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China Rising

New Superpower achievement in Battlefield 4 (Xbox 360)

New Superpower

Complete all China Rising Assignments

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How to unlock the New Superpower achievement

  • Thom SnowThom Snow261,404
    03 Dec 2013 26 Nov 2013 28 Dec 2013
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    All China Rising assignments require you to be a Rank 10 and have the China Rising DLC.
    I recommend getting the Safe Raiding assignment as soon as possible since you will need the bomber (SUAV) for other assignments.

    Currently the achievement seems to be glitched, since me and a lot of other TA users have reported to get the achievement while just unlocking one assignment. The easiest ones seem to be the Make a Dent and the Multi Talent, suggest you start on these before they patch it. So get it while you still can! In the latest update Dice patched the glitchy achievement, everyone who didn't get it yet will have to get it legit...

    Safe Raiding will reward you with the SUAV
    - Get a kill with the bombing raid (the bomber does the most damage to vehicles, so try it on Tanks and IFV's)

    Eyes in the Sky will reward you with the UCAV
    - Air Superiority Ribbon (win an Air Superiority Round)
    - Jet Fighter Ribbon x3 (killing 5 enemies with a Jet Fighter will reward 1 Ribbon)

    Open Fire will reward you with my favourite weapon from BF3, the L85A2
    - Assault Ribbon x3 (Kill 6 enemies with any Assault Rifle, the game requires you to unlock the ribbons before it will register any of the below kills)
    - Get a kill with pistol in a round
    - Get a kill with 40mm Grenade in a round
    - Get a kill with the Defibrillators in a round
    These need to be in one round! (except for the ribbons)

    Make a Dent will reward you with the MP7
    - Destroy an Air vehicle with a Portable AA (portable AA's are the Igla and the Stinger)
    - Anti vehicle ribbon x3 (Destroy 2 vehicles in a round)

    Powder Keg will reward you with the RPK-74M
    - Get a mortar kill
    - LMG Ribbon x3 (Kill 6 enemies with any LMG)

    Need Only One will reward you with the L96A1
    - Sniper Ribbon x3 (Kill 6 enemies with any Sniper Rifle, the game requires you to unlock the ribbons before it will register any of the below kills)
    - Get a kill with a shotgun in a round
    - Get a kill with a DMR in a round
    - Get a kill with C4 in a round (the C4 kill needs to be with the Recon kit, not the Support)
    These need to be in one round! (except for the ribbons)

    Mother of all Bombs requires you to have completed the Safe Raiding assignment
    - Get 15 Kills with the Bombing Raid (the bomber does the most damage to vehicles, so try it on Tanks and IFV's)
    - Destroy an enemy bomber

    Multi Talent will reward you with the MTAR-2
    - Get a kill with a Sniper Rifle in a round
    - Get a kill with an Assault Rifle in a round
    - Get a kill with a LMG in a round
    - Get a kill with a Hand Grenade in a round
    These need to be in one round!

    I'm Dynamite requires you to be Rank 20
    - Bomber Delivery Ribbon x3 (Get 3 kills with the Bomber in a round)
    - Get 20 UCAV kills
    - Score a multikill (2 quick kills in a row)

    Middle King will reward you with the Middle King Dog Tag
    - Play 10 hours of China Rising
    - Get a kill streak of 5 (requires a 6 killstreak, five times)
    - Get a kill with the SUAV (unlocks after completing the assignment Safe Raiding)

    Check out to check out your progress, Happy Hunting!

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    scorcher117Why do you want to destroy the bomber? Do you just really want to ruin peoples chances at getting there assignments?
    Posted by scorcher117 on 25 Jun 14 at 15:26
    Sneaky G Wizardabsolutely, it's great fun toast
    Posted by Sneaky G Wizard on 25 Jun 14 at 15:27
    willow veBomber kills are a pain on normal servers. I feel like 90% of the time there are either no vehicles on the map or they are moving to fast to hit. Getting 1 or 2 kills per round seems pretty easy, but that 3rd kill is so elusive.
    Posted by willow ve on 30 Sep 14 at 14:15
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  • Roose91Roose91993,303
    24 Feb 2014 22 Feb 2014 22 Feb 2014
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    This is more of an addition to Ostrinaut Ozzy's guide above as its great but I was a little confused as to the best way to get bomber and UCAV kills and although I'm not bad at flying/evading with jets, i'm definitely not great at getting kills and found the Jet Ribbon difficult to get once, let alone 3 times. Note that at the time of writing I don't have this achievement and only have all the jet ribbons out of what i've talked about above, but after I worked out a decent method over the last 2-3 hours I should have it down tomorrow or the day after.

    Bomber kills I believe have to be done on Conquest mode on China Rising maps. I would recommend playing hardcore even if you don't normally and just shamelessly camp around the bomber control point at C flag. As long as you get a "splash" or hit marker on hardcore (I know they don't show in hardcore but by core standards) with this, it's almost certainly a kill. It can be a bit problematic as its quite often down to raw luck of where the enemy is once the bomber launched and on Silk Road in Particular, there are large parts of the map where enemies will probably be but you can't traverse the sight round that far or it will say the weapon system is "out of range". Just persevere and play a lot as there isn't any better way without boosting. Basically if you see a stationary target, spam all 4 JDAMs into it and cross your fingers.

    UCAV kills are by far easiest when attacking on Rush. Set up a reasonable distance away from the enemy positions as because the UCAV is tube launched, it will cover a lot of ground upon being fired after which you have 10 seconds to drop it on a target before it self destructs. There is no need to play hardcore for this as the explosion will kill in one as long as it's within 3 feet or so. Don't target vehicles unless you know its been substantially damaged already as although it will deal 50-60 damage to an MBT, by the time your UCAV replenishes, the tank will have recovered from its damage. The reason I say Rush is that you will have the whole enemy team consolidated in a much smaller area (particularly at the first base) than in any other game mode and as the defending team, enemies (particularly Recon and Support players) are likely to be stationary, bipod down, dug in at firing points meaning you can just drop the UCAV straight down on them without much risk of missing. As long as you stay far enough back, unless you come up against a very skilled defensive team which favours an aggressive "counter attack" type defensive play-style (which with Rush being my go-to game type since BC2 is highly uncommon-most teams will generally just dig in around the M-Comm stations) you shouldn't be getting killed too much and can just sit back, fire UCAV, get kill, wait for it to replenish and rinse and repeat. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE HOW FAR THIS THING LAUNCHES FROM THE TUBE. I wasted ages trying to work out the range but believe me it launches quite a distance and it's easier and quicker to walk a few metres forwards if its exploding early than keep trying to circle the UCAV back on itself because you are overshooting.

    Lastly the easiest way to get Jet Ribbons I found was:

    a.) If you are a confident pilot who can outgun most other players in the air like a friend of mine but not me; just go play a few rounds of Air Superiority and you're golden.
    b.) For the rest of us, I recommend playing conquest on a map with ground attack jets and target "soft" vehicles such as Buggy's and Quads with AGM missiles (The ground attack jet's default missiles). Even in core as long as you maintain lock and the missile reaches the buggy, it will always be a one hit kill (on the Chinese and Russian Buggys anyway, the American MRAP, which is actually an armoured car rather than a buggy has sometimes taken one hit from me, sometimes it's taken two so i'd recommend firing both to be sure). Just keep (A-10 Wart?)hogging the ground attack jets and hitting those targets and you should be fine, just watch out for other pilots trying to spoil your fun and don't be afraid to use the cannon in conjunction with the AGMs against MBTs for kills too-it should take both missiles and a full burst from the cannon to knock a tank out.
    Alternatively, and this is a bit hit and miss but it worked for me for one ribbon, grab a jet at the start and rush the enemy spawn, a lot of players usually jump straight in the transport chopper for a quick way out to the centre of the map at the start of the match and if you are lucky the chopper might be at full capacity with 5-6 enemies on board. If you just leather the chopper with your cannon or if the pilot is inexperienced and doesn't use flares you can quite easily knock it down for 1 ribbon plus 1 extra kill in one fell swoop with both heatseekers and a cannon burst.

    Happy hunting guys.
  • SaintSkyeSaintSkye219,067
    01 Mar 2014 01 Mar 2014
    9 6 3
    Just to clarify, you will need to complete every assignment from China Rising, EXCEPT the PHANTOM PROSPECT assignment. You do not need to complete this assignment, even though it is marked as a China Rising assignment
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    TheOtherBarberThe Phantom assignments aren't part of any DLC. If you go to a Second Assault assignment then back to a Phantom one the little Icon will still be there too but they are standalone BF4 assignments.
    Posted by TheOtherBarber on 31 May 14 at 07:25
    SaintSkyeThat would make sense seeing as how they don't need to be completed for the achievement to pop. Thanks for providing a reason behind it.
    Posted by SaintSkye on 31 May 14 at 19:20
    ScottMacFreedomGIVE THIS MAN AN UP VOTE! Seriously I unlocked all the phantom reqs... But I was really hoping I didn't need to complete this one... MBT isn't my forte.
    Posted by ScottMacFreedom on 02 Oct 14 at 07:40
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