Penalty Shot Hero achievement in NHL® 08

Penalty Shot Hero

As the lead NHL® 08 Profile Score a goal on the penalty shot in Pro Mode

Penalty Shot Hero0
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How to unlock the Penalty Shot Hero achievement

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    By FAR the best way to do this requires 4 controllers (as in REAL controllers, the Guitar Hero stuff won't work quite as well), and two people. Doing it by yourself is not possible.

    Put three of the controllers on one team (the team doesn't matter, I picked Kazakhstan because their stats were garbage.. also, jagshemash!), and the other controller on the other team (my friend picked Pittsburgh, just because). Now, be sure to designate one of the controllers on the losing team as the Goalie (you do this by pressing X after choosing your team, and you'll see a "G").

    As soon as the game begins, IMMEDIATELY get two guys penalized (just slash the other player with the Y button). Now you should have TWO player controlled guys, an AI, and the goalie, which is controlled by the third guy. Here's the trick. One controller goes to the other player's net; just leave his ass there.

    NOW, your friend (or you) gets the puck, and goes where the other guy is. Bring the SECOND controller over here as well, and at this point, the AI guy on your team should still be hanging out in front of your goalie.

    This is where it gets tricky.

    Whoever is getting the achievement MUST beeline towards the goal now, WHILE the other guy switches players (RT) to the guy in front of the goal. This way the achievement guy WONT be harassed by AI. The challenge is that your guy must turn around being the achievement guy pretty quick, and dive (RB + LB) into him as he's on a breakaway. He should NOT be winding to shoot the puck, and MUST be moving.

    It DOES take practice and timing. But don't worry, you have to wait for the game to end to get the achievement anyway, so just keep at it.

    If you do it right, you'll knock his player down, and he'll (or you'll) be rewarded with a penalty shot. Simply take the controller that was designated as the goalie, move him to either the right or left of the net as far as possible, and it's easy to make the goal.

    The achievo pops at the end of the 3rd period.

    NOTE: Do NOT change any settings during the game. I got the idea to change one of my controllers to the goalie in-game, and I got NO achievement.
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    SOLO STRAGETY. Thanks to all the other strategies for getting me a basic setup. This solution is way to long, but if you tried before with no success (like me) you might like the details described in this alternate approach. I read and tried the other solutions for many hours with no success. I simply couldn't get a penalty shot called after 100's of breakaways (not joking). The main reason: It is much easier to trip the puck carrier and get a penalty shot called if the puck carrier is others stated. A penalty shot can be called if they are stationary, but it is way harder. The main problem is keeping the carrier moving is very hard to accomplish in a solo situation as you can only control one team at a time. However, follow this strategy to make it way easier.

    Use all normal 360 controllers if you have them. For my solo attempt I used:
    -2 normal 360 controllers
    -1 guitar (anything will work as you never touch this controller)
    -1 wireless wheel (only if you want to have control over the goalie. guitar is no good here as you need some sort of analog movement to slide the goalie to the side. turning the wheel worked. of course a normal controller works too.)

    You will edit the teams traits to create a strong/aggressive team vs a weak/unbalanced team.
    Note: this solution is the opposite of any other strategies I read, as the weak team will be the one getting the penalty shot.
    Strong/Aggressive team (I used Calgary)
    Weak/Unbalanced team (I used Belarus)

    Editing the teams:
    This may take about an hour to edit all the players. Of course you can try this solution without these edits but if your not having any luck getting the penalty shot try this:
    From the menu choose: mynhl 08->creation zone->edit team
    Edit your strong team (you want strong/aggressive players that have bad discipline Like bulldogs foaming at the mouth):
    - go to your team of choice
    - edit the players to have these traits. ignore other traits
    - speed: 99
    - toughness: 99
    - acceleration: 99
    - discipline: 50
    - aggressiveness: 99
    - poise: 50
    Edit your weak team (you want players to be slower, good at face offs and unbalanced on their skates):
    - speed: 75
    - acceleration: 75
    - face offs: 99
    - balance: 50

    Set up game:
    -Weak Team (Belarus) Player 1 (Gamertag profile)
    -Strong Team(Calgary) Player 2, 3, 4
    -on the player screen press X on controller 4 to lock to goalie.
    -Choose Pro, 10 minute periods (gives more time)
    - use the triggers (and bumpers) to find all the settings. Slide both penalties and penalty shots all the way to the right.

    Set up 5on3 powerplay:
    - As Belarus win the face off and skate back toward your goalie.
    - switch controllers and skate a Calgary player in and slash your puck carrier. (Y button)
    - pick up the puck with Calgary to get a penalty called. (sometimes its tricky to grab the puck for some reason.)
    - repeat these steps about 4-5 times until your power play is 4-6 minutes....more time is better

    Setting up the Breakaway:
    - now you have Belarus 5 on 3 situation. You should be in a face off on your side of the redline. If not repeat the steps above and get a penalty called back in your zone. (Note: I had one player controller by the guitar. Hence I couldn't move that player down the ice. If you are using all real controllers then it won't matter where the face off is held. Just skate the 3rd Calgary player down the ice toward Belarus goalie and leave them there.)
    - Win the face off with Belarus. Skate your player down and leave them right in from of the Belarus goalie.
    - Switch to the Calgary controller. Skate the player down to the Belarus zone and press LB+RB to make the player dive. Then Press RT to switch to the other Calgary player and do the same. Keep switching back and forth between the 2 players and making them dive and getting them as far back into the Belarus zone as you can. They should be right along the boards behind the Belarus goal line.
    - Pause the game.
    - Pick up the Belarus controller and unpause. Start skating toward the Calgary goal. One of the Calgary players will be getting up and starting to chase you. Don't get too far away from the Calgary player as you want him to be right on your tail as you pass the Calgary blue line.
    - As you cross the blue line with the Belarus puck carrier and Calgary right on your tail go straight toward to goalie.
    - About half way into the zone press pause.
    - Pick up the Calgary controller. Press start (unpause), then RT (to control the player chasing you), then press RB+LB to try to trip the Belarus player on the breakaway. Practice what you need to press, then press that combination fast. This should cause Calgary to dive and trip your Belarus puck carrier and trigger the penalty shot.
    - You may miss a few times but the key is have Belarus player moving and have Calgary right on your tail.
    - If you miss skate the puck back and repeat.
    -Note: The Calgary computer player chasing you might try to trip you. If so just repeat the breakaway setup, unless it triggers the penalty shot of course.

    Like I mentioned, After 100's of failed attempts using alternate methods, this way got me a penalty shot called in the first period.

    Scoring the penalty shot:
    -Move the Belarus player forward a foot or two. Now you can move the calagry goalie to the side of the net using the controller you dedicated to goalie.
    -Continue skating the Belarus player in and flip the puck in the open net.
    -Or just score if you don't have a controller dedicated for the goalie...easier said then done.

    -wait out the rest of the game
    - don't fiddle with the settings
    - press the a button every few minutes on all controllers to make sure they don't go dead.
    -when the game ends the achievement will pop.

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    A WILD SHARKWorked like a charm! Great guide
    Posted by A WILD SHARK on 29 Jan 19 at 22:42
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    For those that still have questions about this achievement, this is the topic for you. Many of you may know that you can use two controllers for this achievement, if you did not know that then you know it now. My friend and I figured out a great way to do this achievement and get penalty shots about 80% time.

    1. Whoever wants the achievement stay put and let the other person slash you and then give him the puck. This gives you a power play. Repeat this until you have a two man advantage.

    2. Next whoever has the two man advantage skate towards your goal.

    3. The other person skate two of his players to the other side not hitting your friend with the puck and have both of them dive so they can not impede on the player that is going to bring the puck to the net.

    4. Have the player with the puck go up ice, your friend should playing as the 3rd guy, your friend should let you pass at the blue line and then you should get pretty close to the net and wind up for the shot, but don't shot it.

    5. Your friend should then come up from behind and dive into you as you are still close to the net.

    You should get a penalty shot within the first few tries. Also a few more tips:
    - I noticed it is easier to get the penalty shot if the player getting the penalty shot is going up the screen. So set that team to home and if the period runs out restart the game.
    -Also make the periods longer so that the power plays last longer and so you have more time to get the achievement.

    The hardest part for me was scoring the penalty shot because its on pro. Besides that the achievement is not all that hard.

    That is all I have any other questions just ask post them here or pm me.

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    PHUTURE 909I have wasted countless of hrs at this, including this method you originally posted on x360a.
    Posted by PHUTURE 909 on 19 Mar 10 at 02:02
    lX CaptHowdy Xlthis method and the other ones dont work. I spent 3+ days trying both. I am getting uber frustrated with this fucking achievement
    Posted by lX CaptHowdy Xl on 10 Apr 10 at 22:16
    Pyrosox11It took me literally 20 minutes with this method....
    Posted by Pyrosox11 on 12 Apr 10 at 01:32
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