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Jago's Matchups

Defeat 6 different characters in online matches as Jago

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Achievement Guide for Jago's Matchups

  • Phil the BearPhil the Bear768,289
    29 Nov 2013 29 Nov 2013 02 Jan 2014
    18 2 14
    This can be boosted very easily in exhibition match with a friend.

    The easiest way to match with a friend is as follows.

    Ensure you are not in a party.
    Select exhibition match.
    Select host match.
    Select your friend to join the party it prompts you to make.

    Get your pal to play possum.

    The current character list is:


    Update: A number of people have reported this as buggy and based on the comments and messages I have received here and Xbox Live there are 2 possible solutions as follows:

    1 - Follow my solution but make sure you win all 6 fights consecutively in 1 sitting with a friend. (This is what I did before knowing it was glitchy and some people have reported this working for them).

    2 - Do this on ranked Xbox Live (Which I do not really see as a solution at all given how horrible I am online, but people have told me it works so I thought I would include it).

    Update 2 - Credit to KiDLUCiF3R for this info

    It is believed the glitch occurs if accepting the game invite from the Xbox dash rather than the game main menu.

    When tested, it seemed the person accepting the invite must be past the "checking for DLC" notice on the Killer Instinct main menu.

    Solution for a fix is currently unknown. Normal things such as clearing cache or re-downloading the game are more difficult to achieve on Xbox One. A factory reset of the console might work but has associated risks. Or signing in to a different console.
  • acaraba2acaraba2794,277
    01 Mar 2014 02 Mar 2014
    8 1 3
    I got my achievement today, its been glitched for me and still was after the patch. What I ended up doing since i really didnt want to wait for another patch was:

    Also want to note i did a factory restore 1st but it didn't pop for me until after I deleted my save file (so the factory reset may not be necessary.)

    1) Was completely uninstall the game
    2) Had to delete my save file completely (including from the cloud)
    3) Re-install base game from store (not from Game APP, as it seem to keep dashboarding when i did from there) weird thing install took me 8 hours on 100/75 connection no idea why but let it go.)
    4) Replay the characters and it pop (did them in exhibition)

    Really not the way to go unless you want to lose all your progress in game. I was done with every other achievement so I gave it a shot.
    Unless your like me and really want that 100% now, I wait for either an in-game patch or a patch from microsoft where you can at least copy your saves to an external device.
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