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Colour of Money

Earn 30,000 credits from the community using your designs.

Colour of Money+6.6
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  • WikuWiku460,381
    08 Jul 2014 23 Dec 2013 21 Jul 2014
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    also look in the comment section for helpful posts !!

    Just an addition to the other awesome guides here.
    Found a faster method which requires very less effort.
    Works on the latest patch where are Drag races were added.

    What you want to do is, race with a dummy account, whcich has your tuning setup and design on the car. In free play.
    Instead of using Circuit races select Drag (by pressing 'right' at the Game Oprtions -- Game Type)

    Game Type: Drag
    Max AI: 1
    Drivatar Diff: your choice
    Car: Any
    Drive Type: Any
    Assists: you want to select Automatic shift

    What I did:
    I taped down the RT and watched some movies on my other TV and just selected Restart.
    Takes about 1:00 minute to complete 1 race including all loading screens.

    EDIT::: You have to do at least 80-100 races in one DAY ( I think the Forza Server counts from 7pm PST- to 7pm PST next day) to get credits for the races.

    I made 330 races in ca 7-8hrs and earned 70k for tuning and 25k for desings.
    My 2nd run I made 100 races and got 11k in design and 17k in tuningawards, but this time I drove in Multiplayer. Same setup with one change, I change from 3 passes into 10 passes. Takes about 12 minutes for the 10 races.
  • BeSlayedBeSlayed216,349
    17 Feb 2015 16 Feb 2015 16 Feb 2015
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    After trying the Drag solution, i tried to make it so what easier to get this achievement, and then i found this:

    1. Sign in under a different gamertag.

    2. Buy a car and download a paint (and a tune) created under your own gamertag.

    3. Go into Rivals mode.

    4. Start a race, using the car loaded with your paint/tune.

    5. After the race has started, quit out of the race. (Tip: Dont restart from within the race, as this wont count towards a use).

    6. When you are back in the menu, (but still in rivals mode), restart the race. This will take you to another menu where you can select "Start Race").

    You dont need to actually complete a race. Just select finish as soon as the race has started.

    Everytime you do steps 4 to 6 will be counted as a single use for your paint/tune.

    Credits are paid on a daily basis, and are based on a minimum number of uses for that particular day. A day starts at 4pm Pacific Standard Time (the same time the in game messages are sent out informing you about any uses of your paints or tunes).

    To earn credits, the minimum number of daily uses is something like 100 uses for a paint and 50 for a tune. To be safe, aim for 150 uses. This should take about an hour.

    (Credits go to: Captain Bluey from

    alot faster then doing the 10 heats with the drag races
    hope it helps.
  • Removed Gamer
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    Hey here's what I did hope it helps and provides clarity

    Having already done 50 races 2 days in a row and receiving nothing, I created a third profile,

    I then used my design for 55 races also liking it on the third profile, my design included paint and vinyl/decals

    I then went to my second profile and did 50 races with the same design and liked it, I then changed car and design did 30 races, liked the design

    This got me 19k cr and the first two achievements

    Forza Motorsport 5Painting by NumbersThe Painting by Numbers achievement in Forza Motorsport 5 worth 61 pointsEarn 1,000 credits from the community using your paint jobs.

    Forza Motorsport 5Museum QualityThe Museum Quality achievement in Forza Motorsport 5 worth 99 pointsEarn 15,000 credits from the community using your designs.

    The next day I used a new design 50 uses and a like on both profiles, then a third design 20 races and a like

    I received another 19k and the final achievement

    Forza Motorsport 5Colour of MoneyThe Colour of Money achievement in Forza Motorsport 5 worth 140 pointsEarn 30,000 credits from the community using your designs.

    I'm not sure if the likes are relevant but I thought it safe to get those too and mention them
  • Nameless SaintNameless Saint1,310,842
    03 Dec 2013 06 Dec 2013
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    I am pretty sure that you have to have at least 200+ uses in one day. I did this with 2 boost accounts, and used the BMW 1 Series M Coupe you get this car for free if you pick it at the start of the Career. I did about 150 on one of my dummy accounts, and then 50-60 give or take with my other dummy account. I did all of this after I received the messages from Forza about more uses can earn you money. I stayed up until 7am I got about 200+ uses for my tune and design but I didn't want all that work to go to waste so I asked a few friends to use my design and tune when they had the time,1 guy used them 21 time the other 20+.I did this because I receive my messages from turn 10 at 8pm and I started boosting my uses a little before 12am and I did not know if that would have an effect on my achievements because I started before 12am I didn't know if X amount of kills before or after would be added for my day grand total, so I put the original 200 up to 250+.All this put me at a grand total of 255+ tune and design uses, and 4-5 downloads total. The next day when it was message time I did not receive anything but the same old messages about more uses will gain you more money.I was very mad and didn't want to boost it anymore so that day I didn't do anything with my tunes or designs and no one else used them. The next day came (12/02/2013) a friend told me to check my turn 10 messages and I received the following:
    Professional status: In the last 24 hours, you earned 51,289 CR for your shared tuning.
    Professional status: In the last 24 hours, you earned 35,545 CR for your shared

    Now I did have a Audi that had 200+ uses for tune and designs also but that was done a long time before this.
    So I'll I can say is I think you need 200-250 uses in one day maybe 100 uses but I tried 250 and it worked for me.

    So If you want to do this by yourself here is what you do:

    Make 1 or 2 extra accounts they become gold once you get them on your Xbox one, if you already have a gold account on you system.

    buy a car on you main account that you can get for free on you dummy accounts at the start of career.
    Keep it simple use the BMW 1 series M coupe.After you buy this car make a design, and tune just change the tyre pressure keep it all free :) because your dummy accounts will not have any money. Make sure to give your design and tune a simple description to make it easy to find.

    Now start the game with 1 of you dummy accounts and do the race in the P1 after this is done choose the BMW 1 series M coupe as your free car or whatever car you happened to pick. Now after you get your free car you can pick you paint job hit the back button to search for you design, once you have it continue. The game will put you in a new race, once it starts pause the game and quit out to the main menu.

    Go to tune/upgrade and hit X now hit back for setup manager, select load setup, hit back again for search, find you tune and save and install it. Back out to the main menu and select Free play, select your car with your design and tune on it. set the game up like this:

    Tack: Top Gear, West Circuit

    Game options:
    Circuit race
    AI: 7 or whatever you like
    Laps: 1
    Collision Mode: Always off

    Now start game do your one lap, make sure you select restart after you finish each race this will save you lots of time trust me lol.

    Now I hope this helps you guys and gals out, If anyone wants to try to do only 100 uses in one day and let me know what happens that would be great.
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