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Carver Style achievement in Far Cry Classic

Carver Style

Complete the game in Hard or Realistic difficulty.

Carver Style+0.2
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How to unlock the Carver Style achievement

  • II Kazz IIII Kazz II1,325,630
    28 Mar 2014 29 Mar 2014
    130 8 34
    Complete HARD...ON EASY...well almost, you will need a USB pen drive, or use the Cloud, here is what you do:

    - Complete the game on EASY.

    - Go to dashboard and copy all saves to USB or Cloud.

    - Launch the game, start a new campaign on Hard, select yes to overwrite, all HDD saves are deleted.

    - Load into the first level till you see the white auto save icon as it starts.

    - Once saved, dashboard, and copy the VOLCANO part 5 save to HDD from USB device or Cloud.

    - Launch game, select checkpoint, VOLCANO part 5, run upto the guy in the room and kill him, Hard achievement unlocked.

    Hope this helps..

    PLEASE NOTE: Only use your own saves when copying from devices, NEVER use anyone elses save to shortcut this. Using other peoples saves is against MS TOS, and is also frowned upon in this community, so do not do it.

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    Dr MartyStill works as of "just look at time stamp of this post" facepalm
    Posted by Dr Marty on 31 Dec 19 at 14:26
    Felipekmsstill works? on xone too or only 360?
    Posted by Felipekms on 26 Mar 20 at 09:37
    SeitzzStill works, think it's Xbox 360 only, as it's emulator on Xbox One and you have no extra external spot to transfer the save too AFAIK. I don't think running BC would recognize an external drive? Not sure on that, never tried.
    Posted by Seitzz on 27 Apr 20 at 17:47
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  • RioT vIvRioT vIv608,191
    16 Feb 2014 16 Feb 2014 16 Feb 2014
    15 2 2
    First off this won't be a full game guide, but since at the time of writing this there is no guide I hope I can offer some tips to help make the game as easy as possible. I HIGHLY recommend first playing on Easy, not only will you learn level layouts, enemy positions, but all miscellaneous achievements will be very easy to gain. Every achievement can theoretically be done on Hard, but Hot Zone Date, Wildlife Safari and Ninja Jack will be very challenging.
    Note: as far as I know you CAN NOT change difficulty when replaying missions, so if you need to go back you will still be playing on Easy. Whereas if you start on Hard then do a mop-up 2nd play through on Easy you'll need to play all the way back to the desired level since all missions are reset when starting a new game.

    - Turn your in-game brightness up. This will make night-time levels looks like day, also using the flashlight (UP on D-PAD) helps making getting around easier.
    -Make good use of the binoculars: they tag enemies and you can see what is coming up (LEFT on D-PAD)
    - Keep your distance, especially from the 'Monkey' Trigens, they are very fast and on Hard can kill you in 1 hit or 2 with armor. When outside, human soldiers will sometimes not even react to their friend being shot right next to them if you are far enough away.
    - Use long range weapons while keeping distance from enemies: The M4 is very good, about 1/2 way in game you can pick up the AG36 assault rifle, it has a scope and great range. The AW50 sniper is essential to have on you at all times.
    -Most indoor areas you cant keep much distance: the Jackhammer shotgun is a 1-2 shot kill on most human enemies. For Trigens, a fully auto weapon (I mostly only used the AG36) works the best.
    - Grenades: use them, you'll find a lot laying around anyways.
    - Alternative fire mode: Pressing DOWN on the D-Pad on some weapons gives you a secondary fire mode. The most helpful is on the Buggy/4WD, you get rockets! This is incredibly helpful during the mission "Swap" when your AI teammate drives (horribly) you around and you must use the attached gun. The rocket kills enemy Jeeps and helicopters in one hit.
    - Avoid vehicles when possible - on easy they work great, but on Hard you take a lot of damage will die quick. Levels like "River" they want you to use a boat, but you can do more damage on land. Also, the driving is pretty awkward and clunky.
    -Pay attention to the Radar: BLUE = safe. YELLOW= enemies are suspicious, RED = they want you dead.
    - Search high and low: there is lots of goodies to be found, but wait for your raddar to be blue, also listen for the music to stop playing as this usually means everyone is dead
    - Go prone- you become a harder target to hit, plus makes sniping easier and there is less sway when aiming. Note: when scoped in UP on the D-PAD zooms in, down zooms out.
    - Press start, go down to HOW TO PLAY for more helpful tips.

    For the last level "Volcano" check out my solution for a very useful trick.
    Far Cry ClassicUnleashed FuryThe Unleashed Fury achievement in Far Cry Classic worth 19 pointsComplete Volcano Mission.

    Overall Far Cry Classic isn't very difficult on Hard, if you want a challenge (and possibly a broken controller wink ) feel free to play on Realistic, although it isn't required for Carver Style. There aren't really many tips to give as these apply to most games. It is easy to get lost/confused on what to do and where to go. However, you'll find more health/ammo being lost. If you do 2 play throughs (highly recommended) you'll know exactly what to do the second time around, thus making your Hard play though relatively quick.

    Most gamers should't have to much trouble, especially those who have played FPS games on harder difficulties. However for some, the clunky controls and driving will make this game harder then it should be. This is my first in-depth guide so I hope it offers some help! smile
    Feel free to comment with any additions or questions.
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    EpiccRoeleyhow do i defeat krieger in the first encounter,after you get to the volcano base? there's four guys i think and krieger,does he have a special weakness or?
    Posted by EpiccRoeley on 29 Jun 14 at 08:27
    TS GhostOn another note, make sure you have AIM ASSIST ON. I played without it until Hard turned hard. I find it very useful.
    Posted by TS Ghost on 22 Aug 14 at 01:30
  • togethawiistandtogethawiistand452,980
    02 Nov 2014 06 Nov 2014 19 Feb 2015
    5 3 0
    If, like me, you can't follow II Kazz II solution because you already restarted the game on Hard (therefore erasing your prior Easy saves) or if you just want to unlock it legit, I have some tips for making it possible, as I myself completed it recently.

    It took me a long time to realize two things in this game:

    - the long range weapon with the blue scope (AG36?) has a grenade laucher fire mode

    - if you moved over a health pack while having full health, you picked it up and are carrying it as a spare one, which can be used by opening the wheel menu (LB) and highlighting it. I went most of my second playthrough (Hard) without knowing this. You can use this second HP whenever you're without armor and your health isn't full, for example. Make things a bit easier.


    There are 3 major moments that I can think of in this game where you might have some difficult and use some advice. I'll do my best to explain them and how to get pass.

    1- If I remember right, at the end of the mission where you have to blow up the 3 radio towers is when you'll have to sabotage a ship, making it also blow, and then a "boss" comes in a helicopter. This part is no trouble on Easy, but on Hard it took more than 10 good rockets hits to take it down. To add to the challenge, you have no good place to take cover, so before you can fully take it down, you die. So, here's the workaround I came up with:

    Before placing the explosive charges in the ship, after having killed everybody aboard (on Hard the few guys inside have rocket launchers on themselves and very good aim, so you have to carefully get rid of them), go and clear the nearest area to the right, if you're facing the open sea, or to the left, if you're looking towards the beach, of this ship. There you'll find a lot of guys, a tower and 3 barracks. Once you clear this area, you can find extra rockets in the barracks and in the tower. This will help a lot in the upcoming fight. Now, once both the ship area and this barracks area near to the objective are clear, go back to the ship and place the explosives. It will take around 15 seconds for it to go off, during which you should immediately jump out into the water and head to that other area that you've cleared (barracks). It's good to have a boat nearby to help you get there faster. After the ship blows up, the helicopter boss comes after you, even if you are in this area you weren't supposed to be. It's easier to fight it there because, for some reason, there will be no guy manning its turret and shooting at you, just the chopper hovering above. Hold the cn_LT to aim and wait the green bar to fill up to fire a guided shot at it. After the tenth shot, the chopper will flee, going back to the proper area by the ship where this fight should be taking place. Go after it. Now it will keep flying around much faster, but in a regular pattern, so you have little trouble placing the extra 2 or 3 shots needed to take it down. As I've said, that barracks area is good for having some extra ammo, so if you didn't miss a shot (there's no reason for it since they're are automatically guided) you'll have enough to resupply your gun. That's it. Let's now cover the second most difficult part IMO.

    2- On the last mission, when you get to the room with the cutscene where Valerie is being kept hostage and you have to defeat the mutant, shooting one or two well placed rockets on the ground are enough to take care of all the armored guys, which leaves you to deal only with the mutant himself. You have two alternatives: 1- make a run upstairs through the right or hide behind some structure while you prepare yourself to shoot him and take as little damage as possible. No matter which you choose, just be careful not to kill Valerie in the process (thus why the rockets at the beginning are said to be well placed).

    3- Finally, the most difficult part IMO is the open volcano area, at the very end, where you go through 2 "blast doors" to get outside and then have to go into the elevator which is at the middle of this big open area. Before getting here, if you looked carefully, there's a special fenced room with all weapons, ammo and health kits. It's even better if you go there before going down the stairs to the blast doors, because the game makes a save there, so, in the case you die (and you shall) instead of having to go back to this ammo room each time, the game reloads a version of you ready for the battle. I think it's important to say this because I screwed up the first time, so I had to reload the game and replay the mutant part to do things properly the second time, so I'm warning you. It might not sound like a big deal having a save after having picked up all supplies you need, but believe me, after you die a few times in the open volcano area, you'll be glad to have the save point ready that way. Once you have a proper save of you char with health, armor and ammo 100%, it's safe to head outside to die to fight. Here's the best strategy I came up with:

    As soon as the second blast door opens (you won't be able to go back inside) have the thermal vision on as well as the binoculars. Don't press forward too much, cuz you don't want to be seen. Actually, stay at the second blast door. Move the camera around and tag the 4 "jumpy"(sorry, don't know their names) guys that are up on each corner. Once you do that, turn heat vision off if you'd like, crouch/prone and quickly get rid of at least 3 of them (maybe if you're fast enough, all 4) with the sniper. Then, quickly go to the left behind some cover at the very second blast door. Stay there. A big "rocket" monster is coming at you, in fact, must be already there. From the door cover, you'll be able to see only his rocket arm, which you'll fire with the shotgun multiple times, again as quickly as possible, without being seen. The monster will stay there, taking damage and grunting and will soon die. Now, if you sniped the "jumpies" on the left, it's safe to run that way. Don't stay at the blast door any longer, because another TWO rocket guys will come at you, what would make it impossible to stay alive. When you run to the left, you get passed one of them. Kill him quickly. The best way: throw a grenade, fire a rocket. Throw a grenade, fire another rocket. Until he dies. That way there's not lapse of time while you reload in which the monster can shoot you. After you killed the first, it's safe to quickly kill the second.

    Considering that you were able to follow these directions with perfection, there's only another 2 rocket guys to deal with in this down area. Sometimes, they spawn randomly, meaning that by the time you've dealt with everybody else mentioned above, they are already out in the open. On other times, they spawn inside the room you have to get in to activate the elevator. Whichever the case, deal with them, from a safe distance, one at a time.

    I can guarantee that this method works and that tagging and getting rid of the "jumpy" guys the way I described is best, otherwise they'll drive you crazy since their accuracy in movement is much more precise plus the fact you have to keep paying attention to the big rocket guys.

    Once you've cleared this area and gotten up through the elevator you hit a save point. Between you and the traitor there's only a few "swat" armored guys upstairs. Use the grenade launcher mode of the AG36 and simply do some splash damage hitting them, nearby objects or the floor to get them down.

    Now, if you already got the achievement for beating up the final guy with a punch on a Easy playthrough, this time and just to be careful, use a grenade, giving him no chance to kill you one last time.

    If this solution helped you in any way, give it a thumbs up and leave a comment.
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