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Kill 10 different opponents in a Deathmatch

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Achievement Guide for Predator

  • planting42planting421,348,030
    11 Aug 2014 11 Aug 2014
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    This achievement is for killing 10 different gamertags in 1 game of Deathmatch. You need at least 11 gamertags to accomplish this - 12 will fill the lobby. This will pop in-game as soon as you have killed the 10th gamer in that one match.

    If boosting this, (since no one plays this game) have everyone meet in a central area and let the designated person toss a grenade into the mass of flesh. Simplest and fastest way to do it. There is plenty of time to meet again and let the next player take their turn.
  • BulgyDragonZordBulgyDragonZord497,555
    23 Jul 2015 24 Jul 2015 02 Apr 2019
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    By far this is the most annoying achievement in the game. In order to get it, you will need a minimum of 11 people including yourself in order to get this achievement.

    Since this game is not popular and the fact that the game can only take up to 12 players in a lobby, your best bet is to boost it by creating or searching for a session on the site. Not many people own this game to date, so if you have a second XBox with a dummy account, it might be wise to pick-up another copy of this game to make up the numbers. This game is Backward Compatible as well on the XBox One console.

    The boosting method is simple though. First get everyone to search for a Deathmatch and you all should pair up easily since no one really plays this game. Now you will all want to click "Skip Map" and keep on voting until you get a map called "Oasis". This is the best map to boost on.

    Decide among all of you who is going for the achievement first. Once decided everyone then needs to meet up at a part that has a stairway on the left, 2 brick walls, 2 giant Egyptian Statues and a Gold Button in the middle of the statues. It's all in a corner near a wall, nearby a broken down Tank and a tunnel.

    Once everyone is in this position, have the person going for the achievement to step away from the group and get everyone else to squeeze together. Ensure the player who is going for the achievement counts and sees if there's at least 10+ players standing in this area.

    When they are ready, they simply need to shoot the Gold Button and they will kill everyone in that area. This will automatically end the match, giving the player a win with 10+ kills and this achievement along with some others. Yep... all that just for 5G Gamerscore.

    When the match ends and you all return to the lobby screen simply get everyone to click "Skip Map" again and get the "Oasis map". Rinse and repeat all of the above for all the other players that are going for the achievement. A standard match in this game is around 5 Minutes.

    It will likely take around 2 - 4 minutes for each player to get the achievement, so you will need approximately 1hr 30m or less for everyone to get the achievement in a session.

    Good Luck and have fun getting all those kills and overriding the game's performance!
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