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Roped In

Perform 5 air assassinations from a swinging rope.

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27 October 2019 - 3 guides

Achievement Guide for Roped In

  • HiradCHiradC230,302
    28 Nov 2013 29 Nov 2013 28 Feb 2015
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    This is gained when boarding ships that you have damaged down to their last health bar (but not destroyed) using your Jackdaw. Once your men start cheering and you see the ship is on fire move up next to the ship on either side and you will be prompted to hold B to board. You need to be patient and wait for your ship to move right alongside who you are boarding or when you swing out you won't reach and will either end up in the sea or just on the rail. There is a rope at the far left and right of the jackdaw (when it is lined up sideways) you may have already used it when stopping at random islands to go grab treasure etc. As prompted hold RT and forward to swing on the rope then towards the apex press X (I still hold RT not sure if necessary) and aim towards one of the enemies. If you do it from a sufficient height they cannot defend it-so it's probably easier against the smaller gunboats/brigs etc as the larger ships have high rails.

    *edit for those struggling you can also use the lift -head from the steering wheel down along the jackdaw, once up higher on the side you came from there is a rope hanging down from your platform you can use. I quite often using this one miss the boat entirely and land in the water on the other side hehe.

    vI Demon Iv found that only ships with 10 crew or more seemed to count towards this achievement. If other people can confirm this that'd be great thanks. Also people don't always seem to be notified and sometimes only find achievements gained on manually checking under the achievement list.

    Rez Ram states:
    MAJOR TIP: Do NOT hold RT once you begin your swing. you need to hold it in order to grab on and go but I couldn't get the "ASSASSINATE" prompt when I realized I was still holding RT during my swing. It isn't neccissary and far easier to get the 5 kills if you release as soon as your swing begins.
  • EggChrisTEggChrisT271,936
    25 Dec 2013 26 Dec 2013
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    Here's a video guide for those who like visual aid.
    To do this you need to air assassinate 5 enemies while swinging from a rope. You need to do this to ships you are boarding.

    Some tips.

    -Watch out for sails and ropes. They WILL get in your way and impede your air assassinations.

    -BE PATIENT. Wait for the two ships to get close enough to swing on board.

    -There is a rope right next to the wheel and one by the front of the ship (next to the swivel cannon. It will be highlighted.) Choose the rope that has no obstructions in the way.

    -Attack schooners as they are easy to invade/board and have lower decks than a frigate for example.

    -Wait for the right moment. Do not swing too soon or you will end up diving into the water. Same can be said if you swing too high, you'll fly right over your ship and dive into the water. Timing seems to be the key to netting the assassinations.

    -You can get more than one rope kill per ship. Just cross back over to you ship and try again.

    -Double air assassinations count as 2 kills.

    -You can check your progress now with the new achievement system for the Xbox One. Just go to the achievement app and look for this particular achievement and it should have a bar with a percentage rate beside it. When it reaches 100%, the achievement should pop.

    Video Credit goes to:The Box Bros
  • o Heres Jonny oo Heres Jonny o947,142
    19 May 2015 24 May 2015 04 Oct 2015
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    I found this pretty difficult. Climb over the wall behind the ships wheel and use the lift to take you up the mast. Turn towards the enemy ship and you will see the rope. Hold cn_RT and run towards the rope, let go while you are swinging and watch the top right corner of the screen until it gives the option for assasinate. Press cn_X when prompted.
    Managed in the end by going for enemies on a Man of War mostly or waiting for enemies to be at the back of smaller boats. Hope it helps.
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