Lumberjack achievement in Deadfall Adventures


Kill 500 Daru in survival mode

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How to unlock the Lumberjack achievement

  • Andrey7234iAndrey7234i725,153
    22 Nov 2013 27 Nov 2013
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    The quickest way - Pyramid map.
    8 Duru in 4 minutes.
    They can be killed when they are located on the wall , wrapped by lianas, and it is important to find the correct angle for shooting.
    Tactics: First, you need to kill two of them in left and right pass, then two which are the most distant. After that there will be four remain on the one wall.
    In the second wave, after killing four, perk with machine-gun will be opened - kill the rest (others) by it.
    You can get ammo in boxes, one person will get full ammo. In the break between the first and the second wave you need to get full ammo.
    If you play alone - there is no boss in the second wave.
    This achievement takes more than 12 hours.
    Good luck.

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    TheOnlyMatto6 hours to kill 350 Daru. With adding in the fact that I am faster now than I was I estimate this can be soloed in 8 hours. I will finish tonight
    Posted by TheOnlyMatto on 16 Nov 19 at 05:11
    ALoneWolf42*groan* This sounds like such a hassle. 6 or 12 hours of the same thing... No wonder it’s worth 850 TA!

    Can you die right away after killing a few or you need to reach the next wave of fights?
    Posted by ALoneWolf42 on 31 Dec 20 at 06:38
    ALoneWolf42February 2021: If anyone is still looking to do these, please send me a PM and we can set something up!
    Posted by ALoneWolf42 on 08 Feb at 19:00
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  • Chris HirschyChris Hirschy1,102,768
    12 Oct 2015 28 May 2015 12 Feb 2016
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    I recorded a video based on Andrey7234i's description.

    (Edit: Only public survival matches count for killing the Daru. If you are playing with other players , killling a daru will only count for the player who killed it.)

    And a Big thanks to Koenigstefan91, who showed me how to kill the Daru in this way.
    I hope that helps

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    Any idea why the survival stats keep resetting? I had 4 waves a few months back, and the leaderboards still show it, but stats from the main menu was completely reset. I really need to know which count the achievement goes by.
    Posted on 16 Dec 15 at 14:43
    Anthony AjaxMy flashlight doesn't light them on fire...
    Posted by Anthony Ajax on 02 Feb 18 at 20:34
    EarthboundXYou have to hold the flashlight button, it works just like in Alan Wake.
    Posted by EarthboundX on 17 Feb 18 at 05:50
  • Monkeyman1188Monkeyman1188339,833
    03 Aug 2020 03 Aug 2020 16 Aug 2020
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    I tried the other maps in survivor and personally preferred mayan tombs over the others.

    Only using regular guns, this is how many daru you can kill on each map
    (didnt try the two perk guns, they might be able to get around the bad hit markers)

    You can kill all 9 daru on mayan tombs.
    8 can be killed on Pyramid. 1 cannot.
    Only 5 can be killed on Ice Temple, the other 4 cannot.
    Only 5 can be killed on Mayan Jungle, the other 4 cannot
    Only 5 can be killed on Mayan Temple, the other 4 cannot.
    *(One of the kills on Mayan Temple is only doable using the devestator perk machine gun, so using only normal guns, only 4 kills are achievable)

    Why cant you get all kills on other maps?
    You cannot get the correct shot angle for some of the daru on other maps, they just will not register any hits from any angle.

    Mayan tombs has a nice open map and it's pretty easy to run around, you can't really get lost.
    After playing a lot of first rounds again and again, there is nearly always the last mummy getting stuck on one of the large vases on the right side of the map allowing you to casually run around killing all the daru's on the walls.
    *You will see the mummies stuck behind the said large vase in my game clip, near the end, (3minutes 23 on video).
    **If he doesn't get stuck, you can always entice him to get stuck, have him follow you, turn around and shine your torch on him to slow him down(Not to turn him yellow, just slow him down by blinding his vision) then run past said vase and run round the corner to the left quickly, he will most of the time follow and get stuck behind the vase, allowing you to casually kill the daru in peace.**
    ***If he doesn't get stuck behind the vase, run back past him and the vase and then 180 turn and try again, keep trying until he is stuck, sometimes it's annoying***
    (Once he is stuck, do not approach him by walking down the stairs or come up behind him from the other side as he will unstuck himself and come after you)

    My run through times started at about 6 minutes, then as i slowly started getting used to the map, like, where the ammo dropped, which route was quicker to run for example, i started to get some times as quick as 3-4 mins (My quickest was about 2 mins 40)
    when you're running low on ammo, You're secretly hoping the ammo drops are perfectly placed right when you need it (A lot of luck involved)
    Took me 4hrs 40 mins to get 505 daru kills.

    Time Line for video
    16 sec - Killing first daru
    37/38 sec - killing second daru
    1.12 - ammo drop location for two of the ammo drops
    (Both ammo drops are in this area, only a few meters apart)
    1.50 - killing third daru
    2.06 - third ammo drop location
    2.11 - killing fourth daru
    2.35 - killing fifth daru
    2.58 - Devestator perk activated
    3.01 - Killing sixth daru
    3.03 - killing seventh daru
    3.11 - killing eighth daru
    3.18 - killing ninth daru
    3.23 - Vase where mummies get stuck behind. Always works
    3.38 - showing you what happens if you come up behind them, they get unstuck
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    PhantomRookGreat guide, easily the best method for doing this.
    Double the kills in same time or less than other solutions.
    Posted by PhantomRook on 15 Apr at 22:31
    CerebralBoredThe last enemy getting stuck on a vase really helped out, making it easy to kill all the Daru without any interruptions. Up voted.
    Posted by CerebralBored on 17 Sep at 21:57
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