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Christmas Slay

Spill 10,000 gallons of zombie blood before Christmas.

17 Dec 2013 until 25 Dec 2013

Christmas Slay
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  • Raw Sauce RossRaw Sauce Ross608,681
    17 Dec 2013 17 Dec 2013 13 Feb 2014
    28 2 18
    Christmas Slay
    Spill 10,000 gallons of blood
    You must unlock it between December 16, 2013 - December 24, 2013 (7:00pm Eastern time [-5 GMT]
    shockingly there is a gallon per a zombie so 10,000 kills
    you can kill them fastest in combo cars (best is Rollerhawg) but the fastest way is to drive around the first "block" (left top corner of the map "Ingleton") where Elli's Mechanic Shop is
    External image

    (Credit for image/route goes to JACK LAYT0N)
    This should take no more than 30 minutes if you have the attribute for indestructible cars (Under Mechanic at the very end)
    If you don't have Indestructible cars just spawn a new one from the shop when yours starts to smoke badly
    After you unlock the achievement Congrats you now have a Reindeer Hat in your locker
    Happy Killing toast
  • thanassithanassi300,418
    17 Dec 2013 14 Dec 2013 15 Dec 2013
    7 3 9
    I can only suggest 1 thing (speculation at this point, as the challenge isn't available yet).

    The RollerHawg smile

    Grab your trusty killing machine and take to the crowded highways for maximum carnage.

    (please give suggestions for improvements instead of negative votes)
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