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How to unlock the Made it Out Alive achievement

  • Its SusiIts Susi211,678
    30 Jan 2014 30 Jan 2014
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    What's up guys!
    As of 1/28/14 there was a patch update that had fixed glitched achievements.

    Meaning if you earned this particular achievement on the 360 ,like I did, and didn't want to spend the time grinding levels in local play you can get it in an Xbox Live game.

    So if you are new to this game there are a few things that will be very helpful for escaping.

    The best thing for this is to have a team of 4 all with headsets so communication will be of ease, and have every person be at least level 22 for ease of having:

    All of the Classes: Weapons Specialist [ 1 ] | Tank [ 3 ] | Engeneer [ 5 ] | Medic [ 10 ]

    The MP-Grach Pistol (full auto) [ 16 ]

    Explosive Ammo [ 20 ]

    Feral Instincts [ 4 ] | Armor [ 8 ] | Team Boosters [ 14 ]

    Sentry Guns [ 22 ]

    Riot shields [ 15 ]

    These are the up most minimum you will need to escape with ease.

    Now for player setup...

    PLAYER 1: MEDIC, MP-Grach, Explosive Ammo, Feral Instincts, Sentry Gun, and Riot Shields. This setup is optimal for the purpose of reviving downed teammates, and when fully upgraded the Medic class has the ability to heal other team mates no matter how far away they are. This teammate will also be in charge of maxing out and throwing down Feral Instincts whenever need be. Maxed out Feral gives the user increased sprint endurance and 3x Health Regeneration

    PLAYER 2: MEDIC, MP-Grach, Explosive Ammo, Team Boosters, Sentry Gun, and Riot Shields. This teammate will focus on FULLY upgrading Medic and Team Boosters. The reason why you get Team Boosters up all the way is that Team Boosters increases drill repair and reload times for 60 seconds when maxed out. This comes into play if the drill is at low health and you need to repair it so you give Team Boosters to the Engineer and he fixes the drill in next to nothing.

    PLAYER 3: ENGINEER, MP-Grach, Explosive Ammo, Armor, Sentry, and Riot Shields. The Engineer is a finite part of the team. When running Engineer you are responsible for placing the drill, making it gain 25 additional health upon placement, and for maxing out your class and your Sentry's. When the Engineer is maxed out you have the capability to hold up to $8000 in your wallet. That being said each Sentry is $2000 so maxing out sentry nets you the ability to place 2 Sentry Guns. 2 Sentry Guns = $4000 still leaving you with 2/3 the rest of your teams wallet. It is also key for a great return as the Engineer to constantly set traps on the 2nd and 3rd leg of the map as you gain money per kill/assist via your traps and they do more damage.

    PLAYER 4: TANK or ENGINEER, MP-Grach, Explosive Ammo, Armor, Sentry, and Riot Shields. You my friend are probably the biggest part of the team. You will be sought after for constant Armor drops whenever need be. Your purpose is to max out Armor first, also leveling your class as you go. You can be a Tank for the double health, or you can be the engineer for the $8000.

    Personally I am Player 4, and I run Engineer so I can max out my wallet and have the ability to place all the armor and sentry guns I want all while setting traps.

    One major thing is the Challenges. Completing challenges as you go net you more points to further upgrade your self instead of getting the hives

    These are complete RNG ( Random Number Generation ) and will come up whenever they want to because of it.

    This next part is from the Completionest Guide and you can thank "Tgamesmaster for this part folks.


    These Challenges are always going to be in the first hive at the start of the match

    1: Use only melee attacks to damage aliens until the hive is destroyed.
    Just stay close to the drill only using your knife to damage the aliens.

    2: Do not take any damage from aliens before the hive is destroyed.

    Kill 25 aliens using pistols before the hive is destroyed. (15 solo)
    Let me start off by saying that using special ammo with ANY of these weapon challenges will make them so much easier. This one specifically is insanely easy as it is your default weapon.

    Find and kill the Leper in 30 seconds.
    This is easy if you actually know what you're looking for. Basically it is just like the scout (normal alien) except it is slightly larger and has a red glow opposed to yellow/orange. He WILL keep his distance from traps and turrets so bear that in mind. One thing about it though is that it will sometimes be outside the playable zone in the first two areas. In the first I have seen him on the mound to the left of the barrier hive and in the second on a roof near the second barrier hive. However, this is not always the case - half the time he will be in the map. A REALLY helpful tip for this one is to have someone with feral instincts as they'll get a new vision which will highlight all the enemies in orange and more importantly the leper red! Making this A LOT easier.

    Kill 25 aliens using shotguns before the hive is destroyed. (15 solo)
    Use armor piercing ammo and have at least 2 players actively work on this. All equipment should be turned away/moved/not placed. The others shouldn't be killing at all. In the motel area there is a FP6 shotgun leaning against the lower floor of the motel under the stairs, next to a hive spawn. In the city area there is a bulldog against the electric wall on the far right coming from spawn. The cabin area has another bulldog on the wooden decking above the chopper contribution laptop room and a MTS-255 in the crater to your immediate right ahead.

    Kill 25 aliens using SMGs before the hive is destroyed. (15 solo)
    Same idea as shotgun. In the motel area there is a vector-CRB against the arch sitting on the right of the road and a vepr up the road against the building next to the motel sign. The city area has a CBJ-MS lying on the sidewalk by the electric wall and a Bizon near some dumpsters (all the way to the left wall, from entering the area). The cabin area has a MTAR-X (at the top of the ladder from the crater).

    Kill 25 aliens using assault rifles before the hive is destroyed. (15 solo)
    Same idea as shotgun. The motel area has a AK-12 next to the second hive. The city has a SA-805 lying against the wall of the building on the right as you enter. The cabin area has a honey badger at the bottom of the barn.

    Kill 25 aliens using LMGs before the hive is destroyed. (15 solo)
    Same idea as shotgun. In the motel area there is a MR-28 in the grass to the right through the arch. In the city area there is a M27-IAR on top a wooden platform to the left as you first enter. In the cabin area there is a chain SAW at the top floor of the barn.

    Kill 25 aliens using sniper rifles before the hive is destroyed. (15 solo)
    Same idea as shotgun. There is a VKS in the motel area at the start on a mound of dirt to the right after the very first hive. In the cabin area there is a L115 around on the raised decking of the building straight ahead at the top of the road and another VKS under the decking (with the bulldog sitting on it) of the house to the left at the top of the road.

    Spend $X before the hive is destroyed.
    You'll get this just putting out equipment and turrets/I.M.S.'s as you go.

    Kill 5 aliens while they are in the air before the hive is destroyed.
    This one is quite tricky and will require some timing and guessing. Try to lead one or two crawlers along keeping your distance and timing your shots every time they jump (when they do). You may well find that this is easier to do with the scorpions if you get given the challenge far enough in as all they do is jump to get around.

    Kill 10 aliens with turrets before the hive is destroyed. (5 solo)
    If you have someone with a sentry turret this will be done in no time especially if you have a flare. Just stick it down in front of the turret and watch it do work.

    Kill a scorpion with a melee before the hive is destroyed.
    Like most challenges, divert your turret's attentions and move I.M.S.'s out of the way. Then get everyone to keep an eye out and knife it. Don't forget armor whilst you wait.

    Protect a random player from entering last stand.
    As long as the armor and ammo keeps coming, the turrets and I.M.S.'s are going, you'll all be fine. Any point after the first barrier hive put down team booster as much as possible too.

    Do not bleed out before the hive is destroyed.
    Same as protect X.

    Do not go into last stand before the hive is destroyed.
    Same as protect X.

    Do not let the drill go below 50 health before the hive is destroyed.
    There is no way to go wrong with this as you'll be able to repair it if it even manages to hit 75. Which it shouldn't with all the turrets and I.M.S's.

    Keep shot accuracy at 75% or above before the hive is destroyed.
    The trick to this is to hit 1 bullet then knife the rest of the enemies or if you're far enough in just get your turrets/I.M.S.'s to kill the aliens. Be sure to deploy plenty armor during this.

    Keep shot accuracy at 50% or above before the hive is destroyed.
    Exactly the same as the previous.

    Kill 10 aliens with traps before the hive is destroyed. (5 solo)
    If you're in the first area, use the electric fences. The second area, the fire trap or the electricity wall. With the third area having the electric fence or electricity running into the water. If you get this challenge in the third area it is going to be really difficult unless you're in the barn as you're equipment will most likely take all the kills. However if you are, turn your turrets away and drop a flare by a trap or run circles by it. Shouldn't be too troublesome.

    Do not take any damage from exploding seeker aliens until the hive is destroyed.
    Have your turrets and I.M.S.'s in place with you behind them then just focus your attention towards the meteors which start to appear after the half way point. Each one spawns about 4 seekers - they are the little red tickers.

    Don't reload for 60 seconds.
    Just remember one thing whilst waiting out the time. Picking up ammo WILL reload your weapon if it has a full mag or not. However, if you quickly switch weapon you'll be fine. In the meantime put down equipment, armor and just use your knife.

    Don't use any abilities for 90 seconds.
    Don't touch your D-PAD. It's as simple as that. You can still pay to use an already placed turret. Other than that just use your knife to keep the aliens off the drill.

    Don't spend any money for 2 minutes.
    Same idea as don't use any abilities except you can't pay to use turrets either. So again just use your knife.

    Kill 10 aliens with propane tanks before the hive is destroyed. (5 solo)
    For this challenge I like to get a propane tank and place it in an fairly open area and run circles around it until there's a reasonable amount of enemies nearby. You can get around 3-5 aliens each time doing this. If you have a flare you could also place that next to the tank to make it even easier. There are plenty of tanks to go through in both areas so no worries if you're only getting a couple each time.
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    30 Jan 2014 29 Jan 2014
  • TheCCGamingTheCCGaming445,897
    07 Jul 2014 09 Jul 2014
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    I did it at solo level 25ish. It takes around 50-60 minutes. And it may take several goes. Watch this video and see if it helps. Watch how the hives are being destroyed and how to dodge the Rhinos
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    TheCCGamingOn Xbox One sometimes achievements don't always pop. Destiny did it all the time to me, then I'd eventually come on and they'd all come through. Try hard resetting? :)
    Posted by TheCCGaming on 06 Nov 14 at 03:41
    Y2Kasper10Me too. Just did it solo the other day, still hasnt popped.
    Posted by Y2Kasper10 on 31 Jul 17 at 23:32
    Y2Kasper10Added: Wouldn't pop solo no matter what I tried, but it all popped easily in multiplayer over Live
    Posted by Y2Kasper10 on 07 Aug 17 at 13:49
  • Zero or Die453Zero or Die45386,581 86,581 GamerScore
    06 Dec 2013 06 Dec 2013 06 Dec 2013
    5 4 5
    If you obtained this achievement on Xbox 360, you can not achieve it the same way on Xbox One through Xbox Live. You must complete this on your local xbox. You can still be online but you can't play with anyone on xbox live to obtain this, and again this only obtains to people that received the achievement on Xbox 360. A very important point is that on local mode, your progress does not save, but will save for your entire playtime if you keep playing it over and over again. Make sure you do not exit the game or turn off your Xbox or you have to start all over at level 1 again. So this took me 3 gameplay tries and by then I was level 14, and you have 3 lives. Note: this should or can be done solo (which is easier) or split screen on local mode. My Extinction Mode load-out which I seemed to think was pretty easy to beat on solo was Weapon Specialist (more damage and faster reload), P226 Pistol (more accurate and more ammo), Incendiary Ammo (for killing rhinos importantly), Armor (DEFINITELY MOST IMPORTANT, keep on at all times), I.M.S. (For killing rhinos, protecting drill, etc), Portable Minigun Turret (Better than grenade launcher, can help defeating barriers for the helicopter). The minimum level required for the loadout above is level 12.

    Some random advice along the way, try to do every challenge, you can increase your attribute points for every device, make sure you upgrade weapon specialist, your armor, Incendiary Ammo (3 of 4 only because 4 of 4 is for your team and your doing on solo), and lastly your pistol ( 3 of 4 for 2 primary weapons - I usually do M114 LMG and Chainsaw).

    Part 1: Stack up all the propane tanks to the last hive and explode them when you see the health bar of the hive to the right, make sure you explore and search all things in area for extra support (Soflam, extra ammo, hypno knifes, etc.), and do every challenge you can. For accuracy challenge, try to just knife and shoot your single shot pistol to a alien once so it will stay at 100%.

    Part 2: Same as part 1.

    Part 3: This is where Rhinos come in, for killing one at a low level solo, put down your I.M.S., and go HAM with your incendiary ammo and your LMG, make sure you keep your armor on at all times! For the last part, make sure you kill those scorpions and rhinos first, all others don't matter, keep armor up at all times, and if you have a lot of money use IMS to protect you from meaningless small aliens.

    Final Part: You will need to equip your pistol to run fast, then at the first barrier there will be one rhino and kill him the same way with incendiary ammo, LMG, and keep your armor on at all times. Put your IMS down maybe when your running and then again when you reach the barrier. Do this rotation till you get to the helicopter. After you get through the last barrier its a home shot no worries. You got the achievement.

    Make sure you check out for more information on Extinction mode and loadouts etc.

    If you need any additional help, let me know I can send you a private chat invite or txt message: GT: Zero or die453
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