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Dead Driving

Kill 10,000 zombies with vehicles.

22 Nov 2013 until 22 Jan 2014

Dead Driving
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Challenge Guide for Dead Driving

    10 Dec 2013 25 Dec 2013
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    This one isn't too hard as you should be using a vehicle to rack in the kills for your 100K+ kills, and the 300K+ kills required by the prestige challenges anyway.

    The go-to would definitely be the RollerHawg for its speed, power, and flames. If you are stuck or unsure where to go to maximize your efforts, use this picture to guide your route:

    External image

    Thanks to JACK LAYT0N for the picture.

    Make sure to clear cars out of the way and your route will become maximized before you know it helping you snag the high amount of kills you desire.
  • DahmerBak3SaleDahmerBak3Sale43,344
    12 Jan 2014 10 Jan 2014
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    RollerHawg is a good one, but you can wipe out a lot of stuff from a distance with the Turret Rig. I just shoot large crowds with the turrets and slice the ones that get too close to the vehicle. Definitely another option. The fact that it is the first one you get as well is a bonus.

    RollerHawg is definitely hardass though.
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