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Fully upgrade the Jackdaw.

29 October 2019 - 5 guides

Achievement Guide for Destroyer

  • PrattalmightyPrattalmighty367,427
    28 Dec 2013 27 Dec 2013 18 Aug 2014
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    Hey All,

    Xzhibit isn’t going to roll up and just pimp your ride here. This will take a little time but I’ll share a couple tips, the amount of resources total for each upgrade and the locations for elite plans to aid in your voyage of sailing the most feared ship in the seven seas.

    Things you should focus on levelling as soon as you can are your hull armour, broadside cannons, heavy shot, swivel strength and round shot strength. Mortars and ram strength are helpful too, but more so once you’re going after larger, slower ships and forts.

    In order to upgrade your new floating death machine you’re going to need reales and materials, lots of them. The quickest way to obtain them is by plundering other ships and pirating their goods. Use your spyglass when looking at other ships to see what’s in their hold and if it’s worth your effort to engage them. Once you’ve battled another vessel and won you’ve got two options: initiate the boarding sequence and fulfil the tasks assigned to take all the cargo, or deliver another blow, sink the ship and only loot half its contents. I prefer to board and make off with the full booty but a case can be made for the essence of time and settling for half the cargo but more ships destroyed.

    Another benefit of boarding is being able to capture the ship and send it to Kenway’s fleet (avail first during Sequence 4). This mini game can become very lucrative earning reales the further you make it. IGN has a great guide I’ll link to if you’re interested learning more about the game and its tactics.'s_Fleet
    (you may need to copy and paste the link, the apostrophe is messing with the hyperlink)

    Larger vessels carry more goods and the largest ships, in high volumes are in the Southern portion of the map. I'd suggest sticking to the Northern part of the map until you've upgraded your ship enough to start taking on these higher level vessels. Don’t be discouraged if you spot a ship and it’s lacking the metal, cloth or wood materials you’re seeking. Chances are if it’s not transporting those it’ll have higher amounts of sugar and/or rum. Both sell for high value (sugar = 20per, rum=15per).

    Most parts final upgrade, require you to find an upgrade plan via a treasure map search. BozzSoulja has pointed out you can take advantage of the Time Saver: Technology pack. Price at $2.99 CAD, it removes the requirement to find the 18 plans for each part's best upgrade. You still need the money and resources to upgrade the parts though.

    Weapons and Armour
    Hull Armour
    - 50,000 reales, 700 metal and 1,450 wood
    - Elite Hull Armor-San Ignacio-379, 770

    Broadside cannons
    - 46,000 reales and 2,020 metal
    - Elite Broadside Cannons Set-The Blue Hole- 471, 170

    Chase Cannons
    - 3,000 reales, 60 metal and 100 wood

    Ram Strength
    - 22,500 reales, 350 metal and 950 wood
    - Elite Ram-La Concepcion Shipwreck- 181, 296

    Round Shot Strength
    - 51,900 reales
    - Elite Round Shot Strength-Kabah Ruins- 769, 145

    Chain Shot Strength
    - 8,500 reales

    - 37,300 reales and 1,150 metal
    - Elite Mortars-Antocha- 630, 660

    Swivel Strength
    - 20,700 reales and 625 metal
    - Elite Swivel Guns-Devil’s Eye Cave- 487, 357

    Heavy Shot
    - 31,900 reales
    - Map for Elite design plan *needed* Ambergris key 55, 178
    - Elite Heavy Shot Strength - Misteriosa- 307, 195
    - Thanks @ Vr English

    Fire Barrel Strength
    - 11,000
    - Map for Elite design plan *needed* Santanillas 221, 247
    - Elite Fire Barrel Strength - San Juan- 479, 487

    Diving Bell
    - 5,000 reales

    Heavy Shot storage
    - 6,000 reales
    - Map for Elite design plan *needed* Cayman Sound 327, 334
    - Elite Heavy Shot Storage - Petite Cavern- 901, 263

    Mortar storage
    - 7,800 reales
    - Map for Elite design plan *needed* Tortuga 882, 370
    - Elite Mortars Storage - Matanzas- 333, 650

    Fire Barrel storage
    - 6,000 reales
    - Map for Elite design plan *needed* acquired by completing the Scarlatina mission, in Canada, within Kenway's Fleet minigame.
    - Elite Fire Barrel Storage-Isla Providencia- 502, 44
    - Thanks @XsPurity

    Crew’s Quarters
    - 4,300 reales and 400 cloth

    Cargo storage
    - 8,000 reales

    Rowboat armour
    - 2,400 reales and 250 wood

    Harpoon strength
    - 5,000 reales
    - Map for Elite design plan *needed* Mariguana Island 880,544
    - Elite Harpoon Strength - Andreas Island- 579, 720
    - Thanks @DarkLordRaptor

    Harpoon storage
    - 2,000 reales

    Hope this helps you on your way, please let me know if I can improve this any further to help future people out and I’d appreciate the upvote if I was able to help you in your quest.
  • Your skill diedYour skill died206,575
    09 Jan 2014 02 Jan 2014 02 Jan 2014
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    This is just a quick little side-note guide because I really do approve of Prattal's guide.
    If you're strapped for cash for this, or other Reale-related achievements, there's a way to make very quick money. If you haven't defeated the two legendary ships in the north-eastern corner, don't. When you do decide to test yourself against them though, don't defeat both of them.

    When you defeat each ship you can loot 10,000 Reales from their wreck. Simply defeat one, take the 10,000 and let the other kill you. You keep the 10,000 and both ships have respawned and you spawn back ready to fight both of them again. Just keep doing this until you have all the Reales you need. Hope this helped <3

    Also, if at some point doing this the ships stop dropping the 10k (happened to me twice) simply exit out of the game fully, then come back and start again.

    At the time of writing this I don't have the achievement because I need 600 more metal or so, in a day or so though I'll expect to have it.
  • ZiMba 4 LiFE IIZiMba 4 LiFE II381,796
    16 Apr 2015 15 Apr 2015 28 May 2015
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    All credit goes to the owner of the video , i just wanted to post a way to grind for the upgrade materials , i hope it will help you :)

    EDIT : Just start at Sequence 8, Memory 1 and destroy the already weakened Man of War. and take the loot, then reload the checkpoint as much as you want, then when you've done all that you want, quit to the main menu to save everything. Make sure you quit to main menu, otherwise this wont work
  • SGRx1806x20SGRx1806x20430,810
    18 Dec 2015 18 Dec 2015 18 Dec 2015
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    Not really a guide just a few extra notes if people are stuck on getting the Elite Fire Barrel Storage treasure map, or any others, due to Kenway's Fleet being inaccessible.

    Every time i tried to access to mini game an alert popped up saying unable to connect to Ubisoft servers but after some digging around I found a work around.

    Firstly download the Ass Creed companion app and sync it to your Uplay account and xbox. Syncing the app to the xbox proved difficult and I tried everything. Changing all the DMZ, port forwarding, hard restart etc all did nothing so don't even bother doing that. Some chap on reddit said you need less than 100 friends on your FL for the app to sync. This seemed the smell of BS but desperate times and all that! Blow me it worked though clap

    This app can be used to play the minigame anytime anywhere and once you've played the relevant Kenway's mission you'll have the map.

    So to sum up

    1) make sure you have less than 100 friends (delete all those offliners)
    2) download companion app
    3) sync to uplay and xbox
    4) use app to play kenway's fleet mission and get the map
    5) use map to get the plan
    6) upgrade jackdaw
    7) stick a middle finger up at Ubisoft
    8) bask in the glory of 40G
  • THEpaynexkillerTHEpaynexkiller694,063
    21 Dec 2014 21 Aug 2015
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    Elite Ship Upgrade Plans Locations Guide

    Elite Round Shot Strength:
    Location: Kabah Ruins
    Map Coordinates: 769, 145

    Elite Hull Armor:
    Location: San Ignacio
    Map Coordinates: 379, 770

    Elite Swivel Guns:
    Location: Devil’s Eye Cave
    Map Coordinates: 487, 357

    Elite Harpoon Strength:
    Requires: Treasure Map –
    Mariguana Island (880. 544) – Look on the rocks west-of-center.
    Location: Andreas Island –
    Dig on a tiny island with three palm trees on the very southern edge of the area.
    Map Coordinates: 579, 720

    Elite Broadside Cannons Set:
    Location: The Blue Hole
    Map Coordinates: 471, 170

    Elite Heavy Shot Storage:
    Requires: Treasure Map –
    Cayman Sound (327, 334) – Look on the northeastern beach, near a chest.
    Location: Petite Cavern
    Map Coordinates: 901, 263

    Elite Heavy Shot Strength:
    Requires: Treasure Map –
    Ambergris Key (55, 178)
    Location: Misteriosa
    Map Coordinates: 307, 195

    Elite Fire Barrel Strength:
    Requires: Treasure Map – Santanillas (217, 250) – Found on the tiny island in the northeast corner.
    Location: San Juan
    Map Coordinates: 479, 487

    Elite Fire Barrel Storage:
    Requires: Treasure Map – Kenway’s Fleet Mission – 3 Missions Unlock Treasure Maps, Empty Cellar (Eastern British Colonies), Scarlatina (Eastern Canada), and Great Reputation II (Mediterranean Sea)
    Location: Isla Providencia – Dig on the beach near an old shipwreck in the water, between three palm trees.
    Map Coordinates: 502, 44

    Elite Ram:
    Location: La Concepcion Shipwreck
    Map Coordinates: 181, 296

    Elite Mortars:
    Location: Antocha
    Map Coordinates: 630, 660

    Elite Mortars Storage:
    Requires: Treasure Map – Tortuga (882, 370) – Walk up the east beach to find.
    Location: Matanzas
    Map Coordinates: 333, 650
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