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They look like ants

Destroy all enemy ground targets and kill no allies with the rods.

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How to unlock the They look like ants achievement

  • Maka91Maka911,167,744
    03 Nov 2013 05 Nov 2013
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    Mission 17: Loki

    Progress through the mission until you reach a control laptop where you take control of a remote drone that guides rod missiles. At this point you need to make sure to kill all the enemies (marked in red) and not kill any allies (marked in blue). Use 2-3 shots to take out the first group, and ensure that no enemies survive. Next, wait for the train to pass a little bit, and when the next group of enemies appears be careful so that the blast doesnt kill any of your troops near the tracks. After this group, more enemies will appear. Start with the group in the back and make your way around.

    It can be very hard to tell if you killed one of your own allies. You can tell that you hit one if they say "Thompson, make sure your shots are on target!". At this point, restart the checkpoint immediately. Also restart if you missed an enemy.

    The achievement will unlock when the camera goes back to the space station. If it doesn't, you have to restart the entire level.

    Note: You don't have to take down enemy helicopters for this to count.

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    D0NTMoCKMeI'm not gonna lie that took me a lot of tries. The dashboard method should be added to this or made its own solution. I had a tank out of my reach every time and apparently that one didn't count because I never got it.
    Posted by D0NTMoCKMe on 26 Aug 14 at 16:14
    OnzaTake a look at iNTiMiDaTe xX's solution re: number of shots. It depends on the order you take out the targets. Also, good tip on dashboarding.
    Posted by Onza on 09 Nov 14 at 19:01
    KanjiKokaI got so damn sick of attempting this sensitive achievement! So I just memorized where the marked targets were in the video. Thanks!
    Posted by KanjiKoka on 12 Jun 16 at 04:10
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  • iNTiMiDaTe xXiNTiMiDaTe xX433,816
    03 Nov 2013 05 Nov 2013
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    At the end of the Loki mission you will be controlling the rods from the space shuttle, you need to kill every orange target and not kill a single blue target. The bigger orange targets are the primary targets, make sure that you have destroyed all of the smaller targets before destroying every large target as you will not be able to fire more missiles afterwards.
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    SamWich1986this should be the top solution. tried about 20 times before finding this solution. tried this solution and pop first time
    Posted by SamWich1986 on 13 May 14 at 10:50
    OnzaGreat tip about small targets. Up-voted.
    Posted by Onza on 09 Nov 14 at 18:56
    Fred and IzzyGot it frst try after watching this.
    Posted by Fred and Izzy on 19 Apr 16 at 00:13
  • SSCPSSCP827,057
    06 Nov 2013 06 Nov 2013
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    Mission 17 - Loki

    After making our way to the space station, we will take control of the weapon in space.

    The Enemy are marked as orange crosses and Allies in blue. Isuggest having subtitles on / having TV turned up as you can see / hear when you have killed any allies as it will say "Thompson,Get your shots on target! If this happens restart last checkpoint.

    1st Group.
    Starting from the left and working right pressing RT to highlight the ground units with a large Aiming reticule. Pretty much anything within the circle will be destroyed.

    2nd group.
    After the train appears, we will also see the blue crosses. Carefully spam RT whilst keeping the blues out of the reticule.

    3rd Group.
    Starting from right to left keep tapping RT, as long as your aim is ok and keep an eye out for any that you may have missed and quicked Aim at them and fire. I missed 1 on the far right, But luckily I managed to load checkpoint. If you do miss any on this last part and you do not load checkpoint quick enough you will have to play the whole mission again.

    Once back into the space station the achievement will unlock
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    SSCPIm sorry to hear that mate. Have you managed to nail this one yet?
    Posted by SSCP on 11 Nov 13 at 06:43
    GwintbleiddYes finally got it thanks!!!
    Posted by Gwintbleidd on 13 Nov 13 at 15:30
    dull crabThanks for the guide having subtitles on helped me but everytime I failed was because the 2nd Group the one close to allies kept getting hit by the splash
    Posted by dull crab on 18 Nov 13 at 15:38
  • jordan macitjordan macit243,444
    30 May 2020 30 May 2020
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    Simply load up the campaign mission 'Loki' and proceed through the mission until you activate the console. You must be really careful and precise with your shooting, a general tip I tried to follow was start from your allies and aim at the targets closest to them first (making sure to not shoot any of the blue) and then finish off the remaining enemies, time is not your friend here so you must try and be quick and if you do not get everyone, revert to the last checkpoint. You can be unlucky with the final wave of enemies and hit a checkpoint before the blasts have occurred and this means you have to restart the mission if you do not kill everyone so beware of that (I had to restart 4/5 times).

    I created this video to help:

    Hope this helps.
  • DevinJMcIntyreDevinJMcIntyre182,623
    11 Nov 2013 18 Dec 2013
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    In the 17th mission, Loki, there will come a part where you have to control rods through a laptop in order to provide support to ground troops who are being overrun. To get this you must kill all the enemies (not including helicopters) and not kill teammates. The only way I know of to know if you hit your teammates is Merrick will say "watch your fire" or something along those lines. If you hear this, be sure to reload the checkpoint which will take you back to the start of launching the missiles, because as soon as you finish this section, before the achievement pop, you will hit a checkpoint. So if you did hit any of your pals, you will have to reply the entire mission to get back to this section. Also, if you take too long lining up your shots, the ground forces will be "overrun" and you will have to restart the checkpoint
  • ReFortReFort554,799
    03 Nov 2013 03 Nov 2013
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    In mission select: start mission Loki
    I made a Video Tutorial. It is a good explanation how to get this achievement. Here it is:
    I hope you like it.
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