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A quick note: If you have 4-2 as your active quest when you fight him, Fang will assist you in this battle. She makes it a bit easier, but by no means is she required.

How to Spawn Aeronite
Aeronite spawns in the Dead Dunes on Day 7 and after.

There is a quest to collect a piece of his flesh (What Rough Beast Slouches) that you can start at any point in the Temple Ruins by talking to Nolan (near the 2nd viewing room for Main Quest 4-4). Aeronite will spawn regardless of whether or not you are on this quest.

The official guide says he has 6 possible spawn locations depending on the time of day. I am actually not sure this is true (I'll discuss more later). Consult the map below for the appropriate time and location:

External image

While this map, from the official strategy guide, does show areas where he can spawn, it appears he actually always spawns in a specific spot within these areas. The massive area simply constitutes the area you need to be in for him to spawn. He can spawn quite far away, so be careful and pay attention.

He does not spawn as a dragon, but rather as a void rift (see below picture). This can take quite a while and be very frustrating, so be patient. He can spawn when other enemies are already spawned, so keep a look out even if you're running away from the obnoxious creatures in the desert. If you attack him you will still fight only him, so don't worry about that.

You can get a good start (10% health reduced) but it is impossible to get a great start (25% health reduced).

There are also some who suggest there is a "zero" point spawn. IE, he will always spawn in the 00:00 - 4:00 area the first time you encounter him, just to the East of the Tobias' Outpost General Shop. I am not sure whether this is true or not. I did not encounter him there and I'm fairly positive I was never in a position to be there after Day 7 so he could spawn there, but it's possible so I'll mention it in case some of you want to try it.

Are the Guides Correct?
Every guide I've read says he should have static spawns. Look at this picture I took:

External image

The image was taken where it supposedly should have spawned between 20:00 and 00:00. The clock clearly shows we are at 10:00. From this I'd have to conclude that either the "zero" point spawn can be anywhere, or that his spawn is always completely random. Either way, I recommend you do what the guide says as it will work (it's how I found it first - the picture is from a reloaded save before I killed him). I just thought it was interesting to note.

How to Prepare
Since this is all about the achievement, the best strategy is to use all your recovery items and blow all your EP on Day 13, allowing you to overclock about 12 times, and then simply reload the game and go to the bonus dungeon. If you wish to reap the rewards of killing him, this strategy will still work but it will take more skill. I will tell you what to do when there are differences.

Day 13 is preferable because you will have Equilibrium+ which is a very good ability. It isn't strictly necessary unless you want to save your recovery items.

Recovery Items:
4 Phoenix Down (or Wing)
1 Elixir
1 Ether
2 Potions to Give Bravery (there are many different options - bravery potions can be purchased at the general goods store in the Augur's Quarter of Luxerion).

(All of the weapons and shields mentioned will be good for all bosses so do not worry about spending money on them - they are the best you can get)
(When I say "Aerora" that is just my favorite and is slightly better with this strategy, but any of the 2nd tier elemental spells work and they are exactly the same so it makes little difference at all which you use unless I say otherwise. They are: Aerora, Fira, Thundara and Blizzara)

Equilibrium+ (Primary), Weapon: Demon Claw (or lower versions - buy at Forge in Ruffian, Dead Dunes), Shield: Noblesse Veronique (or lower versions - buy at Forge in Research Camp, Wildlands), Head: STR Boost of any flavor, Wrist: Dawn Gauntlets (Temple Ruins Treasure)
Abilities: Debrave Lvl 3/4, Ruin (any level), Aerora (any level)

Soldier of Peace, Weapon: Flesh Render (Reward for killing Reaver Omega - It gives 900 STR so anything better or near that will also work), Shield: Noblesse Veronique, Head: Soul of Thamasa (6EP Treasure Sphere in NE corner of Wildlands is best, but STR Boost of any flavor will work if you don't have the time/EP to get that), Wrist: White Strap (Temple Ruins Treasure - teleport to Sacred Gate and go all the way East on that floor, past a static spawn Earth Eater to get it - NO ALTERNATIVES)
Abilities: Light Slash Lvl 3 (only necessary if you don't want to use so many EP items), Heavy Slash (I'm honestly not sure it matters what level it is - the Walkthrough says it does but I've tested it and ATB Cost and damage made no difference at all), Aerora (must use Aerora for this one)

Quiet Guardian, Weapon: Chaos' Revenge (Reward for completing Main Quest 3), Gridanian Sigil (Reward for connecting the zones through Canvas of Prayers, available on Day 9 - any good defensive shield will work), Head: Preta Hood (Complete Main Quest 4), Wrist: Runic Ring (Treasure Sphere in Luxerion on the platform just above the kid with the cats)
Abilities: Imperil Lvl 3, Deprotect Lvl 3, Aerora

How to Kill
I killed him on Normal and this will expect you are too. Don't use this guide for Hard. It should work for Easy just fine.

Aeronite has 4 stagger levels and his stagger level never resets. If you're not familiar with the complicated mechanics of combat in this game, essentially this means that you can only stagger him 4 times. Each stagger level will apply a new debuff which never drops so you know what level you are on (Unprotected, Unshelled, and Broken) except the 4th (he will be laying on the ground at this point).

Aeronite has a ton of HP and traditional damage levels will not kill him. Once he hits his 4th stagger level, he will take 500% physical damage and that is how you will kill him.

If at any point you spend 178 seconds without staggering or defeating Aeronite, he will flee and you will have to find him again and start the right over. You won't have an issue staggering in this time, but if you're on your first playthrough your kill will probably be fairly tight on Normal difficulty, but it is doable. Easy is...easy and time will not be a factor if you're good enough to stagger him 4 times.

Step 1: Start in Equilibrium and cast Debrave twice. Renew this whenever it is convenient. Also, if you ever run out of ATB in your other two schema, switch to this and use Ruin to get some stagger preservation and rapidly regenerate the other two thanks to Equilibrium+.
Step 2: Switch to Quiet Guardian and cast Imperil until it sticks, then cast Aerora once and switch to Soldier of Peace and finish casting Aerora here. Feel free to use Overclock once for each stagger.
Step 3: Repeat step 2 until the stagger meter becomes red, then switch back to Quiet Guardian immediately and he should become staggered thanks to Chaos' Revenge (the Aerora hitting multiple times should trigger it without you having to cast anything, which is why I suggest using it - if necessary, cast one last elemental spell in Quiet Guardian).
Step 4: Keep doing steps 1-3 for each stagger, taking special care to keep Imperil and Debrave up (deprotect doesn't matter right now).

Now, it's not that simple. Aeronite does a LOT of damage. Here's how to deal with it and keep yourself alive:
Elemental Spells: Always switch to Quiet Guardian when one is about to hit you (it tells you he's casting it and you can see it approaching - some are faster than others). Your Quiet Guardian schema is set up to prevent 100% of magic damage so you can continue casting and not worry about Guard.
Black Hole: This will just draw you towards him. Due to the next attack he does, make sure you cast spells to get out ASAP. Alternating two different elemental spells will move you back the fastest (IE, casting Aerora, switching schema and immediately casting Fira, switching back and immediately casing Aerora, etc.).
Swipe: This is a normal attack and it will not tell you he's doing it. You can be out of range of it, so use spells to move back fast after Black Hole. Guard them if necessary in Quiet Guardian.
Roar: This is physical damage and is quite powerful. When you see it, quickly switch to Quiet Guardian and immediately block.
Megaton Break: The boss will rush toward you and then land back on the ground, causing Quake. You need to block both of these. It does have a somewhat long cast time. Be careful your first time but you will quickly learn how long you have to cast freely until you need to block. Once you start your block, hold it until after all the Quake damage is done. This ability will kill you instantly.
Hellflare: Extremely high damage magic and physical attack that replaces Megaton Break after the 2nd Stagger. Block as soon as you see it. The damage is physical and magic and will bypass your resistances. You can block all the damage if you perfect block. If you don't block at all, you will instantly die. This is why you brought the Phoenix Down.

Continuing on...

After the 4th Stagger, Aeronite will fall to the ground and will only cast elemental spells and Ruinga, all of which are magic. Make sure you always switch to Quiet Guardian here and you should never die. Remember, you only have 178 seconds.
Start in Quiet Guardian and use Deprotect. You'll want to switch to Soldier of Peace and spam Artemis' Arrows until out of ATB, Overclock, and repeat until you run out of EP. If he's still alive after you run out of EP, switch to Equilibrium and use Attack until your ATB recharges in Soldier of Peace. Make sure Deprotect doesn't fall off by spamming it a bit when you switch to Quiet Guardian to block his magic.
If you don't want to use your EP items, instead of spamming Artemis' Arrows use Light Slash once and then execute a perfect attack with Artemis' Arrows (use Artemis' Arrows the second Light Slash connects) to cause a rather huge amount of damage.

And with that, the boss should die. He drops a Falcon Charm which gives ATB Recovery +70. Rather good. However, if all you wanted was the achievement I recommend you reload a save so that you can use your rare Recovery Items on other boss fights as well.
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