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Mind Gamer

Perform 3 Counter Breakers in one Match

10 Jan 2014 until 17 Jan 2014

Mind Gamer
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Challenge Guide for Mind Gamer

  • litepinklitepink287,828
    11 Jan 2014 11 Jan 2014 17 Jan 2014
    17 1 6
    This challenge is now expired. This solution is still a good way to rack up Counter Breakers for fight titles.

    This can be done easily by yourself versus the computer.

    Start a Survival match on Beginner difficulty. Pick Sabrewulf as your character with any combatant.

    On this difficulty, the computer is quite predictable. I spammed the LEFT-RIGHT-RB move, and once I connected I hit Y+B repeatedly until a Counter Breaker occurred. There was no real timing involved; I simply started the move than hit the buttons several times during the move and got Counter Breakers practically every time my CPU opponent wasn't blocking.

    Although the achievement calls for three, you may want to do five or more based off testimonials from others who have unlocked it. I had waaaaaay more than 5, you can keep doing them to make sure.

    I uploaded a clip titled "Mind Gamer Challenge" on Xbox One, showcasing the match of when I unlocked this. You can follow me on Xbox One to view my clips, and then watch on either your console or the SmartGlass app.
  • SlayerSkull360SlayerSkull36048,480 48,480 GamerScore
    10 Jan 2014 10 Jan 2014
    7 1 2
    If you have two controllers this can be gone really easy.

    First have the account that wants the challenge use jago, his medium auto double is easy to see, and do a medium wind kick.

    Second, have the the other player press the medium combo breaker (y+b) right at the double. It helps if you tell the person when to press them.

    Finally , as you perform the medium auto double tell the second player and as they press the breaker, you do the same and that should result in a counter breaker.

    * quick note: for some reason I didn't get at first when I only did three. So try around five or so and finish the match for the achievement to pop.

    Thank you ( my first attempt at a guide)
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