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One of Everything

Breed every animal and their colour variants.

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  • evilknight23evilknight23877,977
    18 Dec 2013 05 Dec 2013 07 Dec 2015
    33 9 60
    So I took the 360 version Info provided by XI AlphaMale IX, plus the rest of the animals from the X1 version of the game and I put it into a simple spreadsheet which you can get off my google drive.


    Update: I uploaded it to skydive which you can access with your ms account. https://skydrive.live.com/redir?resid=8B0867C6321791AF%21808
    thx xLil SheWolfx for the tip

    If something is wrong or misplaced please let me know so I can fix it.

    Update: I would steer clear of freeform mode just stay in chalenge mode. I did every thing I needed in the same zoo, just clear and retool the zoo as needed for the achievements. you can sell the animals once you get the variant and have released one. stay in chalenge mode so that you can you can access the lvl 40 stuff and get your 20 medals for the zoo. (thx to x meltiger x for the tip)

    Update: Just so we are clear animals only breed between lvl 6 and lvl 15. At lvl 15 they will not breed. If they are already pregnant when they advance to lvl 15 they will still have the baby. Also all info can be found in your menus, it will tell u if you have bred and released the animal but the only way to keep track of variants is through the picture section. Thus I made the spreadsheet to keep from going back and forth.

    Update: Make sure you breed the albino polar bear. It is already present in one of the scenarios, but you still have to breed it. This goes for any animal variant that maybe present in the scenarios.
  • xPandorasRagexxPandorasRagex357,097
    12 Feb 2014 21 Feb 2014
    15 2 6
    First before you do anything listen up!!!! For the completion of the photo albums you need to take pictures of every animal type (including the small exhibit animals for them there are no color variants) and their color variant so be sure to take a photo of each animal lacking the color variant and an animal with the color variant. When taking the photos before you get rid of any of the animals hit the start button and check to be sure that the photo was accepted. To keep track of all these I suggest the old fashion way some pen and a piece of paper. Also I would like to point out that when trying to decide on what to start with first I would suggest the Elephants and Rhinos they seem to take the longest and can be the most time consuming. After them the Giraffes, Chimps and the Hippos. Finally move on to the Antelopes and the Lions Tigers and Bears Oh My!!! This is a very time consuming achievement and take your time with this it can get frustrating. Another big tip and it's not really a tip it's more of a must have is the fact that you need to make sure you have researched the animal breeding tract all the way up! This will give you a 50% variant color with each birth. The final suggestion i have to make is to put 2 males and 2 females of each animal into an exhibit don't do them by twos it will take forever trust me! Okay now lets go through all the animals:

    Addax- Black Nosed
    Bushbuck - Dark
    Gemsbok- Pale
    Lowand Bongo - Dark
    Nyala - Grey
    Pronghorn - White
    Roan- Albino
    Sable - White
    Scimitar - White
    Topi- Albino

    Cinnamon - Brown
    Formosan - Pale
    Grizzly- Albino
    Himalayan Brown- Albino
    Kodiak - Blond
    Kermode - Pale
    Olympic Black - Crescent moon
    Polar - Albino
    Tibetan Blue - Chincilla
    Glacier- Pale
    Gobi- Blond
    Himalayan Black- Erythristic
    Syrian Brown - Stripped

    Bonobo - Albino
    Central - Albino
    Nigeria-Cameroon - Albino
    Western - Albino
    Eastern- Grey

    African Bush- Albino
    African Forest - Depigmented
    Indian- Depigmented
    Sri Lanken - Albino
    Borneo - Depigmented
    Sumatran - Depigmented

    Angolan- Albino
    Massi- Albino
    Reticulated- Albino
    Rothschild - Bianco
    West African - Pale
    Kordofan - Pale
    Nubian - Albino
    South African - Pale
    Thomicoft - White

    Hippo- Albino

    Asiatic- Melaniistic
    Barbary- Pale
    Katanga - White
    Masai - Pale
    Transvaal- Leucistic
    West African - Erythristic
    Congo- Erythristic

    Eastern Black- Pale
    Indian- Depigmented
    Javan- Pale
    Northern White - Pale
    South Central Black - Pale
    Southern White - Pale
    South Western Black - Pale
    Sumatran - Depigmented

    Bengal - Leucistic
    Malayan - Pseudo
    Siberian- Golden Tabby
    South China- Maltese
    IndoChinese- Double Stripped
    Sumatran- Strippless

    I hope this is going to help everyone who is looking to do this achievement, and if for some reason you are having trouble getting an animal with that color variant just send me a message and I am more than willing to send you over an animal in that color variant so you will be able to breed him or her (it seems that if you breed an animal with a color variant already you are more prone to get a baby with a color variant). Also the best thing to do if you loose track of what animals have had what refer to your photo album that's the best way to keep track if you looseyour place. Hope it helps and happy birthday to all your new babies =)
  • segagamersegagamer409,219 409,219 GamerScore
    22 Dec 2018 22 Dec 2018 22 Dec 2018
    0 0 0
    Since the other guides didn't make this clear, I'll clarify hoping that I save some people wasting 30 hours of their life getting this poorly tracked achievement.

    This achievement is awarded for giving birth to both the standard animal and the variant.

    This means that breeding a variant does not knock two birds with one stone. If you deploy "Grizzly Bears" and their first child is an "Albino Grizzly Bear", you have to wait for them to give birth to a standard "Grizzly Bear" before you can mark that breed as 'Done'.

    To be extra safe, I would recommend not taking any pictures of any non-mini animals unless it's a Level 1 that was born in your Zoo. The in-game tracker is completely useless at tracking this as it ticks "Bred" if you give birth to a variant (and it ended up forcing me to re-do everything again since I had no idea which ones the game felt I missed).

    I have compiled a spreadsheet (linked below) for you to download to help assist with this. Again, note that there are two "Bred" columns which are not linked.


    It has not been discovered as to whether or not this reliably unlocks across births in all Zoos, but for an achievement like this I recommend playing it safe by sticking to one challenge zoo - it will take you around 20 hours for this achievement alone.

    DLC Animals are not counted, so you can skip all of those.

    Level 15 animals do not breed, so release and replace them ASAP.

    Occasionally the Helicopter freaks out or stops collecting animals you're releasing/selling. If this happens, save and return to menu, then load again.

    Filling out the photo album for the hidden coins is not required for this achievement - though when you have idle time and millions in the bank, you could always just temporarily place an extra Exhibit and snap the coins from it.

    Technically filling out the animal photo album isn't required for this achievement either, though you'd be foolish to not do it on the way.


    Don't worry about guests and money - I finished this with over 5 mil in the bank and once you cover your park properly the guest numbers don't really move around 15k much unless something is actually wrong (ie Toilets broken down). Complete the challenges, including the silly racing ones, as much as you can in the first hour to get useful boosts. If you get donated an animal, house it for the prize money then sell it.

    Start placing small and mini exhibits until you're able to replace the small exhibits with Mediums (do that ASAP). Once you start turning a small profit (as in >$30 per tick) then make sure you start doing Park Research - Prioritise the Research tree, followed by the cheaper running of Exhibits, Concessions then Facilities, then Animal Transport, *then* breeding.

    If you lay out your park properly you should be able to place 6 medium exhibits (one of each type), four mini exhibits, and place Concessions/Toilets around them so that they cover the park (use the DPad Ping to check the radius of each feature - including animal coverage - to ensure your park is covered with everything - no need to overdo it, just make sure there's no major blind spots). For Decoration I just placed a Medium Lake in the middle of it all and a couple of statues.

    Below is a screenshot of my park by the time I got the achievement if you need help with your layout - entrance is on the top left.

    External image

    Potentially clearer image:


    I wish you all the best of luck with this!
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