Money, Money achievement in Kingdoms & Lords (WP)

Money, Money

Own all of the Kingdom buildings.

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How to unlock the Money, Money achievement

  • MrZombieChickenMrZombieChicken927,707
    19 Nov 2013 19 Nov 2013 18 Feb 2014
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    You basically have to buy all the buildings in the "Kingdom" tab in the store. All the buildings can be bought with gold so no need to save your diamonds for this achievement. Each is unlocked at a specific level, with the last one unlocking when you hit level 40. So basically you'll have to get to level 40 before you can pop this one.

    Leveling tip:
    The last few levels were a long grind. The best way is:
    1- Build as many resource buildings (wood, ore or cloth) as you can harvest from per turn.
    2- Set the buildings to produce in 24 hours.
    3- Exit the game and set the clock one day in the future.
    4- Go back and harvest the resources.

    When set to produce every 24 hours, each building will give you 7XP instead of the standard single 1XP. Rinse and repeat. It shouldn't take too long to max out your level this way.

    NOTE: Make sure that when the achievement unlocks that the time on your phone is the current date/time or the achievement will not unlock. So before you buy the last building set the time back to the correct time.

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    SneakyStabbalotI am not sure when I set the date. The game might have still been in the background... dunno :(
    Posted by SneakyStabbalot on 22 Jan 14 at 03:22
    Failure OnlineMine never popped, but it shows that I have it on TA
    Posted by Failure Online on 03 Jul 15 at 20:22
    Thumbs up for this. Unfortunately, you max out materials at 9,999 and get a bullshit alert about it every time you go to claim new materials. Very slow going but A LOT faster than doing it legit.
    Posted on 10 Feb 17 at 10:53
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  • XtowersXtowers667,385
    24 Dec 2013 19 Dec 2013 20 May 2014
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    The Non-Time Glitch Method

    The last Kingdom building is unlocked at level 40. You need about 28,700 exp to get to level 40. If you're like me you'll have finished all the other achievements at around level 36-38 with between 20,000 and 25,000 exp. Since there's very few quests coming in the amount of exp you gain slows to a trickle. Here's some tips to earn more exp.

    *Visit your friends and help them out. You get 5 exp for speeding up their production each day. If you have 50 friends to visit that's 250 exp each day. Plus you can gift them 3 energy each day, which they can return to you for free, as well. Check the forums for a list of people to add to your friends list. (Don't forget to accept help from your friends, too! It is free!)

    *Use all your energy whenever you can. Each action you take in your kingdom gets you at least 1 exp. When you get into the upper level 30s you'll have 40 energy available. That energy will replenish every 2 hours. You can visit your kingdom multiple times each day, and that will net you at least 40 exp each time, but likely more from random energy drops.

    *Focus on the resource production buildings (not farms), and only build the biggest amount of resource (the one that takes 24 hours to produce). This will net you 7xp each day (most bang for the buck... I mean energy). If you can manage to build 100 production sites (construction gets you 2xp, too), you'll be making 700 exp each day.

    *Kingdom buildings also reward you with more than 1 exp. Be sure to collect from them as often as you can.

    *Have you spent all the stars you earned from helping your friends? Extra energy can be purchased from the Black Market at a rate of 3 stars per energy. At the end of the game I had several hundred stars, which can be converted into exp by performing actions with purchased energy.

    In essence, here's your priorities each time you visit your kingdom:
    1. Harvest Fabric, Ore, and Lumber, and collect from Kingdom buildings.
    2. Queue 24-hour Fabric, Ore, and Lumber
    3. Build Fabric, Ore, and Lumber production sites.
    4. Collect money from housing if you're out of cash (windmills first)
    5. Visit and help all friends once daily.
    6. And remember to spend all your energy each time.

    -You could get well over 1000 exp each day, making the last bit of grinding take about a week or so, checking a couple times a day.

    Here's a screenshot of what my kingdom looks like for massive exp generation (You don't need to separate them in to rows like I did; I just found it a bit easier to click all of them when harvesting):

    External image

    You could also invade and repel invasions to earn 5-30 exp each time (I'm not sure how they calculate the invasion rewards; it seems a little random), plus the exp for critical hits and kills. However, I found invasions rather time-consuming and boring, and sometimes frustrating. After doing 100 repels and 100 invasions already, I really didn't feel like doing any more.

    If you happen to reach your max storage limit for a resource of 9,999 you may buy some extra units, or better yet, put a large stack of it for sale on the marketplace. Goods on the marketplace do not count in your storage totals.
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    The GlobalizerUsing resource buildings really speeds things up. Was pretty surprising how fast the leveling came once I switched from gold farming to XP farming.
    Posted by The Globalizer on 01 Apr 14 at 02:57
  • Axwell DAxwell D1,701,552
    30 Jul 2014 15 May 2014
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    Attention!!!: This solution may only be interesting for players who want to finish both, the Windows Phone and the Windows 8 version of the game.

    There is a nice trick to complete this game twice, by only playing it once on either device. But I advise you to play it on the PC/Tablet because of the handling and maybe if you are making use of it, for the time glitch.

    Here is how it works:

    Just start a new game on your Windows Phone and play the tutorial. At a certain point you can manually save to the cloud through the options window. After that you can start the game on your PC/Tablet and repeat this process until you can save there. At some point the game on PC/Tablet will ask you to load the game from your current device or load from the cloud. Choose to load from the cloud.

    Now you normally can play through the game until it comes to the point were you are about to unlock an achievement. At this point you have to save your game manually to the cloud BEFORE you unlock any achievement. Then start the game on your Windows Phone. There you can do whatever is required for the achievement and unlock it. At the point you see your achievement unlocking at the top of the screen, click on the home button and return to your phones main menu. Close the game via the back button. Now check on or on TA or whatever source if the achievement really got unlocked on your gamertag. If it does you now can start the game again on your PC/Tablet and when it asks you to load a save, choose the one from the cloud. You should be on the point before unlocking your achievement. Just repeat the requirements for the achievement. Now you should have your achievement on both devices. If an achievement is not unlocking for somewhat reason (it's known that sometimes achievements can get glitched), then just quit out of your game and load the save from the cloud on the next start until it make's the plopp again^^

    There are some achievements were you should take care of because they are unlocking during normal play:

    One Step, One Footprint - Raise the population to 150.
    Good Luck Follows You - Win 50 one-on-one battles.
    Demon - Successfully invade friends' kingdoms 100 times.
    Demon's Nightmare - Successfully resist invasion 100 times.

    For this four achievements I advise you to look into your achievement stats every here and now to avoid unlocking them to early on one device.

    This is only because of the saving of the game. Everytime you load your local save it overwrites your cloud save, so really pay attention on choosing the right save and save at the right time.

    I found out this nice trick because I started the game on my Windows Phone a little later and thought about Galactic Reign, which works the same way and I only wanted to let you all know that this cheap trick also works with Kingdom & Lords. And I searched for this info everywere on the web and different forums and didn't found any proof that this works, but it works hundred percent.

    If you have any question on this trick, then feel free to ask me and also if you think this isn't a really guide for any of the particular achievements I posted this guide on, please don't give me a negative feedback! I only posted this guide on every achievement, so that you really get noticed about this trick!!!

    Thank you for your patience and have a nice day :)
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