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Tiger's Fury

Heal 10 or more health points while in Instinct Mode with Jago

Tiger's Fury0
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Achievement Guide for Tiger's Fury

  • UraMallasUraMallas312,672
    08 Feb 2016 08 Feb 2016 08 Feb 2016
    61 0 0
    From 'Main Menu' go to Single Player - Master - Practice

    Choose Jago and any random character

    Pause immediately and hit RB to go to 'Dummy Options'
    Action: Human (or CPU if you don't have a second controller)
    Guard: No Block

    Hit RB again to go to Practice Options
    Regenerate Health: No
    Instinct Meter: Infinite

    Back out of the menus to go back to your fighters
    Use the second controller (or CPU) to get your health down low. I hit Jago until the announcers says "Danger" with my second controller. I picked up Jago's controller and went into Spirit Mode by pressing RB and RT at the same time. Then use the Endokuken ( Down - DownForward - Forward+X ) to gain back your full bar.

    Achievement should pop within 5 seconds.
  • gammatron9000gammatron9000219,981
    23 Nov 2013 25 Nov 2013
    40 14 6
    In any game mode, choose Jago as your character.
    Let your yellow bar under your health bar fill up all the way. Seems the best way to do this is to get beat up and use defensive moves (counters, combo breakers, blocks).

    Once it's full, press Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick at the same time (RB + RT with default controls).

    This will slowly regenerate Jago. Once you've healed some of the damage you've taken, achievement will pop. You should only have to do this once. If you already lost the first round (ko'd once), let yourself get beat up a bit more before initiating instinct mode so you can heal the full amount.
  • Apostle92627Apostle92627335,527
    02 Jan 2016 02 Jan 2016
    13 6 0
    I got this by using Jago's Endokuken while in Instinct mode during practice.
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