Demon's Nightmare achievement in Kingdoms & Lords (WP)

Demon's Nightmare

Successfully resist invasion 100 times.

Demon's Nightmare0
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How to unlock the Demon's Nightmare achievement

  • BAD T0ASTBAD T0AST911,870
    03 Dec 2013 25 Nov 2013
    21 0 32
    "Resisting invasion" means that you have to kick out a player that has successfully invaded a building in a kingdom. Note: it does not even need to be your own kingdom, it could be a friend's kingdom. You will see a little icon over a building that has been invaded with crossed swords and the person's gamer picture. Click the green button beneath the message to start the fight. Beat the army back and you will get +1 toward your count. You have to do this 100 times obviously.

    Since the game limits people from invading another person only once every 24 hours, the more people you have successfully invading the quicker this will go (without messing with the time settings on your device that is). Since this helps the demon achievement for your invader, it's really a win-win situation for both parties for grinding both achievements:
    Kingdoms & Lords (WP)DemonThe Demon achievement in Kingdoms & Lords (WP) worth 41 pointsSuccessfully invade friends' kingdoms 100 times.

    Since you don't get anything for preventing invasions by setting up strong defenses, you actually want other people to successfully invade you. You do get resources and XP (shields) for repelling an invasion. The higher level your opponent, the more gold and XP (shields) you will get for beating them even if they use all tier 1 units. Your invader also gets resources and XP (shields) for successfully invading. Therefore boosting etiquette is to make yourself as invade friendly as possible.

    Once you have the defense fortress built, you should fill it with all tier 1 units of the same type. Otherwise the game will create random defenses for you. Occasionally you will have to revive your defenders as well by going into your defense fortress. You should also turn off all skill upgrades if you have any turned on. Your invader should invade with the appropriate tier 1 units (also with no skills) and you can repel with whatever is appropriate. Some examples of friendly setups:

    Defender: all swordsmen
    Invader: all axemen
    Repel: all spearmen or all horsemen

    Defender: all swordsmen
    Invader: all horsemen
    Repel: all archers

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    WincelowEDIT: I think this is technically still obtainable, but the reality is that it won't be for most people.

    I played this game several years ago and am working my way back through to mop up a couple of the boss achievements that glitched on me at the time.

    Everyone that was on my friends list at the time still appears in the Social hub thing within the game. However, I can't make new people appear by adding them as a friend.

    I think I might be able to unlock this by finding someone from my Social hub that is willing to help me out by invading me 100 times. However, in reality I can't even guarantee that Gameloft still allows players to interact with each other's cities anymore. I get the impression that everyone's city is saved on their cloud server based on some arbitrary point in the past, but have no way of confirming either way.
    Posted by Wincelow on 12 Oct 17 at 08:34
    ZX KNIGHTThe people I was friends with no longer appear so feels like its gone. Doesn't connect to xbox so not sure even if it popped out would update.
    Posted by ZX KNIGHT on 03 Dec 17 at 14:35
    ZX KNIGHTLogged in for first time in ages but doesnt show all my friends so feels like it only loads friends frombefore server bugged maybe?
    Posted by ZX KNIGHT on 26 Dec 17 at 21:51
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  • Ellinas WarriorEllinas Warrior92,243
    18 Apr 2014 18 Feb 2016 16 Jan 2018
    13 0 11
    How can I get this achievement when my game crashes every time I get invaded?
    Thanks to Shadow Kisuragi for finding this out.
    Explanation on the crashing
    Your game actually crashes when you get a notification which you get when your kingdom is invaded. To be able to open your game again, your last notification must expire. It can take a long time (a few weeks to a few months). Make sure you don't get any new notification. Tell your friends that are actively playing the game not to invade you or your game will crash again and do not invade them either or you'll make their game crash.
    What do I do?
    You will help an inactive friend resist an invasion made by another inactive friend and use the date trick.
    Samarin6 and me (Ellinas Warrior) will be your two inactive friends, send us a friend request on Xbox 360 / Win 8 / WP 8 with a message saying it's for Kingdom & Lords. (The Xbox One / Win 10 friend list doesn't work with K&L.)
    Samarin6 invaded my kingdom before the game got bugged and you can resist that invasion when you visit my kingdom. When you have, change your date back and resist the invasion again. Do that 100 times and you'll get the achievement.
    This achievement is tied with:
    Kingdoms & Lords (WP)DemonThe Demon achievement in Kingdoms & Lords (WP) worth 41 pointsSuccessfully invade friends' kingdoms 100 times.

    If your kingdom is "invade friendly" (5x swordsman in your Defense Fortress), most attackers will use 5x axeman to invade you. Use 5x spearman or 5x any cavalry unit and eventually magic cards to repel them.
    If the attacker used different troops to invade you, use stronger troops and magic cards to defeat him and make your kingdom invade friendly.

    Do not hesitate to replace one of your units by Mona so she can level up. There is a cooling period before you can use her again.

    You can check your progress in the achievements' menu.

    Helping a friend resist an invasion also counts towards the achievement.
    If you do that, invade your friend as well so he/she doesn't "lose" a resist.
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    NuwakkI had the achievement today ! Thanks you so much Ellinas Warrior and Samarin6 for this solution and your help smile
    Posted by Nuwakk on 13 Aug 19 at 07:44
    FreshAspekI just got back to this game and need 20 more defends. Hopeful this will work! I think I am already friends with Samarin6 but will send you a friend request on the 360 tonight Ellinas Warrior.
    Posted by FreshAspek on 08 Apr 20 at 17:04
    MarkyshizzleIt was tracking before... now i login and it says that all your friends level 1, and shows the strings and numbers still. I wanted to complete it since the wp was just fixed... no idea if it will ever be fixable now. None of my friends towns load or show levels. At least before i saw levels.
    Posted by Markyshizzle on 27 Mar at 17:38
  • Arsenic 17Arsenic 171,211,066
    20 Nov 2013 09 Dec 2013
    13 0 11
    BAD TOAST's solution gives the info about this achievement, but my method below will speed up the process. It involves exploiting the time setting of you phone to go back in time to get the repel icons to infinitely pop up. You must have friends playing the game. And they must be invaded by another mutual friend of yours. Follow the steps below. Basically this can be knocked out in 4-6 hours of solid grind time. Its the same as normal, except those hours are not spread across weeks and can be done in a single sitting.

    Basically you want to visit a friend that has been attacked by another of your friends. When you visit their kingdom, the symbol will be there to repel the attack. Then click the icon and win the battle as normal. This will count towards the achievement.

    Then exit the game. Go into device settings and change date BACK one day. Load game and visit that kingdom again. You should be able to repel the same attack again. It will count towards the achievement as well. Then exit the game and return time settings to automatic. Load and the repel should be available again. Repeat over and over. It is kind of tedious, but is better than waiting around for friends to attack you.

    If you can find multiple friends kingdoms with repels in them, then you can do more than one before you have to changet the time settings and reload the game, which saves times. I was able to grind from 20 to 100 for the achievement in about 4 hours.
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    Arsenic 17Interesting. I got it to work the only time I tried it. Maybe did it twice. Milked 95 repels this way...
    Posted by Arsenic 17 on 30 Apr 14 at 04:02
    DrSchmockPlease Add me for grinding this achievement!
    Posted by DrSchmock on 17 Jun 14 at 09:52
    SaucySlingoYou are amazing thank you!!!!
    Posted by SaucySlingo on 28 Oct 14 at 23:24
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