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Explosive Resolutions

Kill 1,000 zombies with explosives.

30 Dec 2013 until 31 Jan 2014

Explosive Resolutions
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Challenge Guide for Explosive Resolutions

  • LavindatharLavindathar1,322,993
    30 Dec 2013 30 Dec 2013 31 Dec 2013
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    To unlock Explosive Resolutions you must kill 1000 zombies with explosives. This challenge started at midnight GMT on 30th December 2013 and runs for 31 days.

    This will take you anywhere from ten minutes, to ten seconds, depend on what category you fall into it.

    The reward is a shiny 0g challenge, and an ingame hat (New Years Hat).

    Group A - People Who've Completed The Game/All Blueprints

    For you guys, this is a ten second job, if you were thorough throughout your playthrough.

    Load chapter 8, and go to the nearest safehouse. Go to the weapons locker, and get a "Massive Bomb". The blueprint for this is unlocked by beating the game (Overtime included) if you have collected the pre-req blueprints. If not, two of the lesser bombs should suffice.

    NOTE - If you do not have a Massive Bomb in your locker, for it to appear here, you MUST have made it yourself once manually. Go to your blueprints page, and craft one, using the locker to spawn the components if needed.

    Make two, just to be safe. Now, look around, find a massive group, throw the bomb into the middle and wait for the nuke. As chapter 8 is filled with zombies, this shouldn't be hard. I did it right outside the first garage/safe house you go too. I got 1057 kills with one bomb. If you're short, don't worry, you've got two. Toss a second into another group and then enjoy your new hat.

    Edit - BlazeVII has pointed out that the X-Busters charged shot also counts as an explosive, which would be a great way to mop up after using a Massive Bomb.

    Group B - People Who Haven't Finished The Game

    This could take a bit longer, depending on where you are at and what blueprints you have.

    Load the latest chapter you have (there is usually more zombies) and go to a safehouse (chapter 4 starts at a safehouse).

    Now, you want to build the best explosives you can.

    Look out for any of the BOMB prints (Huge Bomb, Enourmous Bomb) etc, as they're pretty sweet. You can make two of these.

    Failing that, you can swamp your inventory with the combo explosives (you can make 4). Each of these gives you 9 ammo (so 36 bombs).

    If your using the smaller explosives, I'd suggest either I.E.Ds or Dynameats. However, the speed should all be the same. Bomb Toys and Jack in the Boxes also work well as they attract the Zombies like Dynameats. Explosive Chairs, Helmet Bombs, Sticky Bombs and some of the bears with explosive weapons will all work.

    Once your inventory is emptied, if you haven't reached 1000 yet, just reload the chapter and start again. It shouldn't take too long.

    Happy hunting and Happy New Year!
  • Deadpool 1194Deadpool 119463,039
    21 Dec 2013
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    I am aware this challenge hasn't started for it, but just to prove this will require no effort whatsoever; Go to the very first safehouse (the one near the downed helicopter) and pick up a "massive bomb". Throw the bomb towards the helicopter and you will easily get 1200+ kills! :) If you have yet to find that blueprint, grab as many grenades, rpgs, propane tanks or whatever else as you have and throw them off the balcony. There are easily over 1k zombies here, and you never have to move more than 10 feet from the safehouse. Enjoy your free challenge!
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