Nightmare Master achievement in Dead Rising 3

Nightmare Master

Complete chapter 7 in Nightmare Mode.

Nightmare Master+0.2
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How to unlock the Nightmare Master achievement

  • Da LukinatorDa Lukinator228,128
    28 Nov 2013 28 Nov 2013 08 Dec 2013
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    ** Possible Small Spoilers Below **

    Nightmare Mode is the same as the Story mode except the Game no longer Auto-saves (meaning if you die you start back at the last time you saved the game which can be a huge headache!) and also you have less time to complete the game before the bomb goes off (2 in-game days less).

    I do NOT recommend this mode for your first play through unless you are a veteran of the series and know what you are in for.

    My tips for completing this without any trouble:

    1) SAVE OFTEN! I cannot stress this enough, because if you die you can lose a whole lot of progress and may cause you to throw your controller at the wall.
    The Easiest way to do this is to look at the map and go to the closest safe house you can find as they always have a save point in them, this is far easier than trying to locate one elsewhere.

    2) Be level 50 with all attributes upgraded fully and also have unlocked the combo weapon abilities where you can combine almost anything (Note: You will have to have a fair amount of blueprints).
    This isn't required but is strongly recommended as this gives you perks like regenerating health, indestructible vehicles and so forth.

    3) Always have a range Weapon (I always used the Z.A.R which is just two guns combined), A Good Melee Weapon (any will do, just combine any combination of knives/blunt weapons) and an Energizer Drink (this drink makes you invincible for around 4 minutes, just combine 2 soft drinks to make it however you must have unlocked the ability to combine drinks/food in your attributes panel).
    Keep this drink until you really need it or use it when facing bosses to make them a breeze, very easy to remake as well, just go to any fast food joint/restaurant and restock.

    4) Ignore all side missions and Optional Bosses, just focus on the main storyline and you should have no problem getting to the end with plenty of time to spare.

    5) Right at the end of the game you will have the option of killing Gary or going to find Rhonda and bringing her back to him. Kill Gary, its far faster, less chance of dieing and is just generally easier. This Method means that you will NOT trigger overtime mode after completing Chapter 7 (you don't need to do overtime mode to obtain the achievement).
    Killing Gary gives you an ending where you will not unlock everything, both achievement wise (Completing overtime mode) and in-game wise (New Gun). So if you want these things find Rhonda instead.

    Hope these tips help anyone looking to obtain this achievement.
    It really isn't too hard, following my tips above I completed the whole thing in under 4 hours and didn't die once.


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    Warboy925Just a thought, you said, " Ignore all side missions ", logically, I think the only side mission worth doing is the first one where you can unlock that "Motel" safehouse
    Posted by Warboy925 on 22 May 17 at 00:15
    Warboy925This may be a dumb question, but does Nightmare Mode have its own "save"? Or does it overwrite your "Normal" save, and also, does your kills carry over? I have about 80k, and I really don't want to start over, lol

    I'm going to attempt this later today.......I heard it only takes about 4 hours........the only part that I know is going to be a MAJOR pain in the rear, is that dang fiery lab part........that was the worst part for me in the normal game, lol...........and make sure to save before Gary, so I can go back and try for the overtime mode and the weapon if I feel froggy later, lol
    Posted by Warboy925 on 26 May 17 at 21:08
    Jupiter ZappaAnyone still playing this,if so would anybody mind helping me get through it please,if so send me a message over Xbox,my gamer tag is Jupiter Zappa,
    Posted by Jupiter Zappa on 03 Nov 18 at 09:07
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  • xShoot4WarAmpsxxShoot4WarAmpsx257,583
    29 Nov 2013 30 Nov 2013 10 Dec 2013
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    I completed this on my second Playthrough at Level 38. The Differences between Nightmare mode and Story mode is that Nightmare mode time goes a lot faster, Zombies do more damage and there is no auto save or menu saving. To save the game you must find a port potty or a toilet. All safe houses have toilets as expected and there is a port potty right across from the plane location. Be sure to save often.


    1) Try to do this at the highest possible level. Like I said I did it a 38 and I only died about 5 times throughout the story.

    2) Save before finishing a chapter, or boss battle. If you lose you will go back to the last MANUAL SAVE. There is no autosaves after chapters like the previous games. You either manually save are be prepared to start over.

    3) Use your Books (If your LVL 50 you should have the perk to use all books at the same time). Bosses were super easy when I used the fortune fighters book. Just stayed back and unloaded with firearms and owned them. The other main book to use is Four Wheel fun. It increases vehicles damage resistance which is critical for the last half of the game, when the streets are flooded with undead. Which leads me to.....

    4) STAY OFF THE STREETS! Around chapter 5 or 6, the zombie count increases and they are everywhere. Do not use the streets on foot unless it is for short distances. You will easily be overwhelmed

    5) Ignore the side missions and Bosses. There will be times where it tells you to explore. It is ok do it then but that is the ONLY time I recommend doing them.

    6) When it comes to Vehicles I found the Rollerhawg, Forkwork and Party Slapper the best vehicles. Rollerhawg is self-explanatory, it just F's things up. Forkwork, if you hit the Y button it will shoot out firecrackers that will launch zombies in the air or explode on impact. Lastly the Party Slapper, hold X and it will suck up all nearby zombies and launch a zombie garbage ball at any zombies ahead of you. One thing about the Rollerhawg is that it is the easiest Vehicle to flip, really sucks at the later stages. A flipped Vehicle is one of the reasons I died.

    7) Weapon wise I recommend you use quick blunt weapons, ranged weapons (as stated earlier in this guide) and Explosives. Make sure you mastered the Roll as well. You will need to dodge attacks to survive.

    8) Know the Map. It is essential you know all the shortcuts and routes to take so you do not have to abandon your vehicle

    9) Should be obvious......Carry food at all times

    Da Lukinator suggests that you kill Gary. I did not know about that however if you want the MegaMan Blaster, You must finish Overtime Mode and Get ending S. If you have any questions or think I should add something to this guide, just add a comment and PLEASE tell me what is wrong with the guide if you're going to downvote so I can make my guides better in the future. Thanks and Good Luck
  • No MoneyyNo Moneyy46,511
    08 Jan 2014 11 Jan 2014
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    Da Lukinator has everything down to a tee, just wanted to mention some of the differences between both difficulties.

    1) You'll notice in regular mode that as you progress through the chapters, more roads get blocked off (by military, walls, debris etc..). In nightmare, right off the bat most of those roads will already be blocked off and it will progressively get worse as you move along through the story.

    2) In regular mode, there's not a crazy amount of cars scattered around the city (if you didn't notice). If you've ever said "why the hell is there no vehicles when I need one?"… In nightmare you'll be saying "why the hell is there no vehicles?"… So again, make sure the attributes for "Mechanic" is maxed, because vehicles are very limited.

    3) Like Da Lukinator mentioned.. SAVE EVERYWHERE AND ANYWHERE.. You can't save from the menu, and you also don't save from completing chapters. When ever you see a porta-potty OR you're in a safe house.. spare yourself the frustration and take a nice piss (A.K.A save lol). You can lose a lot of game progress if you die or the host disconnects from the internet randomly.

    4) Although you don't have to do all the Psychopath (boss) battles, there are some mandatory ones. They have the same amount of health, but take a lot less damage from your weapons. I recommend using the super-combo weapon called "Elemental Staff". This gun is super savvy and hands down my favourite combo. (You can switch through the elements of the staff simply by pressing (Y)".

    5) Also quoting Da Lukinator, ignore every side mission. This is because you'll notice the days are a lot quicker. Side missions have nothing to do with the main storyline (thus the title side mission).

    Having a second person is EXTREMELY helpful if you have anybody willing to speed run through the story with you.


    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Good luck!
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    No Moneyy@range is good Yeah, one of my friends joined my session after I completed chapter 7. We ran through chapter 8 and he got the @CaRlToN218 thank you!
    Posted by No Moneyy on 24 Jan 14 at 01:50
    Da LukinatorThanks for the mention, I try to be thorough on my solutions laugh.

    Good Guide/Tips. +1 From me if I were able.
    Posted by Da Lukinator on 10 Feb 14 at 13:42
    ParadoxReal8Do you find the mega-man blaster is a really good weapon?
    Posted by ParadoxReal8 on 02 Nov 16 at 23:24
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