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Benchmarking the P1

Hit 245 miles per hour in your 2013 McLaren P1 by 12/31/13.

10 Oct 2013 until 31 Dec 2013

Benchmarking the P1
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Challenge Guide for Benchmarking the P1

  • CR41G 88CR41G 8899,533
    22 Nov 2013 23 Nov 2013 23 Nov 2013
    54 1 32
    I went into free play.
    Chose the Le Mans track. Its the Old Mulsanne Circuit.
    Then game options; And Put 0 AI players

    I rented the P1, and I didn't have to pay for it because it was the first one I rented.

    At the end of the LONG straight. you will just hit 245/246 mph and it will unlock. Can't remember if it was straight away or once I just quit out.

    If you need any help. Message me.
  • GauderioGauderio148,663
    29 Dec 2013 29 Dec 2013
    0 0 0
    I used the Le mans old track. Please note that you can't use the drag tires or else the challenge won't pop. Just auto tune your car to the p class.
  • The Ol n DeThe Ol n De239,285
    24 Nov 2013 29 Dec 2013
    1 1 0
    Do not do the same mistake than I did.
    I was starting a second profile for a guest later in the day, and I decided to get those challenges as well, so I took the P1 LCE to sort this one out.
    he he WRONG.
    The limited P1 has better handling yes, but a lot lower top speed, and it would not go any quicker than 230 mph on the straight.
    You definitely need the "normal" P1 for that challenge.
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