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Full arsenal

Unlock all assignments and collectibles in the Campaign

Full arsenal0
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This achievement may unlock before the requirements are met.

Achievement Guide for Full arsenal

  • Calib3r7Calib3r771,685
    02 Dec 2013 02 Dec 2013 10 Dec 2013
    292 6 70
    You need to complete 27 single player assignments and 35 collectibles.

    - Complete Baku
    - Complete Kunlun Mountains
    - Complete Tashgar
    - Let the Valkyrie be destroyed in the Campaign
    - Sacrifice Irish to save the Valkyrie in the Campaign
    - Sacrifice Hannah to save the Valkyrie in the Campaign

    - Obtain bronze, silver, gold for all missions (21)

    - These are the points required for gold:
    Baku: 6,000 points
    Shanghai: 10,000 points
    South China Sea: 10,000 points
    Singapore: 19,000 points
    Kunlun Mountains: 11,000 points
    Tashgar: 14,000 points
    Suez: 5,000 points

    Collectibles :
    - Includes dog tags and weapons
    - Credits for videos goes to PowerPyx
    - Credit for finding additional weapons found in each level goes to Maka from x360a

    #1 - Dog Tag - 0:05 (Nice Play)
    #2 - Weapon - 0:42 ( M39 EMR)
    #3 - Dog Tag - 1:04 (One Way Trip)
    #4 - Weapon - 1:29 (MG4)
    #5 - Weapon - 1:57 (CBH-MS)
    #6 - Dog Tag - 2:42 (Sergeant Dunn)

    Other weapons found in level:
    AK-12: Found off most enemies during the level
    M412 Rex: Given to you at the end of the level

    #1 - Dog Tag - 0:05 (A One-Man Riot)
    #2 - Dog Tag - 0:30 (Going Up?)
    #3 - Weapon - 1:08 (QBS-09)
    #4 - Weapon - 1:32 (RFB)
    #5 - Dog Tag - 2:03 (Business Casual)

    Other weapons found in level:
    UMP-45: Given to you in the elevator
    QBZ-95-1: Found off enemy within building
    HAWK 12G: Found off enemy on helipad

    South China Sea:
    #1 - Dog Tag - 0:05 (Carcharodon)
    #2 - Weapon - 0:28 (P90)
    #3 - Dog Tag - 1:08 (Lord of the Waves)
    #4 - Weapon - 2:07 (U-100 MK5)
    #5 - Weapon - 2:55 (SPAS-12)
    #6 - Dog Tag - 3:26 (Agent Kovic)

    Other weapons found in level:
    JS2: Found off enemy on the ship

    #1 - Dog Tag - 0:05 (Horizontal Rain)
    #2 - Weapon - 0:32 (SCAR-H SV)
    #3 - Weapon - 1:05 (M240B)
    #4 - Dog Tag - 2:06 (Armored Column)
    #5 - Weapon - 2:36 (M16A4)
    #6 - Dog Tag - 3:14 (Grounded)

    Other weapons found in level:
    Type 88 LMG: Found off heavy armor enemy during tank escort
    FY-JS: Found off sniper enemy inside the final hangar

    Kunlun Mountains:
    #1 - Dog Tag - 0:05 (Cage Fighter)
    #2 - Dog Tag - 0:34 (Freedom at any Cost)
    #3 - Weapon - 1:00 (338-Recon)
    #4 - Dog Tag - 1:26 (Shaw-Shanked Redemption)

    Other weapons found in level:

    #1 - Weapon - 0:05 (A-91)
    #2 - Weapon - 0:41 (M249)
    #3 - Weapon - 1:07 (AEK-971)
    #4 - Dog Tag - 1:37 (Destruction Enthusiast)
    #5 - Dog Tag - 2:05 (Upstream Swimmer)

    Other weapons found in level:
    PKP PECHENG - Found off enemy right before Old Town.
    SV-98 - Found off enemy sniper on building roof right before Old Town
    PP-2000 - Found off enemy right before the dam
    SAIGA 12K - Found off enemy right before the dam

    #1 - Dog Tag - 0:05 (AK 5C)
    #2 - Weapon - 0:39 (Rebel)
    #3 - Dog Tag - 1:01 (Fleet Guardian)

    Other weapons found in level:

    Other dog tags found in level:
    PAC Dog Tag: Ending (No decision)
    Hannah Dog Tag: Ending (Hannah sacrifice)
    Irish Dog Tag: Ending (Irish sacrifice)

    Tip: You can check the assignments you have completed in the awards section of my solider. Even after I had done all the assignments and collectibles, I hadn't unlocked the achievement. If the same happens to you, try replaying the Singapore mission. I unlocked it right after the cut scene.
  • JeighJeigh187,042
    04 Jan 2014 04 Jan 2014 06 Feb 2014
    79 1 30
    EDIT: a user has commented doing this solution and it not working, but once he completed the Singapore mission it popped. So if your still having trouble try completing the mission.

    If you have done every single thing and your sure of it and still have not gotten this achievement try this.

    First make sure you have every dogtag and gun available to you.

    Then go to your assignments and make sure you have every single assignment done AND it says 1/1 for everything and how many points you need for the points ones.

    What I didn't have even though I did it, was the sacrifice Hannah assignment. (I had the p90 but assignment was 0/1).

    Since I had to do that assignment all I had to do was complete the game and sacrifice her.

    THEN go load up Singapore mission and you should get the achievement after the cutsceen.

    Remember, Yours might not be the same as mine. If you have a 0/1, then go do that assignment, complete the mission that it's on, (just in case), then load Singapore.
  • Maka91Maka91985,162
    04 Sep 2014 03 Aug 2014
    35 3 1
    To get this achievement, you will need to go through all 7 levels of the game and make sure that you get All Collectibles, All Assignments and All 3 Endings.

    Also, this achievement can occasionally have glitches with collectibles and assignments. Use the menu to identify what you are missing, or didn't unlock.

    All Collectibles:

    There are 35 total collectibles scattered around the entire campaign. For a full text & video guide, please go HERE.

    You can also use this playlist as you go through the game:

    All Assignments:

    For these, you must get at least a GOLD medal on all 7 levels, here are some tips. All the assignments can easily be completed on the Hard difficulty if you wish to only go through one playthrough, but this will require you to take a little more time throughout the missions. Difficulty does not affect the points you earn so feel free to revisit the levels on easy if you were unsuccessful during your first playthrough.

    You earn points by doing the following things:
    -Kill an enemy - 100
    -Headshot - 25
    -Adrenaline kill – 50 (Killing an enemy when your health is at 30 or below)
    -Squad/teammate kill - 50
    -Ordered squad kill - 100 (Press RB to order squad)
    -Melee - 25
    -Vehicle destroyed - 100
    -Killstreak - 50
    -Multi kill - 100 for every enemy (2 killed in quick succession = 200 points + 200 points = 400 points.)

    With the bonuses listed, the best way to string the highest amount of points is to try and go for headshots when you’re fighting infantry, group multi kills with grenades and explosives and using your gun to build your kill streak. It isn't a good idea to ever use the squad order system because although you earn the bonus, you miss out on the 100 points of killing the enemy yourself.

    On most of the missions, you’re likely to earn between 2000-3000 points more than the gold requirement if you play for points throughout, which is still higher than the achievement requirements so these shouldn't prove to be any trouble.

    This level's goal is pretty straight forward. My main recommendation is that you aim for the head, minimize squad attacks (), and use C4 or the grenade launcher on groups of enemies, especially when they all jump out of the trucks during the mission.

    You should be able to get this one simply while doing your playthrough of the level for the "wrecker" achievement. During this level, it is key to get multi-kills when possible and then headshots otherwise. Also, make sure to limit the amount of kills by your squad.

    South China Sea:
    The best part of this mission to rack up as many points as possible is during the ship section. Make sure that you take out every enemy ship/helicopter that you come across. There will still be plenty of enemies during this level, so if you're struggling, as always, remember to focus on headshots and multi-kills.

    The key to this mission is getting your own kills. While escorting the tank at the beginning, make sure you try to stay ahead, and take out as many enemies by yourself as possible. While inside the tank, make sure to take out all enemy vehicles and also try to get multi-kills. Also, make sure you use the tank as long as you can until you are forced to ditch it. Lastly, during the bridge, storage, and hangar sections, you should focus on headshots first and multi-kills where applicable, and not using your teammates for too much help. There are also 3-4 enemies outside at the very end of the level, after getting on the turret if you need the extra points.

    Kunlun Mountains:
    This is another mission where it just important to focus on getting kills on your own, and arranging multi-kills and headshots whenever possible. Using explosives while defending from incoming helicopter enemies will greatly benefit you. Also, I recommend using a Sniper Rifle once you make it to the outside area. It will help you take out annoying enemies at a distance.

    Yet, another mission where you want to focus on getting kills by yourself. During this mission, there are not many opportunities for multi-kills, so focus on headshots, adrenaline kills (if possible) and destroying vehicles. Minimize your squad use.

    For this goal, it is essential that you make sure to take out helicopters and also get multi-kills. Make sure you arm yourself with the grenade launcher and have it ready when you see any helicopters. Headshots aren't as important here as you’re given many ammo caches for explosives and enemies are almost always travelling in groups. I also recommend using the down helicopters on the left hand side when making your way across the ship, as large groups of enemies will spawn in plain sight, and you will be able to take them out at once, making it easier, and gaining more points.

    All 3 Endings:

    You must also complete the game in all 3 possible ways. At the end, you can choose to:
    - Do Nothing
    - Hand C4 to Hannah
    - Hand C4 to Irish

    Make sure you do all 3.
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