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Achieve a 50,000 point combo.

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How to unlock the Terminator achievement

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    50.000 points made "easy": Racking up a 50.000 combo takes some time and effort, since you're not allowed to get hit even once. There's a way of making it slightly easier though. If you reach a save point with a combo active, not only do your points and progress get saved, but also your current combo.

    This means that you can reach a save point with a combo, and if you get hit, just quit the game, continue the level from where you left off and your combo will be intact. This can also help with the "300.000 points in a level" achievement.

    An ideal level for doing this is level 4 which starts off with a huge pack. Defeat the pack and run to the save point at the far right and you should be guaranteed at least halfway to the 50.000 combo. Just after the save point comes another pack, defeat it and you should be home free.

    For more info on combos and fighting, keep reading.

    How a combo works
    The combos rack up points for killing monsters in as varied a way as possible, and without ever getting hit. As soon as you get hit, the combo is lost and you have to start over. "Getting hit" includes being hit by a monster, being shot by a monster, a barrel exploding on you etc. Walking through fire doesn't count as getting hit and doesn't affect your combo.

    Set validation to manual!
    To achieve a 50.000 point combo, the first thing you'll have to do is set your combo validation to "manual" in the settings, getting a high combo on "automatic" is pretty much impossible. When it's set to "manual", you'll have to press D-pad Down to validate your combo, which means you can go a whole level without ever validating, racking up a ridiculous combo.

    Though this achievement stacks with
    Final ExamApprentice TerminatorThe Apprentice Terminator achievement in Final Exam worth 38 pointsAchieve a 10,000 point combo.
    I don't recommend going for both at once. Opportunities for the different types of combos present themselves pretty naturally during the game, and the most accessible 50.000 point ones are on the last few levels where they throw loads and loads of enemies at you.

    More practical is to validate your combo whenever you feel you're getting out of your league, or a huge boss emerges and you know you're about to get hit. That way you can work your way up to the bigger combos, and you still earn points towards your golden gloves.

    I prefer Sean because he does massive damage with firearms and melee weapons, and because of his no-need-to-reload skill. If you're more of a brawler Brutal Joe's a great pick, but any character works fine.

    I find the axe, shotgun and regular hand grenades to be the most effective weapons in the game.
    - The axe is fast and does heavy damage.
    - The shotgun does massive damage up close and still has enough reach to shoot down monsters trying to snipe you from the ceiling. It stops monsters dead in their tracks (many other guns don't) AND can hit more than one monster at once.
    - Grenades fire instantly providing great crowd control and doesn't damage you or your partner. You can use any weapons you'd like for the achievement, though.

    Before even thinking about getting high combos, you'll need at a minimum the improved dodge, the air-hitting move, the "hitting-while-dodging" upgrade and a special attack. Though you can get any combo without upgrades I'd say these are the bare essentials to getting high combos.

    The special fighting skills will also give you more points, so they're always a plus.

    - Make good use of your dodge and jump-attack, they should be your essential way of moving around masses of monsters.

    - You're invulnerable while dodging, you can dodge into fire, shots, falling debris, anything. Note: When you're landing from a dodge there's a slight pause before you can move again, during which you can be hit, so beware not to land in harm's way.

    - The dodge-hit attack is invaluable, if you find yourself surrounded by monsters you can just spam dodge-hit and you're doing damage while invulnerable.

    - The slide attack is very useful when you're running around the level looking for more monsters. If one comes running towards you at the edge of the screen, just slide into it to avoid getting hit.

    - Each character's first special attack is great for crowd control, just beware that you'll be vulnerable right after they stop so be prepared to dodge (or dodge-hit) out of the way.

    - Warning! Beware using any stillstanding special attacks when fighting the huge tank monster. It WILL run up to you and grab you, even though you're otherwise untouchable.

    - The game seems to reward you for fighting variedly, so use everything at your disposal as much as possible. Learn the different fight moves, dodge-hit, shoot, use grenades and special attacks as soon as they appear for maximum efficiency.

    - Learn your monsters. They always signal when they're about to hit you. The regular monsters cock their fist, the spitters, rollers and exploders start glowing etc. Hitting, shooting, or blowing them up usually cancels their fight move though.

    When you're playing local co-op, you share the combo meter and you get a lot more monsters thrown at you. While this means the meter racks up faster, it also means if one of you gets hit, the combo's lost. So bear that in mind if co-op:ing for the achievement.

    Reloading your gun is a bitch. When your mag's empty, it doesn't automatically reload, you'll have to do it manually by pressing RS or shoot once to start reloading, and press RT again after reloading to start shooting again.

    To make matters worse, just about any move you make cancels the reload: dodging, hitting etc. The only move you're allowed to make while reloading is walking and jumping. So make sure you're reloading when jumping for safety is fine or when there are no monsters nearby.

    To bypass the whole reloading issue, play as Sean, buy his "no-reload-necessary" skill and forgeddaboutit.

    You gain some points for hitting a monster but the most points come from killing it, so it's easiest to rack up huge combos on Regular or Tough. On Rock Hard the monsters just take too long to actually kill to be worthwhile, plus you get much more items.

    Though you can get a high combo on any level, I recommend any of the last three, simply because the amount of monsters they throw at you at the same time makes it easier to rack the combo up fast, even if you fail it once or twice.

    I think that about covers it, leave a comment if you think I missed anything!
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