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100 Wins in Survival (Tag)

Defeat many opponents in Survival Mode.

100 Wins in Survival (Tag)+0.7
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How to unlock the 100 Wins in Survival (Tag) achievement

  • SkirmedSkirmed40,413
    13 Oct 2009 24 Dec 2010
    16 1 2
    This Achievement takes a lot of practice and skill. It has a reason that only a few Player have this one.

    First: The unlocked characters are weak so unlock them first. As an example Gen Fu only makes mid-punches so you can counter him with "<- X" easily.

    You should take Hayate and a Character you like and you can play with to get this one cause Hayate is the strongest Character and easy to play. I added a video how someone plays with him. Have a look and try to copy the moves he did.

    You should try to play very aggressive cause every time you will make a short break the AI will use this to counter you out. Don't try to block if you are not a real master in it, cause every time you will fail with something like a missed block, or a failed grab or you try a combo and you didn't hit the strike, the AI will beat your ass. also if you only use the same combinations. Like only mid-punches or high-kicks. The AI is like real opponent and learns how you play. The AI will counter you out if you not try to use different combinations.

    Set the healthbar to the largest. Yes: To the largest. Cause nothing is more depressive than loosing 3/4 of your health cause of one single combo from the AI. So a failure will not get you to loose.

    After defeating an enemy or kicking him while he lays on the ground food will drop. This food will regain your health in combat. Use it tactical. So don't collect it while having full health. It wont disappear that fast. You also restore Health when you beat a enemy. You should do the final strike with the Character who have the less life.

    every x9 (like 9, 19, 29 ...) is like a "boss" he will be stronger than the other ones.

    Sorry for bad English, it's not my first language ;D

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    PrimeBigTimeHow come people never start with what the achievement means and just go right into how to get it?
    Posted by PrimeBigTime on 02 Mar 13 at 05:00
    SkirmedBecause "100 Wins in Survival (Tag)" is a pretty clear description?
    Posted by Skirmed on 03 Mar 13 at 11:43
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  • Man Hunt3Man Hunt3700,919
    25 May 2007 01 Aug 2009 06 Aug 2011
    14 1 0
    Delete the unlockable characters off of your hardrive so u won't have to fight them in survival mode (this may reset your hours played). I highly recommend using Hayate and Hayabusa, because of their juggles they can keep an opponent hovering above your head (in mid-air) while you pull off simple combos that should most likely be reversed but they can't do anything about it. If Hayate has low health tag in Hayabusa to do a rising/ teleporting kick to either set-up the juggle or his finisher, if you want to tag in Hayate simply do a strong punch or rising kick to set-up his juggle (try not to use predictable 2-3 hit combos when the CPU is not in the air as those are easily reversible, I advise you to use a 1-2 hit combo that will send them flying early so you can keep them there suspended in the air by executing and maintaining your juggles by not letting them fall so you can easily defeat them while not having to worry about the CPU reversing your efforts). Try to be as unpredictable as possible by mixing up your combos frequently.
    If you tag out a lot early your gonna be at a huge disadvantage, remember when you tag in your resting player will not regenerate all of his health but enough to make this a little more bearable being the pain in the ass this achievement is.
  • Sensei NeoSensei Neo1,161,307
    04 Feb 2013 21 Feb 2013 21 Feb 2013
    12 0 0
    So after about 2 years attempting this achievement (on & off), I finally got it done!

    For some reason I found Tag more difficult than the 100 Single Wins, so thought I would share some tips... (I will try to keep it short but no promises) :)

    I am assuming that most people reading this will use Hayate as the primary fighter. There are lots of good tips and video guides on here so make sure you are fully confident using him.

    You do not need to master ALL of his moves but when the opponents start blocking you need to be able to mix up some basic high / low kicks & punches - without panicking!

    (On this note - if they start blocking don't be afraid to tag out immediately! - Switching fighter is sometimes enough to confuse the AI & break their defence).

    Also, always try to tag before your health gets to half-way. This will help keep your fighters balanced.

    Now on to my main tip - the thing that finally got me through this:

    ***** Use Ein as your tag partner *****

    (You can unlock him by completing story mode as Hitomi - also, he was the only additional character I had unlocked).

    Obviously if you are good with someone else then feel free to use them but I had tried various different partners - Christie, Ryu Hyabusa, Hitomi & Kasumi.

    None of these got me past 75 wins - Then I got to 100 wins in about 10-15 tries using Ein.

    Ein is good because he is powerful and relatively simple to use (much like Hayate). Originally I wanted him as a back-up, but by the end I think he was even quicker at dispatching opponents than Hayate. : )

    I only ever used about 6 of his moves & still kicked ass! Here they are:

    1. QCF + Punch: Basic power punch - same as Hayate.

    2. Back + Punch + Kick (Hold to charge): Do this whenever you opponent is on the floor / getting up. If it does not send them flying, it will Stun them - setting up for 1 of 2 moves...

    3. Punch + Kick (Elbow strike) - follow quickly with another Punch. (This is a good basic move which sends them flying & rarely gets countered).

    4. Punch, Punch, (Hold) Punch. This is what u want to use on the ropes. I think you can actually do it twice in succession for a total of 6 hits. (Get used to holding the final Punch as this will greatly increase the damage).

    5. Forward, Forward (hold to run) - Kick, Kick. Kick.
    (This is the same as Hayate's running triple kick - but not as powerful). Best used after a power punch to close-down the distance.

    6. Almost forgot this one! - Forward + Kick, Kick.
    (A simple front Kick that pushes them back - they almost never block / counter). Good for keeping them away or setting up the next attack.

    Finally, 2 tips to save your sanity:

    1. Try aiming for 50 wins and then take a break... Remember that, (in theory) the next 50 should be EXACTLY the same! I stopped at 50, both times when I got 100 wins in Single & Tag - it just helps to break it up.

    2. I suggest playing little and often - like once or twice a day. Any more than this just builds frustration. I started playing once when I got home from work each night & I had it by the end of the week...

    So that's about it!....I hope I explained things correctly. Please let me know if this helped you in any way.

    Keep at it guys & good luck!
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