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Turn around...

Perform 5 dog tag kills in Multiplayer

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  • Reborn InsanityReborn Insanity310,061
    23 Nov 2013 23 Nov 2013 03 Mar 2015
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    As most veterans know, collecting dog tags in Battlefield is as simple as stabbing someone in the chest. Although this game's melee combat has been tweaked and is a little different than other BF games.

    To get this achievement you need 5 melee kills in multiplayer. To do this you need to be close to an enemy and knife them for their dog tags. Now here is the part that was tweaked...

    If you knife someone from the front THEY CAN COUNTER YOU. This means if they are quick enough, they can turn your own knife against you and take YOUR tags in the process. So always knife enemy players from behind or from the side. If you are going head to head against an enemy and both of you run out of ammo then don't be afraid to knife him if you are close enough. REMEMBER not to knife them from the front though. Sprint past them and do a quick turn around to get them from the side. (They can't counter you.)

    You can get melee kills in any game mode (Excluding Air Superiority) although it may be more difficult on larger game modes such as Conquest. I personally enjoy going for melee kills on Team Deathmatch or Domination. Both of these game types have very small maps, as well as random spawning. (Meaning you can get behind enemies more often.) So happy hunting TA'ers. Go stab some ass!

    (For those who don't know how to counter, When an enemy knifes you from the direct front DO NOT SPAM YOUR BUTTONS. You will see a prompt come on the screen for a split second to counter. Depending on your controller layout it could be cn_B or cn_RS.)
    02 Dec 2013 03 Dec 2013
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    I just want to add that obliteration is a great place to get this, so many people are running toward the bomb just get behind them, it is easily the best game mode for this chieve
  • M I K 3 IDM I K 3 ID472,126
    09 Dec 2013 02 Jan 2016 02 Jan 2016
    8 2 0
    A great place to try your knife kills is in 'Squad Deathmatch' All the maps are small, its 4v4v4v4 so you'll have less chance of someone stealing your kill and your bound to run into the enemy.
    I also feel that the Recon class would be the best class to do this with because the recon class has a 'Recon Beacon' Basically like a tactical insertion in Call of Duty, just place one down ina discreet location near the action. Equip the knife and you'll be sure to run into someone.
    I wouldn't say this is easy as most Battlefield players by now are over Rank 100.
    I got over 1000 Kills with the Machete and Iv done most of them in Squad Deathmatch, the others game modes are too big!

    Team Deathmatch is also good but Iv noticed even when your in a squad it will spawn you by your kill stealing team mates and they will most probably give away your location.

    In the clip I was using the Recon Class with the Recon Beacon and they didn't even notice me because there eyes were on my team mates while my Reccon Beacon gave me the upper hand to sneek up behind them, if I failed too I can spawn back on it and try again.

    Two very good maps to get are 'Flood zone' and 'Hainan Resort'
    On flood zone and Resort, most players go for the roof and if they don't catch you climbing up you can easily net yourself a few knife kills!
  • wesleypipecitywesleypipecity51,788
    01 May 2016 21 Aug 2016
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    To get this Achievement you need to get 5 Knife kills in multiplayer. the 5 that count towards the achievement can be done over multiple matches and game modes. it may be more difficult on larger game modes such as on Conquest maps since everyone is more spread out. i also recommend deathmatch or domination to unlock this achievement quickly.

    Here is a video guide on how to unlock this achievement
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