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They look like ants

Destroy all enemy ground targets and kill no allies with the rods.

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How to unlock the They look like ants achievement

  • LSC MrSandmanLSC MrSandman1,076,414
    24 Nov 2013 25 Nov 2013 25 Nov 2013
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    You can get this achievement during the 17th mission called "Loki". As with every other misc. achievement in this game you can play the mission on the easiest difficulty setting and still get it!

    At the end of this mission in space (sadly without the dog, missed opportunity by IW right there) you will take over the space station to support your troops on the ground.

    When you are controlling the station you can use RT to fire up to three rods at a time. Their blast radius is marked with a circle on the ground (but at least to me it seems like the radius is slightly bigger than marked). Keep in mind that after the three rods hit the ground you can immediately fire three more. You can cover a big area by just spamming the rods. You don't have to destroy the helicopters only the marked ground units.

    There will be three areas that you have to clear.

    1. This is the easiest one as there are no allies you could hit. Just start at bottom left end of the enemy group and make your way through their lines spamming the rods using RT.

    2. This time around there will be allies on the right side and on top. If you're being told over the com "that you should watch out where you are firing" it means you hit an ally and you should reload the last checkpoint.

    Start at the bottom right with the units that are closest to your allies (the units with the blue marker). Take out this group with your three first rods from right to left. Now it's time to take care of the second group. Don't move up your fire area too much up or otherwise you'll kill your allies. Just make your way from the right to the left side again.

    3. With this last batch of enemies your allies will be on the left side of the opposing forces.

    Start on the top right and make your way to the left. Spam your rods and try to not miss any units.

    *Note: Video was taken on the 360. I can replace it with a video taken on the One but I don't want to put two copies of each achievement on my YT channel. If somebody would rather see an Xbox One video let me know and I'll happily provide one for you. Thanks for reading*

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    TheTimeHasCome6This is frustrating the absolute shit out of meangry
    Posted by TheTimeHasCome6 on 28 Apr 16 at 06:07
    Assassin CorvoIts the 3rd lot of vehicles that are tricky,i was going right to left initially & 1 or 2 would always survive so i tried left to right spamming cn_RT in the top middle whilst being careful with the aim & this worked well.Also the save/quit at the start of this section is important so if you fail on the 3rd area you just presscn_guidethencn_start & select 'Quit' then give it 30 secs & load up the game & pick 'Resume game' from menu to start back at the starting point.
    Posted by Assassin Corvo on 03 Oct 16 at 23:14
    thatNoseyParkerEveryone replying with “it’s not bugged, you just have to kill everything”, thank you for stating the obvious /sarcasm

    It’s pretty easy to kill every thing, the bit I believe what was tripping me up was hitting friendlies (probably in part 2) with no comment like the one mentioned in the guide. This is probably because I killed them too quick and the next area’s dialogue cut in before the friendly fire one.

    As the guide actually mentions, the AoE appears to be larger than the targeting circle. SO, if you’re killing everything and not popping, make sure to give the rods some extra buffer distance from the friendlies
    Posted by thatNoseyParker on 25 Aug 18 at 19:11
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  • Maka91Maka911,165,761
    23 Jan 2014 07 Dec 2013 28 Jun 2018
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    Mission 17: Loki

    Progress through the mission until you reach a control laptop where you take control of a remote drone that guides rod missiles. At this point you need to make sure to kill all the enemies (marked in red) and not kill any allies (marked in blue). Use 2-3 shots to take out the first group, and ensure that no enemies survive. Next, wait for the train to pass a little bit, and when the next group of enemies appears be careful so that the blast doesnt kill any of your troops near the tracks. After this group, more enemies will appear. Start with the group in the back and make your way around.

    It can be very hard to tell if you killed one of your own allies. You can tell that you hit one if they say "Thompson, make sure your shots are on target!". At this point, restart the checkpoint immediately. Also restart if you missed an enemy.

    The achievement will unlock when the camera goes back to the space station. If it doesn't, you have to restart the entire level.

    Note: You don't have to take down enemy helicopters for this to count.
  • DevinJMcIntyreDevinJMcIntyre182,603
    10 Dec 2013 18 Dec 2013
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    In the 17th mission, Loki, there will come a part where you have to control rods through a laptop in order to provide support to ground troops who are being overrun. To get this you must kill all the enemies (not including helicopters) and not kill teammates. The only way I know of to know if you hit your teammates is Merrick will say "watch your fire" or something along those lines. If you hear this, be sure to reload the checkpoint which will take you back to the start of launching the missiles, because as soon as you finish this section, before the achievement pop, you will hit a checkpoint. So if you did hit any of your pals, you will have to reply the entire mission to get back to this section. Also, if you take too long lining up your shots, the ground forces will be "overrun" and you will have to restart the checkpoint
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    TheSign88Was using the top solution on here last night must of spent two hours on it. After viewing your solution you take a different approach on the last part and it worked first time for me. Thumbs up!
    Posted by TheSign88 on 14 Jan 14 at 14:20
    This one worked best for me and popped 5 secs later. Cheers!
    Posted on 14 May 18 at 07:39
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