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    This is still a Work in Progress, and could definitely use some feedback to help complete. Please bear in mind that a lot of this is opinionated and open for your own interpretation. This is the longest Solution i've written, so feedback would be much appreciated.

    In general, this is more of a guide than a walkthrough and is intended to help you through individual Fight Titles that you might be struggling with and give you a rough esitmate of where you should be trying to focus your attention on grinding. I have included a Goal and Stretch Goal depending on what section you want to put more time into, and whether or not you have a second controller or a boosting partner to make certain titles easier. Most of this is down to personal preference.

    There used to be a glitch that allowed you to unlock this Achievement way before the actual required number. This has, to my knowledge, since been patched and as such I am going to talk you through the easiest titles to obtain your 150 with Thunder. Obtaining 100 titles is rather easy, but as you get closer and closer to the 150 you will notice titles unlocking slower and slower.


    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    220 Fight titles are avaliable for every character, so you have a pretty large window of leeway; none of the titles are particularly hard to obtain they just take a long time to grind. Please pay attention to the sections marked 'TIME SAVING TIP' as these will help you save a lot of time through the grinding of multiple titles at once

    You are going to have a much easier time if you own two controllers. Considering that the Xbox One only comes with one and to buy one separate is rather expensive just for one game, I'm going to list some methods that will appeal for all situations. If you are a regular player of Killer Instinct then you will find that some sets of Fight Titles might unlock naturally as you play; in this guide we are going to assume that the only time spent playing is for Achievements so that the guide is accessibly to everyone. I highly reccomend you buy a second controller if you want to make this game easier; another bonus is that if you bought the Ultra Edition of Killer Instinct you will have received 'Killer Instinct Classic' which is made much easier with the use of two controllers - just a little incentive.

    For Thunder, his Fight Titles are as followed. The number in brackets is the maximum amount needed to obtain all 10 fight titles in that set, but of course we are not going to be aiming for all Ten in any of the categories. This list acts as a nice reference:

    Ranked Matches Played (500) = 10 Titles
    Counter Breakers (2500) = 10 Titles
    Survival Matches (500) = 10 Titles
    Versus Matches (500) = 10 Titles
    Exhibition Matches (500) = 10 Titles
    Supreme Victories (500) = 10 Titles
    Aerial Attacks (5000) = 10 Titles
    Triplax [Special 1] (5000) = 10 Titles
    Sammamish [Special 2] (5000) = 10 Titles
    Call of The Earth[Special 3] (5000) = 10 Titles
    Autos (5000) = 10 Titles
    Manuals (2500) = 10 Titles
    Combo Hits (50,000) = 10 Titles
    Combo Breakers (2500) = 10 Titles
    Combo Enders (2500) = 10 Titles
    Throws (2500) = 10 Titles
    Overheads (5000) = 10 Titles
    Juggle Hits (5000) = 10 Titles
    Blocks (20,000) = 10 Titles
    Shadow Moves (2500) = 10 Titles
    Instinct Modes(1000) = 10 Titles
    Ultras (1000) = 10 Titles

    Total = 220 Titles (70 Leeway)

    Ranked Matches - Goal: 25 (5 Titles) - Stretch Goal: 50 (6 Titles)

    Considering that for another Achievement you need to win 20 games, you will most likely get around 25 Matches Played alongside it. Assuming you didn't win every single match you played with Thunder, you might have a few more than the 25 and as such might be closer to the next milestone; if this is the case, you can use your best judgement to decide whether or not you will carry on grinding Ranked Matches to reach the 50. I personally like to try and play 50 with every character, as this is a pretty round number and allows us to get at least 6 fight titles. Naturally, if you play a lot of ranked matches you will unlock more Fight Titles; personally I think that 50 is enough for this set regardless of win or loss, but I have listed 50 as the stretch goal because of the aforementioned reason.

    Theoretically, you could do something else while you search for ranked matches and let your Opponent win, occasionally checking back in order to search for another game. I wouldn't really recommend this as some players might not appreciate their rank being increased by illegitimate means. Killer Instinct has a fun Online Community and I highly recommend you relax for a bit and play out some Ranked Matches. Be warned that if you quit from games before they have finished (such as to avoid a loss), eventually you will be put into 'Jail' for 24, whereas you can only fight against other people who are in the same situation; the problem with Jail is that there is no further punishment for quitting games and as such you will probably find it harder to actually complete matches against such Opponents.

    Counter Breakers - Target: 500 (8 Titles) - Stretch Goal: 1000 (9 Titles)

    To perform a Counter Breaker you've got to intentionally drop your combo by pressing 'Y + B' which will cause Thunder to go into a block position for a second; if the opponent attacks you while you are in this state (You are only in it for about a second) then you will perform a Counter Breaker and start a new combo. These are easily achieved with a Second Controller or with a Boosting Partner, but if you do not have either you might have a harder time.

    One Controller - Online With Friend: The player who is getting the Counter Breakers needs to push the other player into the corner; the player who is activating the Counter Breakers only needs to press one button. Perform a special move with Thunder (This will help add to your total for performing that selected move), then press X or any other connecting move to start an Auto. As soon as the connecting move connects, immediately press 'Y+B' and when your partner sees this they should press X, initiating the Counter Breaker. This might seem a little confusing at first, but with some good coordination this can easily be boosted between you and your partner.

    One Controller - Offline: The best tactic when it comes to trying to get these offline is to play against Normal Difficulty AI and keep trying to perform Counter Breakers in the hope that the AI falls for it. Harder difficulty AI will not be as susceptible to this and as such will be harder to trick. The problem with Counter Breakers is that they are there to fool the Opponent; you activate them when you think the Opponent is going to try to break out of your combo and as such you trick them, but against AI this process is randomised.

    Two Controllers: The easiest way to get Counter Breakers is by using two controllers. You can grind many of these in Offline Versus - 'Player vs Player'. Pick Thunder for Player 1 and whoever you want as Player 2. You're going to want to try and find a comfortable position to hold both controllers; I find that the best position is to hold the main controller with your second controller on your lap with your little finger in a position to access the any of the buttons. In this position, you can start a combo with your first controller, counter break, then press any button on your second controller; over time this becomes easier and easier to do as you get used to the timing. Set the timer to infinite to give you as much time as possible to perform Counter Breakers. Depending on the damage you do with your short cancelled combo, you should be looking at over 30 per game. To save some time, you can work on Counter Breakers until your opponents health has almost run out, then switch controllers and work on Combo Breakers (I'll go into this a bit later), to make each game more efficient.

    Survival Matches - Target: 25 (5 Titles) - Stretch Goal: 50 (6 Titles)

    Survival is this games version of Arcade (That is, until they actually added an Arcade mode to the game through a title update), fighting against an infinite supply of enemies slowly increasing in difficulty. There is an Achievement for completing 10 fights in this mode with every character, and many of the Trials require you to finish fights here as well, meaning that you could already have a few titles unlocked. Personally, I found Survival rather boring, so I only aimed for 25 played with each character instead of the 50 we've been aiming for in Ranked and Exhibition. You can choose to do 50 if you want some more leeway later on, but this is all down to personal preference.

    Versus Matches - Target: 100 (7 Titles) - Stretch Goal: 150 (8 Titles)

    You're going to have to play at least 200 games overall with each character so Versus will really act as your way of finishing off the games left over after playing Ranked, Exhibition and Survival. If you followed my suggestion to play 50 Ranked, 50 Exhibition and 25 Survival, you will have about 75 left for you to play which should come around while grinding out the rest of the titles. I had a few occasions where my 200 game played achievements wouldn't unlock until i was around 250 played games, which meant I had to grind out a few more versus games. This shouldn't be a problem to grind until you get to the last few titles, but refer to the many '200 matches played' solutions for tips on how to grind matches through losing to Hard AI. Alternatively, you can grind Supreme Victories against easy AI to work on those as well.
    Solution for Sadira Chosen One in Killer Instinct

    Exhibition Matches - Target: 25 (4 Titles) - Stretch Goal: 50 (5 Titles)

    Just like the Ranked Matches, you are going to have to play a certain number of Exhibition matches depending on whether or not you boosted the 'Play against 6 characters' achievements in this mode or Ranked. Exhibition match is the same as ranked except you do not lose or gain any rank points depending on the result of the game. Considering you have to play 200 matches with every character anyway, I would suggest going for another 50 in this mode as you will get a nice bunch of Titles and a nice bump towards your 200 games goal. It does not matter whether you win or lose in these matches, and depending on which method of boosting you are using (If you are boosting with a friend, then you are going to be gaining matches in this mode anyway, so further boosting probably won't be needed) it will vary how much grinding you have to do.

    Supreme Victories - Target: 100 (7 Titles) - Stretch Goal: 150 (8 Titles)

    These should come naturally through the grinding of other titles on the way. A Supreme victory is when you win without losing your first health bar, which against the easier AI should not be a problem. I personally payed no attention to this set of Titles, as I unlock around 60 without any other input, especially when grinding other Titles in Versus

    TIME SAVING TIP: As mentioned earlier, you can grind Versus Matches played and Supreme Victories if you decide you want to get more Titles in this set.

    Aerial Attacks - Goal: 1000 (8 Titles) - Stretch Goal: 2500 (9 Titles)

    An Aerial Attack is any attack that is made against an Opponent that is airborne. Many Ultras have a certain number of Aerial Attacks within them, but Thunder does not have that many and such we might need to put more thought into these. Thunder isn't particularly an airborne character so he is lacking moves that launch the Opponent; his 'Call of The Earth' counts as an Aerial Attack and can add a few hits to your total, but generally your best bet would be using normal attacks on an Opponent who is jumping.

    One Controller - Online With a Friend: Have your friend move into the corner and hold his Analogue Stick up. Every time he leaves the ground, jump up and hit him with a Light Punch or a Light Kick; this will knock him down, but he will quickly get up and start jumping again. Get used to the rhythm and you can knock out around 150 per game. You could also work on your Sammamish's by perform this special move instead of jumping and attack.

    One Controller - Offline: You'll most likely get some of these through just playing against AI Opponents in Versus. Killer Instinct seems a bit fidgety with what it considers an Aerial Attack so you might find that you are getting more towards your total than you expected. If you don't have access to another Controller or a Partner, then I would say to leave this set as you will unlock some with the grinding of others.

    Triplax (Special 1) - Target: 500 (7 Titles) - Stretch Goal: 1000 (8 Titles)

    Depending on your play style with Thunder you might unlock many of these titles through natural progression. Triplax is one of Thunder's Special Moves that functions as an Opener, a Linker and an Ender. These are very easy to grind against both a Second Controller and a Computer as they do not require the Opponent to be in any particular position, or to provide any input. To maximise the total number of Special Moves you perform during a match try to only perform the Light Variation of the move and don't combo afterwards; this can be Achieved by inputted the move then waiting until the '# Hit Combo' text disappears from the screen, meaning that the combo has dropped.

    The Light Variation deals 3% damage on it's own, so you are looking at around 60+ per game against an AI or 66 against a second controller, providing you only ever hit with this move. You could also perform the move, then wait for the Opponent's Temporary Damage to regenerate before attempting the next allowing you to get more done in each game.

    Sammamish (Special 2) - Target: 500 (7 Titles) - Stretch Goal: 1000 (8 Titles)

    Depending on your play style with Thunder you might unlock many of these titles through natural progression. Sammamish is another one of Thunder's Special Moves that acts as his 'Shoryuken' style move and functions as an Ender. Again, these are very easy to grind against both a Second Controller and a Computer as they do not require the Opponent to be in any particular position, or to provide any input. Unfortunately, Sammamish will result in a Knockdown for the Opponent, meaning these will take longer than most other Special Moves; using the light Variation will left you perform up to 48 per game, but around 35 if you are playing against AI.

    Call of The Earth (Special 3) - Target: 200 (6 Titles) - Stretch Goal: 500 (7 Titles)

    Depending on your play style with Thunder you might unlock many of these titles through natural progression. Call of The Earth is another one of Thunder's Special Moves which functions as his strongest Ender. Call of The Earth is one of the slowest moves to grind out of all of the Characters because of the long drawn out animation each input goes through. The Light Variation deals 13% damage when used on it's own, meaning you are only looking at around 15 per game; because of this, I recommend you only grind 200 instead of 500 like we have for the previous two moves.

    Autos - Target: 1000 (8 Titles) - Stretch Goal: 2500 (9 Titles)

    An Auto is a feature unique to Killer Instinct in which some linking moves will do numourous attacks instead of just the one to keep the game flowing. You will get a lot of these through the grinding of the rest of the titles because of how the autos function, but they are very easy to grind on their own. The method I like to use is to jump at the Opponent and press any attack button several times; what this will do is cause Thunder to perform a 3 hit combo and then stop. With a bit of practise, you can get a nice rhythm of jumping at your Opponent, performing an Auto, jumping at your Opponent, Performing an Auto and so on.

    Overall, you should be aiming for around 1000 Autos as the next milestone is far higher than the previous and would simply waste time trying to aim for it. Of course, this is just an opinion and if you find yourself with only a few titles left and Autos seems to be your best option, by all means go for it. I personally found myself with almost 2500 Autos when I unlocked my last Title for Thunder, so I would say pay no attention to this area until you are nearing the end of your 150 goal.

    One Controller - Online With a Friend: Just start an Exhibition Match with your friend and have him stand in the corner while you perform Autos against them.

    One Controller - Offline: Just playing games against the AI will almost certainly increase the amount of Autos you have performed. If you want to aim for these specifically, start a Versus game against an AI of the easiest difficulty and refer back to the 'Jump, Auto, Jump, Auto' tactic mentioned just before. The AI won't be too aggressive, but they might still block some of your attacks which could lead to lengthening this process.

    Two Controllers: Use the same method as you would if you were boosting with a friend; have the Second Controller just stand still while you perform Autos.

    Manuals - Goal: 500 (8 Titles) - Stretch Goal: 1000 (9 Titles)

    A Manual is performed by delaying your attack after an Opener instead of letting the Auto take over. Refer to the 'Overhead' section of this solution for a great method of grinding both Overheads and Manuals at the same time, saving you a lot of trouble. If you want to try and get Manuals on their own then I will still list some methods of grinding them separately:

    One Controller - Online With a Friend: Have your friend walk into the Corner, then jump at them and hit RT just before hitting the ground then wait about half a second before pressing RT again. You'll know you've done it right when you perform a 2 hit combo and thunder does not automatically perform 2 hits on the Heavy Attack when he lands, leading to a 3 hit combo. Another way to make this easier would be to hold down as you are landing from your Heavy Kick; as soon as you see Thunder crouch, you know that you can attack again and have it count as an Auto (The reason for this is because while Thunder is in the 'Auto' state he cannot crouch).

    One Controller - Offline: Although harder, Manuals are still possible to grind off of the AI. The easier AI have a habit of standing still for about a second before actually doing anything, so you can try to take advantage of this and jump at them using the same method as 'Online with a Firned'; be warned that if the Opponent blocks, you will not be able to perform a Manual.

    Two Controllers: The easiest of methods; refer to the 'Online With a Friend' situation, as the concept is the same.

    Combo Hits - Goal: 5000 (8 Titles) - Stretch Goal: 10,000 (9 Titles)

    Combo Hits are basically any hits that flow together and present you with a total number. Autos and Manuals both provide 3 and 2 combo hits respectively, and general combos can provide much more. Thunder's Ultra is 28 hits, not including any hits from the combo before the activation or any hits after Instinct Cancelling; if you follow the Time Saving Tip in the 'Ultra Combos Performed' section, you can get up to 90 easy Combo Hits as well as however many you get during the actual game.

    If you are struggling to perform combos, you can try and 'Mash' a combo by performing an Opener (Check the 'Command List' at the top of the Solution) then spinning the stick while pressing either Light Punch, Light Kick, Medium Punch or Medium Kick (Heavy Kick/ Punch will result in a finisher). Although this might result in a bad combo, it will still give you a lot of hits and add to your total.

    Combo Breakers - Target: 500 (8 Titles) - Stretch Goal: 1000 (9 Titles)

    TIME SAVING TIP: You will notice that while doing Combo Breakers you gain Instinct Metre; as soon as your Metre has filled entirely, activate your Instinct Mode. You will gain many Instinct Modes every round and as such will add towards your Instinct Mode titles saving you some time.

    Combo Breakers are a lot easier to perform than Counter Breakers, and as such the boundries for Titles are a lot higher to compensate. If you are using two controllers, Combo Breakers are an extremely easy way of boosting up your Fight Title count. I would personally reccomend aiming for 500 and at a stretch 1000; the next milestone after 1000 is 2500, which would take far too long for it to be considering convenient.

    One Controller - Online With a Friend: Co-Ordination is a must here, as you are going to need to time your Combo Breaker for when the opponent begins his auto. The simpliest way to grind this out with a friend is to have your opponent choose sabrewolf. have him jump at you and press X while holding down, then as soon as he lands press X again to do a crouching hit; if the opponent was to repeatably tap X then he would proceed to start a very fast combo that is easily breakable. The defending player, which should be you, needs to press down on the Right analogue stick or X + A right when Sabrewolf hits Thunder with the crouched attack. Realisticaly, the attacking player should only need to press X twice, but if they are struggling with the timing they can simply keep pressing X to initiate the combo.

    One Controller - Offline: This can be either hard or easy depending on how well you can read moves. For offline boosting I would reccomed picking Orchid as your opponent as her easier AI is very easy to read; if you see her do a spinning kick move then you can press Left or Right on the analogue stick or 'Y+B' which should Break the combo. The AI really don't vary much with their combos, so over time you will grow familiar with their combo strings and particular patterns; I find that the majority of the AI primarily use medium attacks (Y+B/ Left or Right on Analogue stick to break) to start their combos.

    Two Controllers: With two controllers you can grind this out quick and easy; similar to before when describing how to hold the controllers for Counter Breakers, hold Player 2's controller in your hands while having Player 1's controller on your lap. With Player 2 as Sabrewolf, you are going to want to jump at Player 1 and press X to attack them in the air, then land and press Down X to do a crouching attack (You can hold Down while in the air to make things easier). As soon as the crouching attack hits Player 1, use your little finger to press Down on the right Analogue stick. Adjust this set up to whatever is comfortable, and if you can't get used to this particularly layout then feel free to find your own position that suits you.

    Combo Enders - Goal: 500 (8 Titles) - Stretch Goal: 1000 (9 Titles)

    Combo Enders are moves that, strangely enough, end Combos. Every Character has a list of Enders in the Command List (Refer to the Spoiler Tag above), and in most cases they are just Heavy Variations of Special Moves. The good thing with this is that the 'Combo Enders' don't actually need to be performed during a Combo, meaning you can easily grind these out. I previously mentioned that you should not grind many 'Call of The Earth' Special Moves for that set, but if you decide to use the Heavy Variation to grind Enders, you can gain an extra title there too.

    One Controller - Online With a Friend: Have your friend move into the corner and then continuously use Heavy Sammamish against him. Each use of this Special Move will also count towards the total uses of it, amounting to another title. I find that this is the weakest of Thunder's Enders and is the shortest.

    One Controller - Offline: If you are familliar with the structure of a combo, you will gain a lot of these from just playing against the AI while grinding out other things. Otherwise, you can refer to the previous methods of just using Heavy Variations of moves against the Easiest AI.

    Two Controllers: Use the same method as 'Online With a Friend', deciding yourself whether to use Heavy Sammamish or Heavy Call of The Earth.

    Throws - Goal: 1000 (9 Titles) - Stretch Goal: 5000 (10 Titles)

    Thunder is very unique as his backwards throw doesn't actually do any damage and still counts towards this set of titles. As well as it doing no damage, it doesn't knock the enemy down and is extremely quick, meaning that you are going to want to grind as many of these as you can. I personally reccomend grinding around 1000 depending of whether or not you are attempting them on the AI or against another player. The next milestone of 5000 is very high, and way too time consuming to be considered.

    One Controller - Online With a Friend In the time you are given in an Exhibition match, you can get around 140 backwards throws per game.

    One Controller - Offline: Against the easiest AI, you should be able to spam throws throughout the match. Set the timer to infinite and try to just use your backwards throw whilst blocking any attacks that the opponent happens to pull off; overall you shouldn't have too much trouble when it comes to grinding the throws and if you have to you can go through games only using front throws in order to win.

    Two Controllers: Your second controller will not have to do anything; just set the time to infinite and continiously use your backwards throw until you recieve the desired amount of titles. Grinding these with two controllers is a lot easier due to the infinite timer, although you might want to purposely end games in order to add to your Versus Matches Played. You can even grind these at the end of matches that you are grinding other titles in, due to the backwards variation doing no damage.

    Overheads - Target: 500 (8 Titles) - Stretch Goal: 1000 (9 Titles)

    TIME SAVING TIP:Overheads and Manuals can be boosted at the same time if you know what you are doing. First of all, an overhead only counts as an overhead if the opponent is crouching, which means that this can be someone troubling to try and boost against an AI, which is why I would reccomend to do this either with a partner online or ideally with a second controller.

    The attacking player will need to jump and attack, then land and attack again. The problem here is that the timing is a little different to an auto which is what will happen if you press the attack button too early. I personally find heavy attacks the easiest to manual (RT and RB) and with thunder I would reccomend using Heavy Kick (RT); jump at the opponent and hit RT just before hitting the ground (Timing is a little off here because of how the opponent is crouching) then wait about half a second before pressing RT again. You'll know you've done it right when you perform a 2 hit combo and thunder does not automatically perform 2 hits on the Heavy Attack when he lands, leading to a 3 hit combo. Another way to make this easier would be to hold down as you are landing from your Heavy Kick; as soon as you see Thunder crouch, you know that you can attack again and have it count as an Auto (The reason for this is because while Thunder is in the 'Auto' state he cannot crouch). If you are having a bit of trouble with this, I have included a video as a visual aid. Apologies for the terrible quality; my capture card does not support HDMI recording so I cannot record from the Xbox One directly:

    A problem arises when trying to get this against the AI as their position and likeliness to block is entirely random; as well as this it can be tricky to pull of manuals if you are not particularly familliar with the flow of the game and as such this is deffinitely one I would say you need to try and get either a Boosting Partner or a second Controller in order to make use of the 8 tiles easily obtainable here. The next goal of 1000 is a little far off, but feel free to return here if you need an extra Title.

    Juggle Hits - Goal: 200 (6 Titles) - Stretch Goal: 500 (7 Titles)

    Similar to Aerial Hits, Juggle Hits are attacks that carry the Opponent while they are in the air and you are grounded. Generally speaking, when you get into a Juggle State, the Combo Bar fills up a lot quicker meaning you will not be able to pull of as many attacks as you could in the air. The easiest method of Juggle Hits is to use Triplax while the Opponent in the Air; if you hit the Opponent as they are falling, you should perform around 3 hits and Juggle them temporarily.

    One Controller - Online With a Friend You can either Co-Ordinate when your Partner is going to jump, or have them hold the Analogue Stick upwards for the entire duration of the game. After the Juggle Hits, they will be knocked down temporarily, but will quickly get up and start jumping again.

    One Controller - Offline: Just like many of the other Titles, a lot of these will come naturally while grinding other aspects of the game. There will be many situations when you attack an Opponent while they are in the air and you are not that will count towards your total. While Grinding Ultra Combos, you can get around 6-10 Juggle Hits depending on how well you can end the Ultra (Refer to the 'Ultra Combo' section for more guidance).

    Two Controllers: Just like with a Friend except you can have an easier time getting the timing right. Feel free to use one of the previously mentioned positions, such as having your second controller on your lap with your little finger accessible to the Left Analogue Stick (I would recommend turning the controller round, this will mean you will have to press Down on the Left Analogue stick (Which is now in the right) instead of up) so that you can flick the stick and immediate perform the input with your main Controller.

    Blocks - Target: 1000 (6 Titles) - Stretch Goal: 2500 (7 Titles)

    To block you have to press the opposite direction that you are facing; some attacks aim for your upper body and as such can be blocked by standing, whilst some other attacks aim for your legs and as such will need to be blocked while crouching which can be performed by pressing the diagonal direction down that is opposite to the direction you are facing.

    This is another that is especially easy if you have a second controller to hand, as you can actually grind out the attacks blocked without even paying attention to the screen. You can also do this with a boosting partner, although becuase of the inability to turn off the timer in Exhibition this will take a lot longer (But in retrospect, it could help to increase your Exhibition matches played). The titles for this are not impossible against the AI and overally they are pretty easy if you don't have a Partner or a second Controller to hand.

    There are many different ways to attack the blocking opponent effeciently, and overall it just comes down to personal preference of however much you want to monitor your game or do something else while you are just tapping a single button. The most effective method I found was to pick Sabrewulf as Player 2 (Whether that be Online or a Second Controller) and have him walk forward while repetiviely pressing RB. Pressing RB makes quite a loud click so if you want to save some frustration to your ears, feel free to go into the controller settings and change it to something more convenient such as A for the duration of the time you are grinding.

    One Controller - Online With a Friend: The defending player will need to hold the analogue stick to the left or to the right depending on the side they are on. The attacking player needs to pick Sabrewulf and hold the stick in the direction of the opponent while pressing RB. This move is very effective as it deals no chip damage and does not launch the player back very far so that the attack ends up missing (Assuming they are holding the directional stick).

    One Controller - Offline: The easier AI aren't really very aggresive, so getting this against the computer can be somewhat challenging. Chances are, you will have the most luck assuming that every attack the opponent is going to perform is going to be a high attack that you can block using a standing block, although if you are more familliar with reading moves you will have an easier time with this. Another tip can be found on the solution by NeoSm0ke for Orchid Master, explaining a useful exploit in the Sadira AI. I have not tested this personally, but it appears to work fine for all of the Characters.
    Solution for Orchid Master in Killer Instinct

    Two Controllers: If you have access to two controllers then this set of titles is extremely easy and can be grinded without even paying attention to the screen. If you set the timer to infinite then you can grind out as many blocks as you want in one game. My best recommendation would be to get your main controller and lay it on a surface so that the analogue stick is pushing your character to walk into a wall; then on the second controller repetitively press RB while walking forward. I grinded this while watching a movie on netflix and came back with around 2500 blocked attacks, but the difference between 6 and 7 titles is quite big, so you might prefer to only grind 1000.

    Shadow Moves - Goal: 200 (7 Titles) - Stretch Goal: 500 (8 Titles)

    Shadow Moves are the improved versions of Special Moves that requires half of the Shadow Bar to perform; they are basically the 'Super Combo' of Killer Instinct. You are obviously going to be using lots of these as you progress throughout the game due to the damage they deal against your opponent, and how useful they can be in tight situations. Whilst going for every other Achievement you will start to gain some progress towards this set of titles, and whilst going for the other Titles you can boost some of these along the way. I reccomend trying to get at least 200 done mainly due to the fact that you would have already done quite a lot towards this goal already before attempting to round up to this number.

    What I would basically suggest is that while you are grinding the other titles and you, at any point, gain enough shadow metre to pull off a shadow move, then you should perform one. For Thunder, for example, a simple one is Quarter Circle Backward + 2x Kick, or Triple Kick/ LT (LT presses all three Kicks, the Shadow move requires two but this makes it a bit easier) which will cause thunder to perform a stronger Version of his Ankle Slicer. If you need to boost these on their own, then here are some tips.

    One Controller - Online With a Friend: Have Player 2 block whilst you, Player 1, attack them with Triplax; you won't deal as much damage as you would if they were not blocking but your Shadow Metre will raise up the same. Perform the Shadow Move while they are blocking and it will still count towards your total and cause less damage meaning you can hopefully perform several in one game.

    One Controller - Offline: You can just play games normally against easy AI to grind out your Shadow Moves. By attacking the AI your Metre will increase allowing you to pull off multiple shadow moves per round; these games will also count towards your played Versus Matches. Refer to the segment about Ultra Victories for another way to grind these while also going for Ultras, Combo Hits, Instinct Modes, Versus Matches and potentially Juggle hits depending on the character.

    Two Controllers: The same method can be used for Offline with two controllers that can be used for Online with two players. Have your second controller stay in the corner blocking while you attack then, and use your Shadow Move whenever you can. In Offline Versus you can set the time to infinite, allowing you to gain more progress than with a timer.

    Instinct Modes - Goal: 25 (5 Titles) - Stretch Goal: 75 (6 Titles)

    TIME SAVING TIPYour Instinct metre fills up as you take damage and allows you to activate your characters special ability. By taking damage, you are looking at being able to do about one of these per round, but if you grind these while also going for the combo breakers you can decrease the time spent by quite a lot. When you perform a Combo Breaker you gain some Instinct Metre and also recover a little bit of health that you would have lost had the opponent finished their combo. Using this method you can get many more Instinct Activations per round, as well as several Combo Breakers that will add to your totals and titles. The same method really applies for both Online and Two Controller grinding. When trying to grind these with the AI, you'll have to just let them beat you up until you can activate Instinct, and repeat.

    Ultra Combos Performed - Target: 25 (5 Titles) - Stretch Goal: 75 (6 Titles)

    TIME SAVING TIP: By using Instinct Cancels to your advantage you can grind out a whole group of different titles all at once whilst performing Ultras. Basically what you are going to want to do is save an Instinct Mode until the end of the game and start a combo while the opponent is in the 'Danger' state, then Activate your Ultra Combo (Refer to the Command List). Pay Attention to your Shadow Metre, as it will quickly fill up while your Ultra is playing out; once both bars of your Shadow have been filled, use your Instinct Mode to perform an 'Instinct Cancel' which will then throw you straight back into ordiary gameplay and give you control of Thunder. As soon as this has been done, you will now have a full Shadow Metre, so take advantage of this and use both your Shadow Moves; if you are confident enough you can throw in a few more hits, but you basically need to activate your Ultra once again. Your Ultra will end with a final hit, and you will be given control of Thunder once more; use two more Shadow Moves to try and Juggle the opponent (I recommend using Shadow Triplax twice for the highest success rate) and with this we have grinded four Shadow Moves, one Ultra Combo Finish, one Instinct Mode, up to 100 Combo Hits, a few Juggle Hits and a Versus Victory; talk about multitaskig. If you are a bit confused by this, I made a visual guide giving a rough example of what I mean (Again, sorry about the quality). I am only in training mode to show you the Ultra in action, none of these Titles can be grinded in Training.

    To perform an Ultra Combo you need to reduce the opponents HP to a 'Danger' state (this is signified by the word Danger appearing on the Opponent's health bar) and input a certain command during a combo. An Ultra is only possible on the second round of a fight (Second health bar/ Red health bar) and can only be performed during a combo. Thunder's Ultra Combo input is Quarter Circle Forward + Triple Punch. By doing this quickly during a combo, Thunder will pause for a second and proceed to start hitting the opponent automatically with no user input. There isn't really any point in trying to grind out Ultra victories, but you should try and get one every time you finish a fight while grinding out the rest of the titles; if you find yourself very close to a new milestone then you could try and reach it, but overall the Ultra Combo titles are not the most important and only offer as secondary compared to the other variations.
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    I found this post within the forums by Zenn P and I just think everyone should see this as it is by far the best way to get the 150 fight challenges done.

    I take no ownership of this guide and I will of course remove it if asked to.

    Zenn P forum post starts here.

    With online access in distress, I have been farming the 150 fight challenge achievements entirely offline. I noticed this forum, therefore I decided to contribute with my own "ultimate" guide for boosting fight challenges. While fight challenges are mainly unlocked through Versus Mode, Survival, and Online Modes, this guide will primarily focus on acquiring fight challenges through the multiplayer Versus and Survival modes. Using these methods, 150 titles can easily be acquired within several hours.

    Primarily, it is most efficient to farm titles in 2P versus mode while manually using both controllers. Most importantly, always remember to set the matches up as listed below:

    1. From the main menu select Multiplayer > Fight > Local Play
    2. Once at the fighter select screen, enter 2P controller with cn_A-button
    3. Press cn_Y-button to set the Time Limit to "Infinite"
    4. These options will help in farming specific challenges

    If you ever need to check your challenge progress select Fight Archive > Fight Challenges from the main menu. Now, onto the guide.

    Note: I will list the optimal number of each challenge in brackets to give players a range to shoot for when grinding to 150 as some of the maximum numbers for 10 titles are rather demanding.

    Ultras, Combo Hits, Shadow Moves, & Juggle Hits
    These are the most basic and naturally unlocked challenges in the game. Executing your Ultra at the end of a match works towards miscellaneous other challenges including combo hits, juggles, and more. Therefore, when you first start farming challenges for a character, be sure to pause and check out their command list for Ultra inputs. Various fighters' normal attacks also count as overheads; therefore, Ultras might count towards those titles also. Once your opponent is in danger, start with a shadow move(s) and then transition it into your Ultra. Once the Ultra has completed, attempt to juggle with additional shadow moves, then repeat. Make it a priority that you ALWAYS execute your Ultra at the end of every single match you play, whether in 2P Versus or Survival mode. A hefty portion of your challenges will be unlocked by doing this alone.

    Combo Breakers [500 for 10 Titles]
    While in 2P Versus, select Fulgore as your 2P dummy. Once the match starts press cn_start > Controller. Highlight Light Kick and press cn_RT to switch the input so that more combo breakers can be farmed. Select Save and then resume the match. While on the right side of the screen, input Fulgore's Blade Dash (cn_downcn_downleft + cn_RT) with one hand and on your other hand [main account], press (cn_RSd) to perform a Combo Breaker. Repeat this for the entirety of the match if necessary. Roughly 40 combo breakers can be farmed per match with this method. Completing 500 of them will net you 10 challenges toward the 150 required.

    Counter Breakers [150 for 10 Titles]
    Your versus opponent should not matter while farming these. Using your main account, execute a special move while near 2P and then go straight into an auto by pressing the corresponding button again. Immediately after this, press cn_Y+cn_B (guard animation) and have the 2P controller press (cn_RSd), this will result in a counter breaker. I will use Jago [main] versus Fulgore [2P dummy] as an example.

    1. Jago performs Laser Sword (cn_downcn_downleft + cn_Y) then press cn_Y again right after
    2. Quickly press cn_Y+cn_B to go into a guard animation
    3. Have Fulgore [2P] press (cn_RSd) for the counter breaker.

    Repeat for the entirety of the match if necessary. Roughly 20+ counter breakers can be achieved per match using this method. Completing 150 of these will net you 10 challenges.

    Blocks [5000 for 9 Titles]
    While in 2P versus, select Kan-Ra as your 2P dummy. Once the match starts back both fighters into a corner. Rubber band or place something heavy against your left-stick so that your are walking away from Kan-Ra. Make sure both fighters are very close to one another. Now, while using Kan-Ra, simply jump upwards and press cn_RT for a sand stomp attack that nets 6 blocks per input. Repeatedly input Up then cn_RT and watch your Block based challenges unlock very quickly. Whenever you can, input Kan-Ra's shadow moves for extra blocks. An alternative attack is Away + cn_Y which nets 5 blocks per input. Repeat for the entirety of the match if necessary. Completing 5000 blocks will net you 9 challenges which can be easily accomplished with Kan-Ra as your dummy.

    Survival Matches [50 for 10 Titles]
    These are a very simple 10 challenges to obtain, albeit dreadfully monotonous. Make sure to set the difficulty to Easy from the fighter select screen and then go on to defeat opponents. Opponents get increasingly defiant as you progress. As a suggestion, quit out and re-start survival once you have around 15 wins or more for easier matches. You do not need to win these for them to count, only play them. However, it is suggested that you play them to work towards the above titles to expedite the unlocking process.

    There is also the effortless alternative of setting the difficulty to Champion and allowing the first survival opponent to defeat you quickly. Select "Try Again", select your fighter, and repeat.

    Throws [500 for 8 Titles]
    Depending on the character you are using, throws can be easily obtainable challenges. Simply boost them in 2P versus against a dummy by getting near it and press (cn_RSd) while in the corner. Repeat for the entirety of the match. I would suggest you farm these with characters that have throws that don't result in a knock down (to save time). Several challenges can be acquired by simply hitting them in increments in 50 which isn't half bad.

    Specials [250 for 4 Titles each]
    Depending on the character you are using, you can swipe several of these challenges throughout three specific categories. Simply start up a 2P versus match and continue to input that said special on the 2P dummy until the match ends. It is in your best interest of repeatedly using specials that don't take up a lot of frames. Nonetheless, you'll be acquiring these through natural play from executing combos and ultras.

    Also, specials will count even if they are blocked but not if they whiff. So if you want to make your 2P dummy block to increase executed specials per match then that is a viable option.

    Supreme Victories
    These don't really need to be mentioned. You will likely scoop up all 10 related challenges to this category while working towards other challenges. Simply win matches without losing your initial green bar of health. You will likely obtain these by playing Survival matches or boosting Versus-related titles.

    Versus Matches
    These challenges are absolutely mandatory, especially since there are "Play 200 matches as ________" achievements. Therefore, this is a guaranteed 10 challenges and 100 matches towards the achievement(s). It is not recommend to farm these until you have farmed most of the other challenges. There are two methods I use to farm versus matches.

    The extremely fast method is to start up 2P versus mode with your main account against Jago as your 2P dummy. Rubber band or lean something heavy against the left-stick so that your main account is walking towards Jago. Once the match starts quickly spam Jago's crouching heavy punch attack cn_down+cn_RB repeatedly. I suggest configuring the heavy punch button to a face button for more comfortable spamming. Repeat until the match has concluded. Using this method, each fight should only take 8 in-game seconds. It requires some effort, but you can finish 100 matches in around a hour, easily.

    The effortless, and less demanding method is to fight against Sabrewulf in CPU versus on Kyle difficulty. Allow him to quickly defeat you, then hit rematch.

    While the majority of these methods echo what was previously mentioned from the above posts, I merely wanted to consolidate some of the information all into one post. For the record, I was already using many of these methods before I even read them. I figured there should be an overall guide that players can access once they begging farming the 150 fight challenges. It is a long and tedious task, but very simple once you get into a rhythm of unlocking them all.

    Mind you, this guide assumes that the player is absolutely avoiding any online-related titles. Therefore, if you happen to obtain any online-related titles, using this guide makes it even easier to reach the 150 overall. One final note I want to acknowledge are the notifications of when a title is unlocked:
    As of the most recent update, Fight Challenge unlock notifications will not appear during initial matches, but only after you have completed the match during the results screen. After any subsequent rematches however, unlock notifications will appear during the match. This cycle will continue if re-selecting characters or playing a new mode. If you like to know when exactly your titles unlock, it is best to play a quick match, then once you select rematch, begin boosting said titles.

    Titles unlock notifications previously would unlock during the match without needing to play 1 full match, but recent updates have changed that. There hasn't been any prominent complaints over this, so it appears developers have ignored patching it back to the way it was.
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