    Video below demonstrates best method:
    30 Nov 2013 30 Nov 2013
    11 1 2
    I just wanted to say that after trying this a couple times I backtracked a little bit AFTER breaching the door. I went back down to pick up a better gun for a secondary and once I made my way back to the top and did a run / slide into the room I got the acheevo . My teammates had killed them all off !

    Hopefully this works for others!!

    P.S. I can't remember if I had leaned in real quick and popped an enemy off , then went searching for another gun? But I remember at least carefully throwing in a flash before going back down cause that makes your guys go in quicker!!
    Please comment if it worked for any body else!!
  • kloakaTVkloakaTV335,388
    09 Nov 2013 09 Nov 2013
    11 1 0
    Mission 11: Atlas falls

    When you get to the room you have to kill everyone inside without getting hit on veteran.

    See my video below on how to do it.
    And also i screw up one grenade which is kinda funny but i still managed to get it.

    Hope the video helps.

    If you get hit make sure to reload last checkpoint to start over.
  • I LUCAS lI LUCAS l131,467
    04 Nov 2013 03 Nov 2013
    10 1 1
    Mission: atlas fall

    I found this very easy for a 100g !

    NOTE: make sure you have it on veteran difficulty

    Just before you breech the room your team mate will push you away before the enemy open fire on the door, hang back untill your team mates enter the room, at which point you will run in and slide to the bar (on the right close to the door).
    Stay prone at the bar and toss a grenade to each corner of the room and then a flash bang to the middle.
    Pop you head up quickly and scout the remaining enemys and launch a grenade in their direction!
    Chuck another flash bang and pop you head up to take the rest of the enemy out.. or let your team mates finish them off.

    As soon as the last enemy is dead the achievement will pop ;)
  • DevinJMcIntyreDevinJMcIntyre177,296
    11 Nov 2013 07 Dec 2013
    6 0 0
    This takes place in the 11th mission of the campaign "Atlas Falls" you need to take no damage when breaching through a door. You will know you are at the right place because you will set the charge and get pushed out of the way by Merrick. Easiest way to get this is just lob in flash bangs and grenades. Your teammates are pretty good at clearing out most guys. Once you are out of equipment just learn in and take out the last few guys. If you get hit just reload the checkpoint which will take you back to right before the breach
    17 Nov 2013 18 Nov 2013
    7 1 0
    Call Of Duty Ghosts - Piece Of Cake Achievement / Trophy
    Do Not Get Hit Once If You Do Restart From Last Checkpoint
    1. Select Mission Atlas Falls & Set Difficulty To Vetern
    2. Then When You Breach Door As In Video
    3. Throw Flashbangs To Back
    4. Throw Grenades
    5. Move Behind Table Just On Right As You Go In Door
    6. Either Stay Here In Fire Your Gun Or Move To Right For More coverage
    7. Once All Enimes Are Dead You Get Achievement
  • 9 3 0
    Mission: Atlas falls
    I made a Video Tutorial for our Clanpage. It is a good explanation how to get this achievement. Here it is:
    I hope you like it :)
  • DCM7734DCM7734142,686
    16 Apr 2014 31 May 2014
    3 0 0
    Alright, believe it or not, this one is actually pretty easy, even if it is worth 100 GamerScore.

    First thing you need to do is to make sure you have the difficulty set to Veteran.
    Pick the Atlas Falls mission.

    Under no circumstances, do you want to use your flash grenades or regular grenades until you get to the room that you have to breach. When you get to that room, and the little video thing plays where you set up the breaching device, and then get pushed back. Run off to the hallway to the left of the door that you have to breach.

    After they shoot through the breached door for a few seconds, throw a flash grenade, wait a few seconds, then throw a regular grenade. Rinse and repeat for all 4 sets of your grenades, but be sure to spread them around.

    When I did it, I had to retry it only 2 times, and time that I did get it, I only had 1 guy left to kill in the back.

    REMEMBER!!! YOU CAN TAKE NO DAMAGE AFTER YOU GET THROWN, or you will not get the achievement.
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