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Score Piece Collector achievement in Eternal Sonata

Score Piece Collector

All the score pieces scattered throughout the world have been collected.

Score Piece Collector+0.3
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How to unlock the Score Piece Collector achievement

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    This is work compiled from and and tweaked by my own work throughout the game. There are potential spoilers in this guide.

    You can only acquire ALL the score pieces through Encore mode. Also, Eternal Sonata does not number your score pieces when you acquire them. Chances are that your score pieces are out of order. has pictures of each piece to match up with the following numbering.

    1st playthrough

    Chapter 1
    1. Inside the stall/shrine next to March's house in Agogo Village

    Chapter 2
    2. In a chest at the end of Fort Fermata, after you defeat the boss.

    Chapter 3
    3. In a boat outside Cantabile Inn, located near the save point.
    4. In a chest in Woodblock Groves, this is near the middle save point (North Center region).
    5. Once you've entered Andante City proper, it is in the third room you pass, a store room, on the shelves to your right.
    6. Hidden near a rock pillar in the entrance of Andante City proper (you must first find a note in some boxes next to the house that triggers the event to go to the graveyard).

    Chapter 4
    7. On a bookshelf on the Baroque Ship's east deck, guest room to the right
    8. On the bow of the Baroque Ship, in a barrel, after you trigger a scene with Fredrick.
    9. Pirate Ship Dolce, on basement level 4, halfway along the corridor there is a room to your right with a chest in containing this piece.
    10. In a record player in Baroque Castle, on the ground floor level, 2nd room in the east corridor.
    11. In a clock in Baroque Castle, on the 2nd floor, far east room
    12. On a desk in the Baroque City Inn’s first floor west room.
    13. The left snowman at Baroque City Entrance.
    14. In the cave on the right from the second point in Sharp Mountains.
    15. In the fireplace in the Sharp Mountain Lodge.
    16. In a treasure chest in Wah Lava Cave, shortly after entering (North Side 2).

    Chapter 5
    17. In the back right corner of the Ritardando Bakery (inside).
    18. On the left side of the Ritardando Bakery (inside).
    19. In a treasure chest in Mandolin Church Catacombs.
    20. In Baroque Tavern, in the wine cellar after completing the Pirate Sidequest. You must have both Pirate Papers from defeating Dolce in the pirate ship (compulsory to the story) as well as Wah Lava Caves (optional), and have examined the six pillars in the Mandolin Church Catacombs in Ritardando (past the waterfall section). After obtaining these, speaking to the employee in the Wine Cellar and selecting the third option will result in a third fight against Dolce, after which this Score Piece can be found in one of the barrels.
    21. From a merchant at the Celesta Forest entrance, after obtaining the Aria Temple Key.

    Chapter 6
    22. Attached to the Cello Tree at Cowbell Heights.

    Chapter 7
    ** The following pieces require you to have the Hero’s Crest and entering the secret dungeon, Mysterious Unison. The Hero’s Crest is found in the Double Reed Tower.
    23. Mysterious Unison Floor 4
    24. Mysterious Unison Floor 9
    25. Mysterious Unison Floor 12

    2nd Playthrough (Encore Mode)

    Chapter 1 through 5
    -- None

    Chapter 6
    26. Play Score Piece 24 with Easygoing Flat in the entrance of Tenuto Village, near the save point.
    27. In Heaven’s Mirror Forest head to where you defeated the Big Boar (boss) and find a giant green mushroom with a squirrel on it. Talk to the squirrel.
    28. In the Forte City Tavern, upstairs on the second table.
    29. Examine the sewer grating near the door to the Inn of Forte City.
    30. Talking to the man with chest pains at Forte City Castle Gate (after acquiring the Teleport Room Key). You *must* have spoken to the grandma in Baroque City Inn in Chapter 4 to be able to get this Score Piece, as she falls to sleep in later chapters.
    31. Some players report that you can get this score piece early in Chapter 6. A gift from the couple in the house south of the merchant in Baroque City after saving the man from Sharp Mountains. This requires climbing Sharp Mountains once more and battling a reasonably easy mini-boss.

    Chapter 7
    -- As soon as Chapter 7 begins you must immediately backtrack to collect these final pieces.
    31. If you were unable to get Score Piece 31 in chapter 6 here are the same directions: a gift from the couple in the house south of the merchant in Baroque City after saving the man from Sharp Mountains. This requires climbing Sharp Mountains once more and battling a reasonably easy mini-boss.
    32. Play Score Piece 19 with Disappointed Note on the Fort Fermata side of Cabasa Bridge (North Side).
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    WicelowNice to hear, thanks :)
    Posted by Wicelow on 03 Apr 10 at 16:58
    Zer0eIt should also be pointed out that to get Score Piece 31 by triggering the Snow Dogs sidequest, you MUST have Viola active in your party and not just available to use. Kept going to the house for the mission with Jazz, Falsetto and Allegretto and it never triggered. Once I had Viola, it triggered.
    Posted by Zer0e on 23 May 11 at 15:47
    kinda503I just had the snow dogs sidequest trigger without having Viola in my active party. During chapter 6 with Falsetto/Allegreto/Jazz.
    Posted by kinda503 on 02 Jun 11 at 16:27
    BobWingsYou can get score piece 31 in chapter 6. Please update your guide.
    Posted by BobWings on 03 Oct 11 at 19:43
    dropK1CK ninJAYou can't backtrack until chapter 7 for it. I re call the necessary dialog unaccessible until chapter 7. Can someone else please confirm?
    Posted by dropK1CK ninJA on 03 Oct 11 at 22:35
    Timww572I just got score piece 31 and I'm only in chapter 6
    Posted by Timww572 on 08 Jan 12 at 03:16
    XxSpazemxXWhere in Sharp Mountains is this guy with the snow dogs? I am at the top just before the lava caves and cant find him
    Posted by XxSpazemxX on 25 Apr 12 at 07:13
    InugamiTheHoundso if I miss any score pieces on my first playthrough I get them in NG+ along with new score pieces only available in NG+ right??
    Posted by InugamiTheHound on 02 Mar 15 at 04:35
    dropK1CK ninJAcorrect
    Posted by dropK1CK ninJA on 02 Mar 15 at 11:43
    Styles PluralMy god the backtracking for this achievement is real. I actually got the first 25 score pieces in my first playthrough so they carried over to Encore Mode. This at least allows you to get some extra items from the performance NPCs throughout your Encore run.

    But wow Score Piece #32 was a giant headache to backtrack for. It was so jarring having to walk ALL the way back from the Noise Dunes, through To Coda Ruins and back to Baroque just to warp to Forte City and backtrack some more South to where you need to go. Not to mention the sheer amount of enemy encounters you'll have to face when going back. I really wish they could have streamlined the items and collectibles better in this game. Maybe label each score piece with a number or make it so you don't have to deviate so much to perform side tasks. Anyways thanks for your solution. +1 from me.
    Posted by Styles Plural on 06 Apr at 14:02
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