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  • EurydaceEurydace494,955
    03 Dec 2013 03 Dec 2013 22 May 2014
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    Note: This achievement is sometimes a bit buggy in a positive way and can unlock in the late 90s saving you an incredible 25 minutes! Another report has it unlocking at 101 - it is a true shame this man wasted 3 minutes.

    Note 2: The Mars' Chosen pack will make this faster if you play with a competent teammate in most circumstances. It's actually about the same amount of XP over time as doing it the original way (unless both players are extremely good, in which case you will get insane combo's and XP), but requires less skill (the enemies are more forgiving) and in my opinion it's more fun. PLAY SURVIVAL if you have this DLC. Definitely not required though.

    Note 3: I hope I've made it fairly clear Survival is the way to go. However, please keep in mind that most people will not buy the DLC and may still want to get this achievement. While the fastest solution may very well be "pay $9 and play survival", my solution needs to account for the 95% that doesn't want to do that.

    Note 4: There's a video guide at the bottom courtesy of Markyshizzle. He recommends some stuff I don't agree with but clearly his strategy works for him and in general it will help you understand what you should be doing if you have the Survival maps.

    Alright I started out really slow. Took about 5 rounds to get to Rank 1. Finished my first weapon of the gods at 14 and my fourth at 45. At about that time, I unlocked tier 4 gear and could finally get decent focus gear. I went from 41-100 in an afternoon.

    At the end, I was regularly getting over 200k experience in one round (up to 600k in Survival). This gives you 4-5 levels at once. This is when you combo gets over 300x. It rapidly goes up from there. 375x combo gave me 300k experience, 50% more what 320x combo gives you. It varies a bit but you get the idea.

    According to sniffles x, it requires about 7,050,000xp to get to level 100.

    So, how?

    You want gear with focus on it. Any of the stats are good, especially focus gain and focus time. Gain increases how much you get and time determines how long it lasts each time you use it, letting you kill more enemies with each focus use.

    XP gear is worthless. Don't use it. it's totally insignificant and honestly, the amount of higher combo you can get with extra focus is going to far outweigh it. All the other stats are also pretty bad and I just ignore them except crowd bonus, which gives you more gold which you can turn into better gear.

    I'd also note that I'd recommend buying no more than two booster packs at each tier. The gear is nice but it's not really the main thing and doing this you'll barely have enough gold for the next tier anyway when you get there. The packs are expensive and not worthwhile till tier 4. Save your gold.

    All the god's items are pretty bad too except Mars. It's really good early on and you should use him as your first god to unlock his sword.

    Jupiter is the best. It's extra focus. If you need the HP, you're wrong and you actually just need to get better. More focus means more time slow which means more combo and finally, more XP. It's the best god bar none.

    When you use the time slow, enemies take 6-8 hits to die after the patch on Dec. 17. Hit them until the skull appears then execute to maximize your combo.

    No DLC: Arena - Classical Rome
    The first area is just ok and there's not a ton of units. The second area is awesome and once you learn the enemy spawn patterns, you will start getting HUGE combos here.

    Do matchmaking for this if you don't have a friend. Idiots don't really hurt you and it's better than playing solo. Play solo on the Courtyard as a last resort if you can't find anyone in matchmaking.

    With DLC: Survival - Dockyard
    You want to do Dockyard because there are no catapults or archers to break your combo. It's definitely the superior choice due to less frustration, so if you bought the DLC, use it. If you didn't, don't shed any tears - Dockyard doesn't give more XP if you know how to play the game well, but not very well, and follow my strategies below, the enemies are just strictly easier so you'll be doing better, sooner. If you're quite good and have a good partner, this will be noticeably faster.

    Make sure you get all the other god's items (for that achievement) before switching to Jupiter. You'll be getting more focus through gear later on, so you may as well save Jupiter for last so that you can combine them for insane amounts of focus.

    Generally, you want to keep your combo going. This means when you're done with a kill, if there are no nearby enemies immediately press LB to taunt. This will preserve your combo for about 20 seconds. Spam LB whenever you're waiting on something. If you see your combo meter flashing, it's about to disappear, so it's time to taunt.

    There are statutes you can use once per area that will refill your HP and Focus. Use this to your advantage.

    Never go for the objectives if you have an ally who can do it for you. You don't want to risk losing your combo doing stupid objectives like trying to hit a boiling pot of oil and constantly missing it, eventually leading to two enemies inevitably attacking at once and breaking your combo.

    For catapults, run right next to them. They can't target you here. They can break your combo even during executions so never fight if you're not right next to one.

    For archer towers, do the exact same thing. Stand at the bottom of the tower, breaking line of sight of the archers above you. I encourage you to try going up and killing the archers, seeing the combo-death-sentence that this is simply so you'll understand. NEVER GO UP TO KILL THE ARCHERS. That is the job of your random matchmade companion. There will be plenty of enemies below to kill anyway. If there's not, just stand around pressing LB. If you have Diana, your focus can kill the archers if you're standing right below them when you use it.

    A quick how-to on how to fight enemies. Keep in mind that any charge move I mention below can also be blocked by a "Perfect Block". This is when you press A at basically the last possible second. I don't recommend trying to do this, but it can save your combo in a tricky situation so keep it in mind.

    Archers - If there is one on the ground, you want to watch the arrow indicator in the middle of your screen. When it turns red press block, then roll towards the archer, then press LB and get ready to block again. This is the only way to maintain your combo. These spawn when you have the hold an area objective. Be wary of them. They will break your combo. If you or your partner is using Diana, standing right below the platform and using focus will kill the archers above.

    Shield Enemies - Watch out for them charging you. Crytek made the idiotic decision not to allow dodge cancelling, so if you are button mashing (and you are), this pretty much always hits you. Be very careful not to button mash so you can avoid this. While it's not necessary always, I recommend hitting Y twice when breaking their guard.

    Axe Enemies - If they have an axe, they also have a charge. Kill these guys ASAP. They're weak and can't break your XXY string like shield enemies can, so make them a priority so they don't break your combo later.

    Dual Wield Enemies - When they do their attack, press A before each one. Don't spam A. You want to do A. A. A. Then roll. Now do Y Y Y X X X to do damage to them. At this point they'll break your attack and you repeat.

    Two Hand Weapon Enemies - These guys only appear as the final quest to kill leaders. They take three Mars focus attacks to kill (or one Jupiter/Apollo). If you're attacking them, you want to wait for their attack, roll, spam X until they attack again (sometimes you'll only get one hit, sometimes 3-4), roll, spam X, roll, spam X until they die. They're really rather easy but they're definitely the ones that seem to give people the most trouble.

    Alternate Method (Courtesy of Coura6e)
    I used the map Wicker Man and partnered up with someone in a 'round to round.' If both players select Jupiter as their God, they can trap the barbarians at the spawn point. Take turns using the "bullet time" and you should easily get 200+ per round.
  • L0k0hL0k0h345,411
    09 Dec 2013 09 Dec 2013
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    This is a video-guide of one of the best ways to boost experience in solo player. Actually in this video you can see the worst combination that can show up, which starts with catapult wave, because it’s random but anyway. The video is commented in Spanish, but I’ll explain it in English here (I’m afraid my English speaking is really bad, but when I have time I’ll sub it).

    Select Jupiter God in Oasis map, because it’s the clearer and lighter map. And I think it’s the map with less probability of a catapult wave. If you are unlucky and a catapult wave shows up, star destroying both catapults because they are bugged and, even if you are in execution mode and they don’t injure you, they always broke your combos. So don’t attack anyone until you broke the catapults.

    Another problematic wave can be the archers’ wave. The easiest way is to stay near the towers where the archers are, behind a column. There the arrows will never hit you. Kill all the enemies and then kill the archers slowly, and don’t forget to use LB so you don’t lose the combos.

    As you can see in the video, in the worst case scenario, you can get 140k in 8 minutes. My equipment has only 20% exp more but I’ve seen players with almost 50% more, so that would be 170k instead of 140k.

    f you’re lucky and the perfect wave shows up you should get about 200k-300k in 8 minutes, it depends on your equipment or if you miss sometimes. This way in 10 hours you’ll raise level 100.

    I hope you find this video helpful and you understand where to place yourself. And remember If you have any question I’ll be glad to answer.
  • JSpartanJSpartan486,648
    21 Dec 2013 27 Nov 2013 21 Dec 2013
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    This needs to be done with 2 people for maximum payout.

    I felt like some people needed some help understanding how to level up more effectively so this is what I have came across thus far...

    Custom Match
    Classical Rome

    Why Classical Rome? Just the setup is conducive to leveling and separating of the enemies is also crucial. There aren't any oddities in the objectives either which is nice.

    This is a frustrating thing I promise. Getting your combo high only to see it fade away is enough to want to punch a baby. Try and keep your enemies in front of you of course but watch your camera as well as sometimes it can hide some enemies sprinting to bash your face in.

    When the big guys come around i.e. double swords or shield guys make sure your focus is ready to be used. Focus should be the most important thing for you. It helps you climb tremendously in the combos. I was averaging my combos around 80 and taking in 10k'ish' each time it faded if it did.

    God: Pick Jupiter for his focus benefits for reasons stated above.
    The goddess of XP is nice but your combos from your focus equalize the benefit.

    Keep your combos rolling, if you see your combo about to fade dude to no enemy activity hit 'LB' to taunt the crowd. It will sustain your combo for a little while longer. This is important because there will be breaks in between the waves. ANYTIME YOU MAKE A COMBAT MOVE IT STARTS YOUR COMBOS MULTIPLIER. Hopefully that was clear, so if you move to dodge an arrow and hit 'B' to dodge, it was start your combo, or if you hit 'y' to mash a cauldron, just the same... you can fix this losing your combo again by hitting 'LB' quickly. If it starts to flash hit LB. Definitely always ensure you are taunting the crowd as much as possible.

    Taunts = Crowd Happiness = More Gold
    Taunts = Maintain Combo = Higher Multiplier = More XP

    See what I'm getting at?

    This process is time consuming so be patient but this is the only method I have seen thus far. I hope it helps...

    Courtesy of Spakon he says:

    "A few little tips to add for combo building - while in stun from focus enemies can take 9 hits, with the 10th being the killshot, so attempt to hit each enemy 8-9 times before an execute or if they are a minion just finish them, and outside of Focus stun most enemies can only take 1 extra hit after entering the execution state,

    solo method is still extremely effective if you cannot find a suitable helper for this, i current earn 1.75 levels per game on courtyard if i dont drop combos stupidly."

    Thanks Spakon for the idea!

    20 December EDIT: With the recent patch it is confirmed that it does require less hits in focus to kill an enemy. Whereas in the previous matches you could get 8-9 hits plus the execution now you will be lucky to get 6+Execution. So keep an eye on your skulls.
  • Apocalypse KaneApocalypse Kane1,139,725
    16 Jul 2015 16 Jul 2015 02 Feb 2018
    20 3 10
    Hello everyone,

    I followed the advice of many solutions available here on TrueAchievements and on the web. On one thing they all agree, keep the combo for as long as possible and get as far as possible with the multiplier to get enough experience to level up quickly.

    To achieve this we must first of all have an equipment that makes us gain focus and that it increases the duration of it. Subsequently choose Jupiter as god to its gain of focus resulting from executions and familiarizing with the map, where the enemies are generated and where they came from, so you can use wisely the focus and the taunt.

    The taunt is used as much as possible between the waves of enemies to freeze your combo chain while the focus will allow you to fight and do executions without worrying about being hit. The duration of the taunt is about 15 seconds, so if you see that your multiplier flashes use the taunt.

    In my opinion the best map is without doubt Revolution. After the initial phase, you will be given the task of using the Scorpio to protect the bridge, climb up and activate the Scorpio with cn_A but exits immediately after it has been activated by pressing cn_A again without shooting any enemy, go down from the platform of the Scorpio and wait for the enemies approaching from the bridge. Here starts your combo chain that if you are careful enough, you can bring to the end of the round.

    With a little practice and knowledge of the map, you can get without too much trouble a combo of 450, or even 600 if you do not make mistakes, it requires a little practice but pays off, we speak of over 500,000 EXP in the event of a combo over 600!

    Below I posted a video from one of my games where I got a combo of 597 but in my best game I got a combo of 621 with over 560,000 EXP as a reward.

    I hope you find it useful and for any questions or concerns please comment below.

    Have fun in the arena. smile

    Edit: I restored the video that for some reason had been removed.

  • SlingBlade1322SlingBlade1322251,942
    02 Mar 2014 01 Mar 2014
    13 1 4
    This solution only works if you have the Mars Chosen DLC!!!

    Start a survival round on the map The Dockyard. You have to chose this map because it is the only one that does not have artillery or archers for you to deal with.

    As far as gear what everybody listed above is perfect. All focus gear.

    For the god have someone pick Apollo and the other one Jupiter.

    With this combo you can keep people stunned almost the entire game and with Apollo you will continually be gaining health to counter the health drain. You want to keep your combo as high as possible and make sure you are executing everybody. As soon as you see someone that isn't stunned us your focus. You shouldn't have too many problems gaining it. I had one round last 20 minutes and i gained something like 9 levels. Plus you get a bonus experience every couple of minutes which helps a lot.

    If you have any other tips or suggestions feel free to leave a comment.
  • HWNDarksideHWNDarkside861,076
    29 Jan 2014 29 Jan 2014 29 Jan 2014
    14 2 1
    This is probably the quickest method to level up - best score so far was 420,000 XP and 8 levels in 15 minutes.

    EDIT - best score 448 combo - 570,000 XP - 11 levels in 15 minutes!

    Grab the DLC map Henge and a boosting partner. Mars sword is a must, and equip as much focus gear as possible.

    Run through the first objective as quickly as possible (wood cart) and move on to the Scorpios. Combos aren't worth the effort at the moment as the enemies are too low-level.

    Man the Scorpios and as soon as the arena starts to change jump down. Do not kill any enemies with the Scorpio.

    The player going for XP focuses on kills whilst your partner uses their Focus ability to stop any moving enemies (do not kill anything, just make sure your partner doesn't get overrun and enemies are constantly frozen). Communication is key as Focus has a habit of recharging at the wrong time! You should be able to get 100+ combo before moving on to the next area. Use Taunt to keep the combo going whilst changing areas.

    Kick the blocks in the hole and carry on focus/killing. It's possible to get 250+ combo before reaching the Scorpios again - but due to the low level of the enemies you'll probably only pick up 70-90k XP. Manning Scorpios automatically ends your combo.

    This section is where you'll pick up the most XP. Man the Scorpios again, jump down when the arena changes and kick the fires over. There 3 waves of enemies including the bosses. There's a possible 350-400 combo available here - and because the enemies are the highest level, anywhere from 200-400k XP.

    On a bad run you can pick up 100-150k XP, but if you keep your combo over 200 you're looking at 200k+ in around 15 minutes.
  • UncaringChaffUncaringChaff81,683
    12 May 2014 12 May 2014
    10 0 0
    I've found a really easy way of doing this using a little glitch in the map 'Dockyard'. If you load up this mission in Survival mode and stay on the starting balcony enemies will be forced to come to you rather than you going to them. This has several benefits:

    1) There is no chance you can be surrounded as the balcony has a solid wall behind you along with a drop to the left and boxes to the right. Enemies will only be able to come from the front.

    2) Enemies have to climb up the ladder to reach you giving you a moment to catch your breath and plan your attack. This is especially useful if you find it hard to hold of groups of Barbarians.

    3) By using the God Diana you can use your special power to good use here. Using Diana's Special Ability causes enemies to fly rapidly away from you and given that they are on a balcony means that you get an instant kill 75% of the time (and if they don't die they end up stunned so that you can execute them). Diana also gives you extra-XP when you execute enemies so you should always use her for help with this achievement.

    I used this method and managed to get up to a x200 chain every time which meant that I was going up around about 7-8 levels per game depending on the skill of your opponent. If you follow this method you should be fine but please don't forget about the taunt button. Sometimes enemies may take a little longer to find you as they have to climb up the ladders so make sure you keep boasting to the audience to keep that chain going!

    Any problems, advice or criticisms involving this method please let me know.. Good Luck!
  • StatManlyStatManly237,710
    04 Dec 2017
    4 0 0

    By far the best solo method to date. With a few practice tries, I am able to get 200k + XP per round. Author pulled in over 600k XP.
  • GSC femontanhaGSC femontanha287,894
    15 Feb 2014 25 Feb 2014 04 Jul 2014
    5 4 2
    Hi Everyone, in this video i show some tips to make more XP on Ryse Multiplayer! The language is PT-BR! Thanks all

    Fala pessoal, no vídeo eu mostro alguamas dicas para fazer mais XP no Multiplayer do Ryse!

    Valeu Abs
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