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How to unlock the Prestige Hound achievement

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    Most of these are rather simple/straight forward such as kill X enemies with weapon Y or a certain skill move, so I thought I'd focus on giving folks a shortcut to do the "create 50 of weapon X" during the end-game after you've finished everything else.

    Rather than waiting for your weapon locker to regenerate, I've found some shortcuts you guys might find useful for the pain-in-the-ass "create 50 of weapon X" PP trials.

    For some of these shortcuts you will need the skill point spent in the associated 'use any item from whatever category for the blueprint to create it'. This is so that you won't have to hunt down the specific items from the blueprint, just items from that category (firearms, explosives, etc).

    When the boxes of items like the grenade box, motor oil box, and tool box (wrenches) run dry, just restart the chapter via chapter select.

    ***Anywhere that I mention going to the safehouse and clearing it to use the weapons locker, you have the option of just creating a Mobile Weapons Locker combo vehicle in the garage and using it. I still suggest going to the safehouse if you haven't finished your skill move kills (body slam, disembowel, etc). But if you've finished all those you can save time using the weapons locker combo vehicle.

    For efficiency's sake, you might want to develop a circuit that caters to your needs. For instance you could load Ch 1, grab 8 motor oils in the garage, then run to the gun store. Combine the 8 motor oils with 8 guns to make 8 acid rains. Then combine guns with grenades for boom cannons until you run out of grenades (there should still be plenty of guns left). Now grab 8 more guns and head back to the garage to make 8 more acid rains. From there, grab 8 tires and head to the safehouse to use your weapons locker for helmets to make 8 beer hats. From there jump down to the U Break store and grab 8 nail guns. Run up the street to the gym and find the 8 gloves on the floor to make 8 dragon punches. Then head next door to Shanks and grab 8 blades. Take them back the garage and combine them with motor oil to make 8 flaming swords. You get the idea...

    Thank you to the following contributors: Baig, Zerokesra

    1. For 50 Boom Cannons, load Chapter 1. It puts you at the garage in the northwest quadrant. Head east on the main road in front of you past the theater to the Gun Store. There's a box of grenades and tons of guns. Park a van in front of the door to slow down zombies (you make a combo one to start the chapter). The grenades ran out around 30 or 35 boom cannon creations for me. Reload chapter to finish up.

    2. For 50 Jazz Hands, load Chapter 1, head to the gun store above and grab 8 shotguns (you'll see why). Now head to the safehouse south of the garage you started Ch 1 at and clear it. Grab gloves from the weapons locker and create 8 jazz hands. Another location for gloves is Aduna Boxing Gym due north of the safehouse on the same road, just past the intersection on your left, so you can get 16 made (8 from weapons locker and 8 from gym) in one run. There are 4 in the front room of the gym, and 4 in the locker room. Restart Ch 1 and repeat.

    3. For 50 Junk Balls it's pretty self explanatory b/c you can just use any miscellaneous item, but for ease/efficiency you can combine it with numbers 1 and 2 above and combine tires at the garage when you load Chapter 1. There are tire racks in the back with tons of them.

    4. For 50 Pukes O Hazard load Chapter 1 again. This time after you skip the cut scene don't even leave the garage. Look for a box of Motor Oil and a tool box next to it with Large Wrenches. With the skill point ability to combine any items, you can make loads of Pukes O Hazard quickly.

    5. For 50 Flaming Helmets load Chapter 1 (see a trend?). Grab 8 Motor Oils from the nearby box and head to the safe house just to the south. Clear it out and use the weapons locker to get helmets of any kind to combine with the Motor Oil. Reload the chapter after you make all 8 and repeat.

    6. For 50 IEDs load Chapter 1 again. Run east down the street from the garage to the gun store. Combine grenades from the box to make your IEDs.

    7. For 50 Jack in the Boxes load Chapter 1. Grab 8 tires from the tire rack in the back of the store and head down to the safehouse to the south. Clear it, and combine the tires with any Novelty item from the locker.

    8. For 50 Flaming Swords load Chapter 1. Grab 8 Motor Oils in the garage and head down to the safehouse. Clear it; hit the weapons locker; oil + blade 8 times. After this you can pick up 8 more motor oils and head to Shanks due north on the same road as the safe house, just past the intersection on the left hand side. There are about 10 or 12 'blade' items in here, although they're scattered about and not in a convenient box. There's also a two boxes of saw blades at Big Buck's Hardware northwest of the garage.

    9. For 50 Dragon Punches head to the U Broke It store right underneath the safe house. Grab 8 Nail Guns from a box in the back office, and combine them with gloves from your weapons locker and/or from the Aduna Boxing Gym mentioned above. You could get around 16 made if you use both the locker and the gym in a run. (thanks Baig for the locations on the gloves at gym and the nail guns)

    10. For 50 Acid Rains load Chapter 1. Grab 8 Motor Oils and run down to the gun store. Combine them with 8 guns. You can run back to the garage and get more motor oils and continue until the oil well runs dry, then reload the chapter to finish it off.

    11. For 50 Beer Hats load Chapter 1 once again. Grab 8 tires from the tire rack. Head to the safehouse, clear it, and combine them with helmets from your weapons locker.

    12. For 50 Combo Food Items (Pressure Cooker) - Start Chapter 6 and skip the cutscene. Then head to the Uno Grande Outlet store to the north on the western edge of South Alumeda. There are two boxes of candy bars and one box of pain pills in the store. Following Zerokesra's advice I started combining them.

    I did this and for the first 16 or so candy bars I combined it didn't work. I stopped worrying about combining candy bar + candy bar then combining the drinks, and just started hitting RB + A and letting it combine whichever two it happened to select first by default. I spammed this rapidly and kept refilling from the candy bar boxes and the pain pills box and it worked. I ran both candy bar boxes out and only had a few pain pills left when I finally hit the 50 (starting at 19), so you may need to reload a chapter.

    13. For the 50,000/70,000/200,000 kills PP trial, just make a roller hog in the northwest quadrant of the city and drive around doing laps on the upper half of the quadrant (you'll be making a rectangle pattern more or less). There are youtube videos demonstrating this, but it's pretty obvious once you get up there. For optimum results, do this on Chapter 8 because the zombie count is higher, and take the time to push all the movable cars in the roads out of your way so your laps don't get messed up. Don't worry the cars don't respawn, only the zombies.

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    Warboy925I read somewhere about this regarding the Metal Mary, I thought it was here, but anyways, the throwing objects challenges (Hail Mary, Metal Mary, and Boomer Axes) DON'T HAVE TO BE THROWN TO COUNT!!!!!! Just hit cn_X with the weapon equipped and it's one hit kills that DO count towards the respected challenge!!!!! I had the Metal Mary challenge from 0 - 100 done in less than a minute!!!!

    Edit: I just did the same thing with the Bomb Toy and the Napalm Bomb, they all counted!! I just made 1 of each bomb and one-hit zombies with them until I got the challenge done!!!!

    The best part of this method is that it "frees your hands" (Except for the Boomer Axe) to be able to do the cn_Y + cn_B + whatever direction cn_LSc "finisher" challenge you need, helped me kill off the "My Tummy Hurts" & the "A Head Of The Game" challenges!!!

    A tip for "free" hats (so you don't have to use up your weapons locker) for the Flaming Helmets and Beer Hats........if you drive like you were going to take the tunnel from Ingleton to South Almuda..........before you enter the tunnel, look left (east) on the on-ramp, you will see a bunch of pylons, between the pylons on the on ramp, the street and in the tunnel, I collected about 16 of you can just drive back to the garage for motor oil, 16 Flaming Helmets a run......8 more if you use the weapons locker!!!!!

    Another Tip: If you are working on something requiring "chemicals", and you run out of motor oil at the garage, if you have that skill unlocked, there is a box of "household cleaner" in the in the back room of the "You Break Wi Fix" store mentioned above where you get the nail guns......easy way to kill off the Acid Rains, lol
    Posted by Warboy925 on 22 May 17 at 21:05
    F4cileFor food combos you should just make a buffet cart (mix drink cart and ham). This will spawn you infinite food to combine
    Posted by F4cile on 15 Apr 18 at 13:46
    Darkness727420Yes use the mobile locker... clap
    Posted by Darkness727420 on 18 May 18 at 15:47
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    This solution is mainly for the weapons created X times. I honestly found this way to be faster than the other solutions.

    Simply load chapter 4 and you will start in the safe house where the illegals are. Head to your weapons locker and you should be able to create up to 4 combo weapons in one go which will use up all the lockers supplies.

    Save Your Game

    Reload chapter 4 again, Rinse and repeat.

    It may be a grind but i found it to save a lot of time in the long run.

    If you vote negative please state your reason.

    Keep the zombie slaying going!
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    o NooB SAIB0T oAny tipps for glitched combo weapons? I missed 5 blueprints after beating the game. Im deleted my safe game startet new, and i get my missed one. But only the beerhelmet cant build up. Any ideas for help??
    Posted by o NooB SAIB0T o on 12 Mar 14 at 08:32
    GantuaHave to agree tried a few other methods but this is the simplest. Maybe not the fastest due to load times but by far the easiest.
    Posted by Gantua on 30 Jun 14 at 01:28
    Darkness727420You should really add that video to your solution.
    Posted by Darkness727420 on 18 May 18 at 14:55
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    DR. FUNKILL or How I Learned to Stop Grinding and Love the Massive Bomb

    This is in relation to the kills portion of the PP hound achievement, specifically the 340k kills. If you enjoy long grinding with lots of repetitive laps, THIS SOLUTION IS NOT FOR YOU. warning

    But first, a couple of general tips for the overall achievement:

    1) Props to SinlessDeeds for the weapon creation solution. Best method BY FAR.

    2) Warning: the "Tragic Endings" part of this achievement is SEMI-MISSABLE. In particular, the Police Station death and the one on the ship. You will not be able to find these by just jumping into the game. I recommend you find all the Tragic endings on your first full playthrough. Otherwise you'll need to do another partial playthrough to pick these back up later. (Police station death requires starting at Chapter 4 and completing "UNDER ARMED" then continuing to Chapter 5 and completing "REMOTELY HELPFUL". Ship death requires Chapter 7 "SINGLE WHITE MALE")

    Now, let's talk about the 340k kill part of this. When I saw this, I wanted to shoot MYSELF, not the zombies. Hate grinding achievements...hate them. The fastest method is definitely the Markyshizzle's Roller-hog, on Chapter 8, doing laps. But, Seriously? Who wants to grind kills for three hours like that? If I wanted to do endless laps on the same track for hours on end, I would have bought Forza 5. roll


    Here was the method I used to spice things up a bit. This solution assumes you've completed everything else and are Level 50 with all stats maxed.

    1) SET UP TIME
    - Jump to Chapter 8.
    -Run to the garage across the street and make the Mobile Locker. Immediately spawn 4 split shots.
    - Get up to Ingleton and begin a pass of the North West quadrant, with your priority to clear the road of all vehicles. A little time here will help immensely with both sections 2 and 4 of this method.
    - Then return the Mobile Locker to the Garage and make another split shot if you can.
    - Make the Rollerhog in the Garage.
    - "Cache" all your spawned split shots at the corner of the intersection immediately across from the Ingelton garage. Just drop them on the ground there to pile up. We'll use these later.

    - Now make the Rollerhog in the Garage
    - Go do some laps until you're sick of it. For me that was about 10 laps. Yawn.

    - Stop by the Gun store next to the movie theater. Fill your inventory with guns.
    - Return to the garage
    - In the garage you'll find a massive supply of wrenches. Combine these with the guns you picked up earlier.
    - Remember that "cache" spot you created. Run back there and drop all your split shots.
    - Go to your mobile locker. Spawn 4 more split shots and drop those in the cache
    - Run back to the gun shop, on the way looking for any firearms or blunt objects. (Note: You'll run out of wrenches long before you do guns. A handy source of blunt objects? Parking Meters! Go Cool Hand Luke on them... laugh)
    - Repeat the steps above until you can't do it anymore.
    - In the end you should have around 30-40+ Split shots piled up. Now comes the fun part...

    - Fill up your inventory with Split Shots
    - Following the same path that you did on the Rollerhog run, mow down all zombies with split shots. Your kill rate should be very similar to the bike (around 950+ per minute)
    - If the zombies thin up, slow down your shooting. Use an occasional shot to keep your string alive (very easy to do with split shot)
    - One "lap" this way should use up about 4 guns. By the time you return to the cache site, you should be able to pick up 4 fresh guns (shot once per pickup to keep the streak alive)
    - Repeat the steps above until you run out of split shots (see my online ranks below. Can you beat me?)

    - Now that you've raked up ridiculous kills streaks and exhausted Ingelton's supply of parking meters, time for fireworks. You mobile locker should have a full inventory now!
    - Spawn a Massive bomb, put it a crowded place, enjoy the show and pick up 700+ insta-kills
    - Repeat in a new location
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    6) REPEAT 1-5

    This method helped me keep my sanity while at the same time satisfied my twisted OCD need to get 100% completion for the game.

    Using this method I currently have the #20 longest kill streak (29860) on the leaderboard, and the #31 Total Earned PP (240216827). I could get more but, honestly, I need to take a break from all that zombie killing.

    Let me know what you think! And, if you leave a negative vote, please let me know why!
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    IceDFireGreat guide on the terrible zombie slayer PP trial. I had my mind set on beating your combo, I started throwing queen jars at around 28k for some gun saving. At 29246 a big guy blew and knocked me over, bye bye combo (3 full split shots left)!

    This beats driving around forever, gives you a challenge while doing a ridiculous PP Trial. I still need 96k more kills so I might give the high combo another try!
    Posted by IceDFire on 01 Feb 14 at 00:44
    CyelwinDo kills in the Arcade Remix count toward this ?
    Posted by Cyelwin on 04 May 16 at 22:24
    Darkness727420Anyone experience guns vanishing into thin air when dropping them? I dropped my first 8 from the locker, went and made 8 more. When I dropped them, they were disappearing.
    Posted by Darkness727420 on 11 May 18 at 17:08
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