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100 Wins in Survival (Single)

Defeat many opponents in Survival Mode.

100 Wins in Survival (Single)-1.6
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How to unlock the 100 Wins in Survival (Single) achievement

  • SkirmedSkirmed40,413
    14 Dec 2009 01 Jan 2010 07 Oct 2013
    30 1 11
    This Achievement takes a lot of practice and skill. It has a reason that only a few Player have this one.

    First: The unlockable characters are weak so unlock them first. As an example Gen Fu only makes mid-punches so you can counter him with "<- X" easily.

    You should play as Hayate to get this Achievement because he is the strongest Character and easy to play. I added a video how someone plays with him. Have a look and try to copy the moves he did.

    You should try to play very aggressive because every time you will make a short break the AI will use the moment to counter you out. Don't try to block if you are not a real master in it, because every time you will fail with something, like a missed block, or a failed grab or you try a combo and miss it, the AI will beat your ass. If you only use the same combinations, like only mid-punches or high-kicks, the AI will counter you. The AI learns how you play.

    Set the healthbar to the largest. Yes: To the largest. Nothing is more frustrating than loosing 3/4 of your health because of one single combo from the AI. So a failure will not end your game.

    After defeating an enemy or kicking him while he lays on the ground they will drop food. This food will restore some of your health in combat. Use it tactically. Don't collect it while having full health. It wont disappear that fast.

    Every x9 (like 9, 19, 29 ...) is like a "boss" he will be stronger than the other ones.

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    TimutimuThere's hard, there's japanese hard....and then there's this. I get anywhere from 30 - 50 wins and then i get knocked out, it's soooo depressing.
    Posted by Timutimu on 03 Sep 12 at 06:25
    Jamal2807YES i got it yesterday! im so happy ^_^ thanks for the tipps. its easier if you delete the update since hayate was stronger before the update
    Posted by Jamal2807 on 09 Nov 15 at 12:00
    XH311XR870RXI spent 5 years trying to obtain this, but now the nightmare has finally ended, grateful to have conquered this and its tag counterpart.
    Posted by XH311XR870RX on 27 Sep 18 at 23:22
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  • NetgetsNetgets1,066,948
    12 Jul 2014 20 Jul 2014 20 Jul 2014
    7 1 5
    Skirmed's guide is better than mine.
    So if there is someone who failed with Skirmed's method, follow mine.

    Kokoro is my main character in DOA5U. so I am experienced.
    I failed with Hayate, but I success with Kokoro.
    Before start, make health max.

    1) in first of match,
    use 214p : shoot CPU to wall
    2) Wall combo
    pp, pp, 4p+k, pp2kp
    3) when CPU wake up,
    1. use 1kk : it makes CPU stun or wall hit
    2. use 1p+k(charge)
    4) when you are in pinch.
    use 2h+k,2h+k
    5) when CPU is stun in field (not wall),
    use 7k, p6p, 2kp
    6) when you and CPU are in mid-distance
    use 6kp or 214p or 66p or 1p+k(charge)
    7) If 1p+k(charge) is guarded,
    CPU will take guard delay.use 66p, it will success with high probability.
    8) when you downed,
    hit wake up kick, and use 7k, p6p, 2kp.

    Long and long prctice will be needed.
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    UltimateDespairThe numbers refer to directions as if there were a keypad, like so:


    So 1 is Diagonal Down-Back. 6 is Right etc. Hope that helps :)
    Posted by UltimateDespair on 15 Oct 15 at 16:14
    napoearthThanks for the clarification on the numbers. I am assuming that + means at the same time, and without, it is just one after the other?
    Posted by napoearth on 20 Apr 16 at 14:12
    Netgetsyeah. Thats right
    Posted by Netgets on 21 Apr 16 at 13:25
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