Factory Legend achievement in Forza Motorsport 5

Factory Legend

Reach Affinity level 25 with 8 car manufacturers.

Factory Legend+0.2
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How to unlock the Factory Legend achievement

  • ReptarOnIce3000ReptarOnIce3000524,271
    02 Jan 2014 29 Dec 2013 28 Apr 2014
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    There is really no quick way around this one. No matter what you do, it's going to be approx. a 65-75 hours grind (this is total car use time, so it includes all time using that manufacturer in the championships + time spent grinding so more realistically 35-40 hours of your time solely for this achievement). But, there are some ways to make it less painful.

    This is the method I've been doing the past few days and it has made it seem like a breeze:

    Mode: Free Play.
    Car: Select the car in which you would like to boost Affinity with.
    Track: Indianapolis Motor Speedway - Oval
    Max Drivatars: 15
    Laps: Anywhere from 20-50 but at least 20. I will give more info on laps later in the solution.
    Collision Mode: Always Off. This is just so you don't have to worry about hitting the other cars, it serves no other purpose than that.

    Now all you have to do is race.

    The reason for the 20 laps is because that will guarantee one affinity level every race, and will only take about 15-20 minutes. 40 laps will guarantee 2 levels but will take about 30-40 min. 50 laps will guarantee 2.5 levels but will take about 45-60 min. The time it takes really depends on the car you are driving. Each lap is equivalent to 1,000 EXP, and you need 20,000 EXP per affinity level, hence the 20 lap minimum. Of course you could do less, depending on how much you would like to space out race time. The intervals I would recommend though are 20, 40, or 50 laps. (50 is the max amount of laps allowed)

    Level 25 info: (this has been consistent over all 4 manufacturers I have done)
    Total XP: 485,000
    Total Time Driven: 8-9 hours per car.

    Happy grinding!!

    Thank you to peacemak3r for this one:

    Alternatively, you can do the career races that yield large XP rewards, such as the ones that give 7,000-10,000 XP. Unfortunately it may be tough to find the high XP races for the specific manufacturer you are boosting.

    ***EDIT 2***
    Credit goes to RzrsS for this one:

    If you would like to do this with little to no effort:
    Set up a private multiplayer lobby. Do a 1 mile drag with ten heats and a 5 second end race timer. Rubber band your RT. You will receive 10000 XP every 10/12 minutes. It will take a slight amount of time more, but will require no effort!
    Note: You will have to press (x) still after every race, so you will have to monitor the game. I'd just advice doing something else in the process such as watching Netflix on a laptop or play a PC game on a laptop if that is an available option to you.

    ***EDIT 3***
    Credit goes to O6 FresH:
    (This is just a copy and paste quote from the comments):
    "better/faster way to rank up X Class , and P class cars
    just thought i would tell you guys about this ive been doing it all day/night and its working faster than indy 50 laps i realized it while trying to get in the top100 on the leaderboards for x class cars on certain tracks , if you enter rival mode and play tracks like Prague Full circuit and bathurst australia if you do about 10 laps which with X and P class cars is just over minute if your a decent driver you will get like 22 thousand xp every 13mins which is alot better than indy oval and alot more fun especially if your trying to get a fast lap try it out for your self and see , you also get quite abit more money for the rival bonus anyway give it a try its defo faster and less boring than indy only thing is its only good for X and P class cars peace
    sorry about the grammer lol"

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    KillrNutI've gotten so bored of Indy Oval that I've been doing some long races at Le Mans just to change things up a bit.
    Posted by KillrNut on 18 Mar at 03:27
    wereszkothis is being tiring, it seems never to end these races
    Posted by wereszko on 23 Aug at 01:01
    ResinousHashish5 more levels and this shit is done
    Posted by ResinousHashish on 03 Sep at 20:52
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  • VegaDark541VegaDark541312,343
    01 May 2014 12 Aug 2014
    41 3 13
    This can be boosted overnight or while at work with any car manufacturer, without needing to press any buttons other than rubber banding down RT to accelerate. This will also help you level up and can contribute to your multiplayer medals. This is slower than doing the methods that ReptarOnIce3000 has in his solution, but all those require at least regular checks on the controller to advance, while this method does not require that - It's completely hands off.

    What you need to do is enter multiplayer, then go to "Special Events." Go to "Unlimited Drag", which should be the first option on the list. Search for a match, choose a car made by the manufacturer who's affinity that you want to increase, rubber band RT down, and that's it! You don't ever need to press A to advance - You will never leave the lobby and drag races will automatically select a map and start without any input by you, so long as there are at least 2 people in the lobby. You can completely ignore the "You will leave the race in 30 seconds" screen at the end of a race. Make sure your controller is plugged in to make sure it doesn't automatically shut off (I'm unsure if holding down RT will prevent the controller turning off from inactivity when not plugged in).

    While this is enough to get races completed and will contribute minimally to XP and affinity, actually earning medals will earn you much more. [Edit: Per the comments, gaining medals only contributes to Driver Level experience, not affinity, so if you don't need that you can ignore this section] This is harder to do while idle, but still possible. You're going to want to choose the fastest car you can get with the manufacturer you need, and search for a drag race tune and apply it to your car. This will help immensely towards getting medals in the drag events, increasing your affinity that much more. Lots of people are pro at this, and you will still get beat quite a bit, but once in a blue moon you will earn a medal which increases the earnings substantially. You will also want as many assists off as possible to increase your XP gain, while keeping automatic transmission and traction help on obviously since you won't be at your controller to manually shift.

    I tried this last night and went from affinity 9 to affinity 17 with a manufacturer, and earned about 10 levels in the process. i also earned quite a few multiplayer medals.

    Even better, find a partner to agree to use each others' tunes and paint jobs while each doing this, and you are certain to get all those achievements after an overnight session.

    This method isn't fool proof - In the morning after my first try with this, my Xbox was frozen on a black screen and required a restart. While boosting it at work, I returned home to a "You have been disconnected from the game" screen. Both times, however, I attained substantial progress before hitting some sort of issue. If you are dedicated about leaving this on overnight or while otherwise away from your xbox, I can't see this taking more than a week or two to complete this achievement, while also getting all 325 multiplayer medals and getting all the driver level achievements - All without actually needing to play.

    TIP FROM I Turbro I: "When I tried this method the first 2 times I noticed after about 2-3 hours my Xbox would quit the game & go back to Home, I found out it was due to my Kinect being plugged in. When the Kinect can't see you in the room for a couple of hours it backs you out like that. To fix the problem is whenever your going to perform the method above just go to Settings - Kinect - & Uncheck the Kinect on box (so Kinect is off). Then continue & enjoy your boosting. "
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    VegaDark541Don't just disable connect, actually unplug it. I find that if I merely disable the Kinect it still sometimes sends me to the home screen. I used this just a few days ago for around 5 hours straight, it still works.
    Posted by VegaDark541 on 09 Mar 15 at 17:52
    MoxavianThis method is a bit slower now since I find myself in an empty lobby waiting on players after several matches. Still works, just may take a bit longer :)
    Posted by Moxavian on 22 Mar 16 at 13:19
    ResinousHashishVery slow as of 12/26/2017 but it is still earning my XP while I am not playing, can't really complain.

    Went up 5 affinity levels with 5 hours of AFK boosting like this, levels vary widely as the track selected depends on the XP earned and how long you have to wait between lobbies.
    Posted by ResinousHashish on 27 Dec 17 at 00:26
  • AzzawonAzzawon264,608
    17 Jun 2014 04 Aug 2014
    16 5 2
    The most efficient and fun way I can think of completing this achievement is by playing multiplayer and working towards the 'Full Medal Jacket' achievement, which is to earn 325 medals in multiplayer. As well as that, chances are that you will take part in 50 races on Long Beach and 50 races on Nurburgring, netting you both 'Beach Hopper' and 'Ringer'.

    The best thing to do is to choose a class you want to race in and then choose a very consistent lobby car (or one you see regularly at the top of the leaderboards in Rivals for that specific class). Don't forget to choose a good tune before you take it online too! I find many of the cars are very good with a 'Tuned by Worm' tune.

    While working your way to 325 medals, race one of these classes with your car of choice, and you'll eventually reach level 25 affinity with the car's manufacturer. Once you've completed one, switch class and choose a different car manufacturer.

    For example, here's what I've been doing so far:

    X Class: Lotus E21
    P Class: #55 Mazda 787B (VIP Exclusive, thanks HolyHa1fDead for pointing it out!)
    R Class: BMW M3 Race Car/#92 M3 GT2
    S Class: Formula Ford

    I'm still working my way to 8 manufacturers, but it's certainly more enjoyable to do it in multiplayer rather than driving round in circles or taping up your controller for drag races. Not only that, but it helps you earn other achievements online!

    Hope this helps anyone, and if you have any other suggestions for cars to use or any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments smile
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    HolyHalfDeadI agree with you that you can make some really good progress towards this achievement just by playing the game, and that with a little planning you shouldn't have to grind out this achievement. I think you should point out that the #55 Mazda 787B is a VIP exclusive car.
    Posted by HolyHalfDead on 02 Aug 14 at 22:28
    AzzawonThanks for pointing that out! I'll update it now smile
    Posted by Azzawon on 04 Aug 14 at 14:34
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