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  • V RageV Rage298,215
    27 Nov 2013 28 Nov 2013
    120 7 40
    Very Very Easy Achievement........

    Start in Dojo

    Do lessons 1-8, quit lessons, select dojo lesson 1 run through to 8

    rinse and repeat upto 4 times.

    This unlocks the Achievement as the dojo challenges do not have to be unique.

    I discovered this at Orange level when it popped as I accidently restarted in the Dojo.
  • Arcane InsanityArcane Insanity794,970
    19 Dec 2013 19 Dec 2013 21 Dec 2013
    30 2 3
    There's nothing wrong with the other guides, this is just a solution for people who want to earn this achievement the way it was intended but could do with some help. Also the glitch may eventually get patched forcing anyone new to the game to do it the proper way.

    The following will contain some general info that could come in handy, as well as some written advice for each of the advanced lessons. I'll also put in a link for a video I made of lesson 32, so you can understand the timing required. If there's anything you feel I haven't covered or need help with a certain lesson, or wish to see videos of other lessons, then post a comment and I'll get back to you.

    This is some basic fighting game terminology that will be used in this guide.

    LP: Light punch, X by default

    MP: Medium punch, Y by default

    HP: Heavy punch, RB by default

    LK: Light kick, A by default

    MK: Medium kick, B by default

    HK: Heavy kick, RT by default

    PPP: Simultaneously pressing all 3 punch buttons, LB by default

    KKK: Simultaneously pressing all 3 kick buttons, LT by default

    PP: Simultaneously pressing 2 punch buttons, LB can be used in most instances

    KK: Simultaneously pressing 2 kick buttons, LT can be used in most instances

    QCF: Stands for quarter circle forward. Refers to the motion of down, down+forward, forward.

    QCB: Stands for quarter circle back. Refers to the motion of down, down+back, back.

    DP: Stands for dragon punch. Refers to the motion of forward, down, down+forward, or any move that utilizes this motion.

    Cancel: This is when the animation for the move you are currently doing is cut short by entering the command for a different move. A common example being to stop the animation of a special move by using a shadow move.

    Buffer: This is when you enter a move or the motion of a move during another move. The idea being that this move will come out on the first possible frame after the other move has finished.

    General Advice

    Don't mash buttons! It's an easy habit to get into and it will hurt you in the long run.

    On any lesson that contains a combo with a generic term like shadow linker or ender, you can actually extend the combo and it will still count, now you may be wondering why you would want to do so, but for example let's say you have to do a DP at the end of a combo, it can be tricky if you're frantically trying to get the commands out that come before it. If you add a Shadow Laser Sword (QCB+PP) Not only do you have ample time to collect your thoughts, but you can then buffer the DP during the shadow move.

    While we're on the subject, let's talk about what moves to use when the game chucks you out a generic term.

    Auto: HP

    Manual: MP

    Linker: QCB+MP

    Ender: QCF+HP

    Shadow Linker: QCB+PP

    Shadow Ender: QCF+PP

    Knowing what you can buffer and when will help you a lot. Any linker, shadow linker, or auto can have any other move buffered during their animation. You just need to wait for the first hit to connect before you buffer the move. For example an auto will hit twice, so you'd wait for the first hit to connect, enter your move, and then it will come out when the auto finishes, without you needing to press anything else. You can then buffer another move during this new move, This goes on in perpetuity.

    I'll give you a scenario. I press QCB+MP followed by HP, this will do a linker into an auto. After I see the first hit of the auto connect, I enter QCB+PP, now when the auto ends a Shadow Laser Sword will come out. After the first hit of this move connects, I press heavy punch, which will make another auto come out. I then repeat all of the above in the exact same manner, and when we get around to the final auto, Ill enter a HP version of the DP. I've just done 25 hits for 71% damage thanks to excessive use of buffering, which is something that is beginner friendly. The only exception is when you are juggling the opponent in the air, it won't always work.

    Advanced Lessons

    Lesson 17

    Pretty basic stuff, just follow the on screen instructions.

    Lesson 18

    This is a tricky one. The first one's straight forward, just use crouching HP's and DP's to knock the opponent out of the air. The second one is the bane of many fighting game enthusiasts, a crouching normal into a DP. The easiest way to land it when you are inexperienced is to press down+forward to do the HP instead of just down, then do a QCF+HP, annoying, but something you will get soon enough, you want to knock the opponent out of the air when he is still quite high up. And just know that crouching HP to DP happens very quickly.

    Part 3 requires you to cancel the Endokuken with the Shadow Endokuken, the timing you're looking for is to be pressing PPP for the Shadow Endokuken the moment the first Endokuken hits the opponent. Again from the casual players perspective it's frustrating but doable.

    Part 4 is not as bad as it looks, you do the Instinct Cancel the moment the crouching HP connects. Now when you do the forward+HK and the Shadow Laser Sword, depends on what height you landed the previous move at, try and land moves when the opponent is level with you, because if not you will have to wait for them to fall for a bit to do the next move. Landing the DP at the end can be tricky as you can't buffer it, also it can miss without proper timing. What I would suggest is that you put the opponent against the wall and step back a few paces before you start the combo, that way you will be more likely to land the DP.

    Part 5 requires very good timing, you have to knock the opponent out of his jump early with the light DP so he stays in the air for as long as possible, And then you have to carefully time the heavy DP, too early and it won't come out, too late and it will miss. the idea is that you finish entering the command for the second move the moment the animation for the first move has ended.

    Lesson 19

    Another tough one, there's no need to go over the combos, as in the general advice section I told you what moves to use, so I'll just talk about manuals in general. Do not spam buttons, if you're spamming buttons then slap yourself! A manual requires you to do a punch or a kick the moment the opponent has recovered from the previous move, if you're spamming buttons, you won't be able to take advantage of the following advice.

    If you press your punch or kick and nothing comes out then you pressed it too early

    If you press your punch or kick and an auto combo comes out you pressed it way too early

    If you press your punch or kick and the move comes out but the text on the left for the move you just did is not lit up red, then you pressed it too late and dropped the combo

    Use this advice to adjust your timing accordingly until you nail it.

    Lesson 20

    This is pretty basic stuff, just wake up attacks and reversals, the timing is quite lenient. If you got through the mess of the 2 previous lessons, then this is just cannon fodder at this point.

    Lesson 21

    Again very basic, just follow the on screen instructions.

    Lesson 22

    There shouldn't be any issues here, but as stated before if you find any then leave a comment.

    Lesson 23

    There's nothing too complex here, at this point you should be fine.

    Lesson 24

    For the very last part that says force your opponent to block, you need to be as close to them as possible when doing the move but without actually hitting them. Other than that no problems here.

    Lesson 25

    Insert generic comment about being basic.

    Lesson 26

    There's a tight link on the last one but nothing too frustrating, remember my advice about manuals and you'll be fine.

    Lesson 27

    Follow the advice on screen, this doesn't require too much effort.

    Lesson 28

    My personal favorite, the reset. Remember this is not just one big combo, pay attention to the advice on screen, this isn't too difficult. If you find yourself struggling with knowing what part of the combo is the reset, then leave a comment. And as for the one that wants you to do a Shadow Laser Sword after a throw, this is actually a cancel, so you enter the QCB+PP very quickly after doing the throw.

    Lesson 29

    This isn't too bad, as the timing on the autos is lenient. When it says bluff cancel, just do the combo up to that point and watch for the moment the A.I hits you, then do it again and with this knowledge you'll do the bluff cancel a little before the A.I hits you. For the first bluff cancel you do it pretty much right after you press the button for the auto. And for the second one you press it as the announcer says 3.

    Lesson 30

    This one's very tough, it is essentially an extension of things you've already done. Remember my advice, when trying to combo off a DP keep the opponent in the air as long as possible and then time the next move, recognize when something needs to be cancelled, and don't try and buffer the commands for juggle moves. If you need clarification on anything, help on a particular part, or would like to see a video, then leave a comment.

    As requested in the comments, some more advice for this lesson along with a video. The first 2 parts should not be a problem for you at this stage. LP DP to HP DP is something you have already done so again shouldn't be too problematic, if it is, then refer to the advice for the following part. Part 4 is the hardest part in my opinion. To get LP DP to Shadow Endokuken to connect you need to not only knock the opponent out of the air at the optimal time, but then need to perfectly time the shadow move. When the A.I jumps towards you he does a roll in mid-air, the idea is that your LP DP should hit him the moment his legs are about to face the floor again after doing the roll, see the video for further clarification.

    After the shadow Endokuken connects, you want to land the double roundhouse when the opponent is not too high up, that way you can buffer the Shadow Wind Kick after the first kick of the double roundhouse connects. If you land it too high you will not be able to buffer it and will have to wait for the opponent to fall first. And keep in mind that the Shadow Wind Kick has to hit at least twice in order for it to count, if it hits only once it will count as failure.

    Part 5 is 2 things you have done before combined. Remember for crouching HP to LP DP you knock the opponent out of the air early, press down+forward to do the HP instead of just down, then do QCF LP to do the LP DP. You then have to follow this up with a HP DP, something you have done on a few occasions now. I can imagine this will be very annoying. If you've come this far you'll get it soon enough.

    Part 6 is not too bad once you get the hang of it, try and land the double roundhouses when the opponent is not too high up, then you can buffer the move that follows after the first hit of the double roundhouse connects. For the first part, land the crouching HP just before the opponent would hit you, then cancel immediately in to Light Wind Kick, and then Instinct cancel the moment the Light Wind Kick connects. Watching the video should help you with the timings on this one.

    For part 7, the timing of the Shadow Endokuken is very strange so watch the video for clarification, let the opponent fall for a bit before landing the double roundhouse, then buffer the Shadow DP to finish off. It's not too bad.

    For part 8, the final part, if you cancel the Endokuken with the Shadow Endokuken when the opponent is nearly on the ground like I do in the video, then you can enter the Shadow Wind Kick the moment the last hit of the Shadow Endokuken connects, again the Shadow Wind Kick has to hit at least twice to see success here. This should be very doable at this point. I'll leave you with the video that I strongly recommend watching if you're struggling with the timing, It contains all combos from part 3 onward.

    Lesson 31

    Although this will frustrate some people, it is one of those things that you will do eventually, even if you suck, I didn't exactly do great the first time around myself. Just stick with it and you'll be fine. Even just throwing out different breakers sporadically will get it done eventually.

    Lesson 32

    The toughest one without question. Any help or clarification needed, then leave a comment. Other than that I'll leave you with the video link of me doing the combos.
    24 Dec 2013 24 Dec 2013
    20 3 4
    Select "Local Play">"dojo">"1"
    Complete the lesson all the way until it says "KILLER" then choose to replay by pressing "X button" keep repeating this and you will get the achievement.
  • CyberneticHFXCyberneticHFX480,694
    30 Nov 2013 27 Nov 2013 27 Nov 2013
    8 1 5
    One of the most complicated trails of the Dojo's Advanced Lessons between Lesson 17 and Lesson 32 is Lesson 19 Manuals. Further information to acknowledge is surely required.

    How to master Manuals exactly as you are stuck on performing 2 Combos within multiple Manuals in Dojo Lesson 19 Manuals. I describe it only for the first part of this secion of the Dojo Lesson 19 Manuals:

    Solution: Do a Medium Opener, followed by a Medium Linker, then exactly after the frame where you are able to initiate an Auto, you must match your button press for your Manual into that single frame of the model's animations - choose to perform a Medium Manual, then be prepared ahead that you input the command required to make the Ender. Do this without watching out for texually displayed proof of a successful Manual, because then you will take too long in order to create the Ender - do the input for the Ender always! This is the only way to succeed. Good luck when practicing this until you learned it finally - do not give up!

    About controller: It helps not to wire your controller - I have tested this. The wireless resulting data transmission delay between computer and controller are really as much as null, when it comes to reality events.

    Duration until success/Real use for Manuals in real combat: Be aware that you can take several hours until success. When you succeeded, you will then surely understand what Manuals are practically useful for: They reward you with relentless offense in case you are late and lucky to initiate an Auto instead. It is unwise to strive in forming offenses based on Manuals, because your Combo will stop if you do press the button chosen for your Manual to late after an Opening, or Linking - and also since you could not do an Ender, it will be a very bad choice to focus on doing Manuals in real combat. But, I must say, the training was vital.

    Manual Masters? Well, if you really have what it takes to master a good average of successes on doing Manuals, then you can proudly consider striving for executing Manuals in combat. There is only a single frame of the model's animations for when you have to match the button press for doing a Manual - you will require The Real Mad Skills, when you are throwing this into your real combats.
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